Audiovox CDM 8450 Reviews

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The Audiovox CDM 8450 has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 26 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

mon préféré

Reviewed on Saturday February 16, 2008 by , lac-mégantic québec
parmit tous les téléphones que j ai eu cela a été mon préféré ,mais les ondes sont faibles
1 Star out of 5

CDM 8450 is junk

Reviewed on Friday May 19, 2006 by , Canada
As others have mentioned already

- cannot see display in daylight
- navigation is confusing
- entire user interface seems like it was designed by someone on crack
- no universal inbox for text and voice
- random lockups
- annoying habit of trying to connect to web all the time
- spotty coverage | lousy reception
- poor sound quality
- user manual is a token effort
- slow ui response | annoying alert boxes

This phone is the cruel brainchild of some marketing drone that will stoop to any low to sell wireless internet service. It was like this thing was made to be given away to unsuspecting consumers so that the cell company can use it as an implanted device to get the customer to unintentionally purchase expensive services. God knows, no one would actually use the browser offered on this phone on purpose. This phone is so badly done I cannot even begin to discuss any issues outside of the user interface.

If the user interface design for this phone cost Audiovox more that $0.02 to purchase or develop they got taken to the cleaners. The idiot that greenlighted this abomination for production should consider an alternate career option more suited for their unique talents. Hit man, dungeon master, and accounts recovery are some examples that come to mind because they all involve inflicting pain and suffering on other people.

The functions built into this phone were obviously developed as generic and seperate components that some sweaty little troll somewhere hacked together so that they could offer the feature set that this phone hardware was designed to implement. There is no consistency between how the control programs for the various phone features work. A key that is "back" in the address book is not "back" in the editor screen. Instead it means "backspace". Use some other key for backspace you morons!!! Most users expect that the back button will always take them back to the screen or function that they just came from. By remapping this simple function they have created a situation where an inexperienced user will end up getting into the editing screen and will not be able to get back out because the "back" key does not work any more. How are they supposed to know that "OK" means "back". Just pathetic. This phone was obviously not tested on very many consumers before it was released.

Why is there no way to dismiss one of the many "operation succesful" windows that pop up whenever you change any settings or delete something? I have to sit and wait for the message to disappear on its own, which seems like an eternity because the messages are completely superflous. I only need to see an alert if the update failed - thank you very much. What is the point of informing me that the phone just did something that it was supposed to do? Maybe it makes sense to people with OCD or something.

I guess some people would like this phone but I hate it. I would not recommend this phone to anyone and I can't wait to get something else.
1 Star out of 5

Stuipd Phone!!!!!!!

Reviewed on Thursday May 4, 2006 by , Winnipeg, Manitoba
This phone totally sucks and is not even worth 2 cents so PLEASE what ever you do DO NOT buy this piece of plastic crap. I had it because it was free with a contract now I see why it was free.
3 Stars out of 5

The good and the bad

Reviewed on Sunday August 14, 2005 by , New Brunswick
I bought this phone back in June. For the positive, I haven't had a problem with "freezing" or with my "keyguard" coming off yet... knock on wood. I like the size and look of it. I think it's great when going out because I just slip it in my pocket. Yes, the backlight goes off after 10 seconds but you can change that-just change it in the settings (or whereever its located) , and change it to a longer period of time.
Now for the negative-
I do not like the Phone Book. I don't like the fact that I can't just bring up my phone book and search through it... instead, I have to search by name, number or something else. I dont like that. Sometimes it seems the battery takes days to die, other times it seems really quick. I don't like the sound quality. I find it very hard to hear or be heard.
I think my rating would be a 3 out of 5.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday July 8, 2005 by , Canada
well after reading the other reviews i wonder if i have the same phone they do! i have had the 8450 for 2 years now and i have had a great experiance! the ringtones are great, the screen is amazing and it just looks great! i have never had a freezing problem and you dont even need the manual. the navigation is very easy to get through. the messaging is very easy and the battery life isn't as long as it could be, but its good for everything else. the only thing that is bad is that there are no free games. i would recomend this phone to most people. 4 out of 5.
3 Stars out of 5

OK phone

Reviewed on Monday June 13, 2005 by , Toronto
Got phone as prepaid package from Bell since last month. Love the slick design and features like voice dial and speakerphone, but find the manual pretty tough to follow. Too many features. Still trying to figure out the messaging. Had my 1st freeze today, but on the whole it's an OK phone. Good reception. No problem with battery--lasts more than 5 days. And no problem with internet--don't use it for that. For the price I paid -a little over $100(package included $45 call card), I think it is a good deal.
5 Stars out of 5

Great phone

Reviewed on Wednesday May 25, 2005 by , St. Catharines, ON
This is far better then my old nokia 2275. Im on prepaid so if i dont subscribe to the internet so the browser wont load itself which is what everyone is complaining about. I have unlimited internet so i dont have to worry. This Phone has given me no problems and everyone else that posted are a bunch of complainers.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday May 3, 2005 by , Quebec City
In adition to below. Mine change from ringer to vibration when I look at it, everytime I take it out of the holster, it goes automatically on internet (nice bill), Bell Mobility told me I can send text messaging to Vodafone, Vodafone says they don't have partnership with Bell Mobility,.... first experience with mobile, a great one believe you me!
1 Star out of 5

Everything bad they about this is true!!!!!!

Reviewed on Saturday March 19, 2005 by , Port Alberni, BC
Read the above reviews and believe them if you get this phone you are wastng your time it is not worth the cheap plastic it's made of don't even take it for $0 you'll throw money away on a contract with a phone you will probably break within a weak.
1 Star out of 5

Me too!

Reviewed on Friday March 11, 2005 by , Toronto
Let me in on that lawsuit, Chris! I've had this piece of junk phone since June, and it's extremely annoying. The keyguard always comes off when the phone is in my pocket--as a result I usually have around $2 in wireless internet charges each month due to this!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday February 16, 2005 by , St. Catharines
Horrible phone. I'm starting a class action lawsuit simply to boycott Audiovox for making such a pitiful product.
1 Star out of 5

Do NOT buy this phone for business.

Reviewed on Sunday November 21, 2004 by , Ottawa
Phone hangs/freezes and the only way to clear is remove the battery (power button will not work). Returned it to Bell 4 times and problem still there. When it does work reception is good. The software bug is repeatable. You will get a 'searching for service' message though you are in a known strong sginal area. None of the keys will work but the power off (which will lock it up, and not power off). You will then have to remove the battery to clear the freeze up. This is NOT a phone for business users. My customers and managers ask why I do not answer the phone! Reason the phone is hung/frozen on 'searching for service'. THIS has SOFTWARE BUGS
1 Star out of 5

Buyer Beware!!

Reviewed on Sunday November 7, 2004 by , Calgary, Alberta
I bought this phone thinking that it would be an upgrade from my Samsung N370. I was wrong!
Here are a list of things that I find wrong with this phone.

1. POOR sound quality. People can't understand me on the other end, and their voices on my end get distorted. I think two old soup cans with a piece of string would be better!

2. Dark screen. You can't see the time unless you push a button to activate the backlight at which point will erase all of info on your screen (missed calls, voice mail waiting, etc).

3. Poor battery life. The battery on this puppy can maybe last 2 days with less than moderate usage. With heavy usage you may even need to charge during the day.

4. Bad address book organization.

5. Misc. softwear errors. Someitmes the phone will freeze up (which you then need to take the battery off and restart the phone). Trying to assign a picture to a phone number does't work (again, causes the phone to freeze).
A friend of mine also bought this phone at the same time and she's had more problems with it than I have.

6. Cheap plastic casing.
3 Stars out of 5

The good, the bad and the ugly

Reviewed on Monday September 27, 2004 by , Halifax, NS
The good: good-looking, colour display, good ringtones, easy navigation and a "Back" button.

The bad: no free games, lousy manual, dim display without backlight, annoying "keyguard on" popup that blocks your view of the clock, flimsy aerial.

The ugly: it's far too easy to connect to the Web by mistake and thereby rack up a hefty bill. You can't disable the Web browser, either.

It's a mediocre phone...I liked my old Kyocera 5135 better.
1 Star out of 5

I only through it in the garbage once.

Reviewed on Thursday September 23, 2004 by , Edmonton
I thought I liked my new phone. At first I bragged to all my friends that this phone is the best there is. But It's not good at all. I have problems with rings, internet and sound quality.
1 Star out of 5

How bad can a phone be??

Reviewed on Thursday September 9, 2004 by , Montreal / CANADA
Voilà!! If you want the definition of unreliable, here it goes: Audiovox CDM 8450....
It is a very misleading phone because it looks and feels absolutely amazing when you have it in your hand, but beware!! Under this slick design hides a MONSTER!! Grrrr.... Had it for 4 days, internet didn't work at all so I browsed in the menus to find any options that could make it work and BANG!! Without knowing, I accessed the NAM settings and unprogrammed my phone.... So I didn't have service for a whole day and missed important calls. Why would anyone make NAM settings accessible WITHOUT a password?? Never seen that before on a phone.

The goods of the phone: -great colors / slick design / handy volume control on the side / blue backlight giving it a sexy look

The BADS: terrible battery life (worse than stated in specs, noticeable even after 5 days of use) / awful phone book -- even Motorola has better menus!! / can't see the time without lighting the screen by actually unlocking the keyboard / bad contrast on the screen / internet doesn't work / awful little music playing when turning phone on - off -- cannot even be disabled -- forget about turning on your phone to see the time during a conference or a movie!! / turned itself off once....

Yes I am bitter about this phone, got it for free, and I'm lucky enough to have worked something to get that sexy Nokia 3586i for free upon returning the Audiovox.... DON'T EVER BUY AUDIOVOX unless you are a masochist and want to have headaches - Nokia or Samsung is the way to go!!
Audiovox, you still get one star from me, for the slick design....
2 Stars out of 5

Junk, but better than what I had before

Reviewed on Tuesday August 31, 2004 by , Alberta, Canada
This gets two stars from me---but only because the Motorola I had before this was even worse.

This thing constantly tries to connect to the internet, even while it's in keyguard mode. And while it's trying to dial the internet unsuccessfully for about 60 seconds to five minutes, the whole phone locks up and the phone is unusable.

The command navigation is very poorly designed and the screens are constantly redefining the navigation buttons. if you hit either of the arrow keys (which are constantly changing), "end" or "ok", you can never be sure what they'll do unless you're really paying attention. If you find yourself in the wrong place and want to get back up to the top, trying to do "cancel-cancel-cancel" will get you god-knows-where. And who was it that thought it was a good idea to make the "Ok" button turn on the speaker phone when you're at the top menu?

That said, the signal itself is much clearer than my Motorola, which is the most important thing.

So---can anyone tell me how to disable the internet completely?
3 Stars out of 5

Worse than my previous phone

Reviewed on Friday August 20, 2004 by , St. Louis
I previously had a Samsung SPH-N240 which was a cheap really good little phone that lasted me more than 2 years. As for the Audiovox cdm 8450, I especially dislike that the display is really dark, way too dark to read, unless you click a button to get the backlight to come on. You can set it so the light's always on but I'm sure it will run out of juice quicker. I like to use my phone as my clock but if the key lock is on and you click something to light it up to see the time another screen comes up so you can't see the time with keylock on. The buttons are touchy, not a bad thing but make sure the key lock is on if you put it in your pocket or pretty much anywhere, just use it! The user interface is fine. I wish phonebook was opened with the "down" key rather than the "left" however, since you have to press down to scroll through them. I would rather have a monochromatic blah display like my previous phone if it was easy to see the time and other stuff without the need for the backlight. This phone has been good to me so far but darn the dark display.
1 Star out of 5

throwing it in the lake

Reviewed on Monday June 28, 2004 by , southern ontario
Others think it's a crummy phone; i concur!

i've had it for just over a month and if it wasn't for the fact that I want my money back, I would have heaved it into the lake with extreme force by now!

More times than not, unless i remember to put it in keyguard mode first, when I go to use it, I find it in internet mode. Grrrr. If this shows up on my bill I will not be happy ...

It's easily the most awkward and non-intuitive cell phone i've ever used. If you're in a hurry forget about the phone directory - it's totally useless! You may as well just memorize the numbers and punch them in by hand every time.

I've never been able to get the voice dial option to work even though I've set up all of the tags. If there's an explantion of how to do it in the manual, I've not found it.

I've already exchanged it once because it just stopped working. I know it was fully-charged at the time because I had used it only minutes before and then turned it off. It simply wouldn't come back on, no matter what I tried. So I got a replacement two weeks ago and wouldn't you know it: it happened again yesterday, this time when I really needed it!

I don't get it. How can they market a phone that shuts itself off for no reason? The battery was fully charged and the phone was off so there's no reason for the phone not to work!

This time I'm returning it. They can give me something that works or give me my money back.

1 Star out of 5

cdm 8450 New Junk

Reviewed on Friday June 18, 2004 by , Thorold Ontario Canada
The cdm 8450 is a piece of junk. The volume selector on the side of the phone is in the perfect position to shut off the sound accidentally which has happened numerous times. I have had this phone for about three weeks and the battery won't last even one full day even on standby. I have now lost the sound and the phone seems to be locked in the vibrate mode which is wonderful for missing calls.

Bell Mobility suggested this phone as a replacement for my old motorola 120C. It was bad enough, this one is far worse.

Don't buy it.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday May 20, 2004 by , Ottawa
I've had this phone for exactly 32 days and it absolutely stinks. It autodials the internet, very poor design, battery life is horrible and like someone else Bell Mobility would not change it for a different model. I've suspended my service with them and looking elsewhere. Don't buy this phone at all. The company I work with also purchased 10 of these phones about 10 days after me and they are all being exchange for a different model LG TM250.
2 Stars out of 5

I wish Bell still carried motorola phones

Reviewed on Thursday April 29, 2004 by , London
I bought this phone because of the speaker phone. That was about the only good feature it had. My reception wasn't all that great and battery life was poor. I couldn't stand the menu features either. I returned this phone after 1 week in exchange for the last motorola phone that the store had in stock. I'm a calling card user and the audiovox phone made it very complicated to use this feature. Motorola has the send DTMF tones which makes long distance calling using a calling card easy (and affordable). I'm going to buy a more recent motorola from Ebay because Bell doesn't sell them anymore.
1 Star out of 5

8450 Sucks!

Reviewed on Monday April 26, 2004 by , Spruce Grove, Alberta
Ive had this phone with Bell for not even a month. All of a sudden my text messages got erased, and now i cant even recieve text messages or voice mail gives me this stupid error MEMORY FULL, MESSAGE REJECTED.

This phone is the worst phone i have ever had! And Bell wont even take it back so im stuck with this piece of junk till i can buy a new one.
1 Star out of 5

8450 SUCKS!!!!

Reviewed on Monday April 19, 2004 by , Vancouver
I've had this phone for for a few weeks now and it is horrible! The same thing was happening to me with the phone turning off all by itself. The screen also goes blank and I cannot dial or use any of the buttons for that matter. The battery life is awful and the text messaging as well as the phone book sucks. I have been using a motorala 120c (a bit old school) it was so user friendly and I am going to the dealer tomorrow to return this Audiovox! I should have listened to my instinct in the first place. I used to work for telus mobility and remember being warned about audiovox! Don't do it!! Bad choice. NOT USER FRIENDLY AT ALL!
1 Star out of 5

This is a poor phone!

Reviewed on Wednesday March 31, 2004 by , Abbotsford, BC
After having problems with 2 phones in a 3 month period it is game over for me.
The battery life averaged about 1 day with very little use. Even when the GPS locater was disabled the battery life didn't improve. A new battery didn't help either!
Buyer beware!!
2 Stars out of 5

bad experience

Reviewed on Sunday February 8, 2004 by , montreal
the 8450 not so good, but still better then the 8500 of my friends. after 4 weeks of use, I hope Bell will take it back. features are not user friendly, it would turn off on itself even with a half charged battery.
lost the sound twice and had to have it reset to factory settings. the display is NOT readable when backlight is not activated! lock the key pad because it has a mind of its own. Pick an other phone and stay away from the flip 8500 .
PS .can't someone build a phone that is just that ? never loosing the connection and easy to use, forget all the gadgets, color etc..