Bell Prepaid Monthly Voice and Data Plan | 150 Local Anytime Minutes + 200MB - British Columbia

$30.75 per month
  • 200 MBı
  • 150 local anytime minutes
  • Unlimited international text, picture and video messages
Full Plan Details
Plan available in British Columbia
Plan Type Pay by the month - Voice & Data plans | Prepaid
Monthly Service Fee $30.75
Airtime Included 150 local anytime minutes
Data Included 200 MBı
Messaging Unlimited international text, picture and video messages
Features Included Message Centre Express, Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Conference Calling.
Additional Airtime Rate 20˘/minute
Additional Data Usage Rate 15˘ per MB
Cost/Life of Airtime $15 card (expiry - 30 days)
$25 card (expiry - 60 days)
$50 card (expiry - 60 days)
$100 card (expiry - 365 days)
Top-Up Your Account Use the Automatic Top-Up program, Allowance program, or Auto Allowance program. Register online, self-serve through Mobile Browser with prepaid card or credit card, send a free text message to 82273 with a prepaid card, or call #321 from a cell phone with a prepaid card or credit card.
911 Emergency Service Access Fee Provincial or municipal government fee may apply²
Notes If your account stays at $0 for 120 days your service will be disconnected. To restore service, a reconnection charge will apply and you'll be given a new phone number.
Data add-ons are not compatible with plans that already include data.
ı Tethering included.
² 44˘/month in AB, 62˘/month in SK, 46˘/month in QC, 43˘/month in NS, 53˘/month in NB, 70˘/month in PEI, 75˘/month in NL.
First Month Costs $61.50*
Month to Month Costs $30.75
More Information Limited Time Offer:
  • Get $40 in activation bonuses on select plans!
Conditions apply.
Save $5 per month for the first 8 months with new activation on $15.75 plans or higher. The $5/month discount is applied for the first 8 months after activation when you pay your monthly rate. Then the current rate applies thereafter.

* Your first bill may vary from this.
The amount shown includes your initial setup one FULL month's service fees (which will actually be pro-rated depending on your billing cycle).
Your first bill will also include any airtime usage (if applicable).

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