AT&T Roaming Rates & Information

Find out what it will cost for AT&T customers to use your phone while roaming in Canada or Internationally.

Stay connected while away from home with AT&T's extensive global coverage!

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Pay-Per-Use Rates

Pay-per-use rates apply without a package, when travelling in countries not included in a package, when a package expires, and when travelling on non-qualifying cruise ships.

  • Canada & Mexico:  $1.00 per minute 
  • Europe:  $2.00 per minute
  • Rest of the world: $3.00 per minute
  • Cruise ships & airlines: $2.50 per minute 
  • Text: 50 per text
  • Picture & video message: $1.30 each
Standard domestic rates apply to text, picture, and video messages received.
  • On land: $2.05 per MB ($0.002/KB)
  • Cruise ships: $8.19 per MB ($0.008/KB)
  • Airlines: $10.24 per MB ($0.01/KB)
Usage is calculated in full-kilobyte increments and rounded up to the next full-kilobyte increment. 

How do I contact AT&T International Customer Care Service while travelling abroad?

For problems or questions while roaming outside the U.S., contact AT&T by calling +1.314.925.6925, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a free call from your AT&T wireless phone.

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