Audiovox CDM 8500 Reviews

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The Audiovox CDM 8500 has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 15 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Not for my business!

Reviewed on Thursday May 26, 2005 by , Mississauga
I am fortunately at the end of my 2 year stint with this phone. It almost cost me my career. Only critical calls don't come through! Drops calls at random. Loud white noise bursts. Frequently searches for service that flatten's the battery. Sometimes it won't turn on unless you remove and re-install battery. I could go on but I can't wait to dump it!
1 Star out of 5

lemon phone

Reviewed on Monday November 8, 2004 by , calgary
The CDM-8500 has been the worst cell phone I have ever owned. Over the first 8 months, I sent it in for report 3 times. Each time I had to rent another phone at my cost to cover me while it was away (2wks each time). On the fourth return AudioVox sent me a refurbished "New" phone that promptly died again. Now customer service is telling me to send in the phone again (Hence start over the process). Have they not heard of RECALL. Admit the problems and get them fixed rather that just ignoring them.

Don't buy this model. Its a lemon!
2 Stars out of 5

Why Three Stars?

Reviewed on Thursday November 4, 2004 by , Toronto
After reading all of the terrible comments, I wonder how this phone manages to have a three star rating.

I have owned this phone for about 1 year now. When I first got the phone, the battery lasts for about 80 hours (a little over 3 days), in a digital
area, with absolutely no activity. Not bad, at least I feel confident that it will last for one full day.

The reception is terrible, probably the worst reception on a cell phone that I have ever owned. I have never had a call drop, but I usually have to go outside to make a call. Indoors, I usually have to turn the phone off, because the borderline signal strength causes it to constantly search for a signal and that drains the battery within a single day (8 hours). Still, it does manage to pull in a signal most of the time (when I'm out of my office), and when it does the voice quality is clear and loud enough.

The rigner is bad, I can't hear it in a car, shopping mall or other crowded area, unless I'm holding the phone in my hand. Or maybe I do hear it, but I don't realize that it's my phone. Strangely, other people, who are standing next to me, can hear it ring. I miss a lot of calls because of this.

The phone seems to get stuck, when you press 'stop' while listening to voice message recorded on the built-in answering machine (great feature). Then none of the buttons work, so I need to remove the battery to get it running again.

The phone is cheaper than other phones. It's nice looking, small, and has great features. If you don't depend on this phone for receiving calls, ... meaning
you don't mind missing a lot of calls (because of no signal, or you can't hear the ring) or you only use it to call out, and you can wait until you move into an area where you have good reception... then it's a perfectly good phone.

Yeah, I bought a new phone. It's great, so far, I'll review it after I've used it for a few months.
1 Star out of 5

Peice of junk!!!!!!!

Reviewed on Sunday September 5, 2004 by , Windsor Ontario
Where to begin.........The worst signal strength ever, walk into devinshire mall and goes right for searching for signal, watch out for moisture and hev u ever had the phone not want to turn off???? yah well it does the whole sound thing and shows the picture then it freezes and just chills there and the clown on the other side keeps saying good bye but it won't turn off so u have to pull off the battery and put it back in, and because i got moisture in my phone the battery now leaks great this is the worst phone and so far i'm not seeing good reviews from audiovox so what ever you do don't but this phone EVER....DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, IT'S A WAIST OF YOUR MONEY!!!
1 Star out of 5

On Second Phone in 4 days

Reviewed on Sunday August 29, 2004 by , Manitoba
Horrible phone. Company talked me into taking that phone. Told me there was no problems ever with that phone. I got it home and 4 hours later it froze up solid. The only way to cut the power was to take out the battery. Took it back two days later and exchanged it. THey said they had never seen this problem before. They were obviously lying. Got this phone friday, and by sunday the ringer and vibrate modes were not working. I missed a dozen calls cause the ringer never went off. I double checked the options and it was all showing that it was set to ring. I went to change the ring melody, and there was no sound playing what-so-ever. The reception is horrible, and is not worth the money....I WILL NEVER BUY AN AUDIVOX AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Stars out of 5

Never Again

Reviewed on Tuesday August 17, 2004 by , Cambridge, ON
My Phone is having similar problems to Sonja, in Hamilton, ON phone. In march 2004 i bought this phone because of the cost of it and the phone was fine. about 3 weeks later the phone started to freeze alot. so i had it sent into audiovox and waited almost a month and they sent it back saying it was the antenne. so a few days went by and the problem was still happening but now the battery would not hold a charge nor audiovox or bell wanted to help me out with this one becuase i had 7 days to return it. (it didnt happen for about 3 weeks remember) so i have sent it into audiovox 2 times since and now i am back to sending it again because you cannot be on the phone for 1min45sec before burning your face becasue it gets so hot. my brother was haveing the same problems and they sent him a 8600. and my other brother has one and its fine. mine sucks................ dont buy one.
1 Star out of 5

Is it ringing?

Reviewed on Thursday July 29, 2004 by , Canada
Don't even consider for one minute buying this phone. I would estimate that I miss 95% of my calls because of the impossible to hear ringer. And I've had my hearing checked, so it's not that I'm going deaf. I've missed calls because I couldn't hear it ringing in my pocket, my jacket, my backpack, my locker, etc. I've missed calls when it was sitting on the table right in front of me, and when it has been on the car seat right beside me. One time, I forgot to shut off the ringer during a movie. After the movie I discovered that it had rung several times, all unnoticed. This phone is garbage.
1 Star out of 5

Piece of junk

Reviewed on Tuesday June 15, 2004 by , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The phone is a lemon, don't consider buying it. Its display is poorly designed and malfunctioned after less then 200 minutes, now it is blank, or has backwards characters on the display. I took it in for warrenty and I suspect they will say it's from moisture, just from reading other peoples accounts. It was never in any humid conditions and I kept very good care of it and stored it with desicant when it was not in use. If they claim it is moisture damage I'm gonna freak out. Thinking about organizing some sort of organized response towards audiovox or MTS (manitoba telephone services) if this is the case. So if you have the same problem stand by for another response on this site.
1 Star out of 5

Don't Consider This Phone

Reviewed on Sunday February 1, 2004 by , Hamilton, ON
I bought the Audiovox CDM 8500 in February of 2003, and considering the price and the look, bought it. Right away I had trouble with the signal and living in a fairly large city couldn't understand it. The phone always cuts out and freezes, rarely does the digital signal show up, and when it does you have to hold your tongue the right way to keep it. I had the web option on the phone, but found it's a waste of money to keep it. I have sent it back to audiovox and they said it was the antennae, and fixed that, but I'm still having the same problems. Unfortunately I have waited to long to get a refund on the phone and am stuck with it, because I thought the problem could be fixed. Audiovox would make a killing if they made new software for this phone. If you are in the market for a new phone, I wouldn't consider this one.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday January 18, 2004 by , Toronto
Alright, i had no reception outside,,,,,, yes outside! in toronto!. This phone sucks so badly, right now i'm lookin at it and its cracked in half(u get the picture)......every word i said is true. DONT BUY THIS PHONE, IF IT WERE A CAR IT WOULD BE ALL SHOW, NO GO.
4 Stars out of 5

Audiovox 8500

Reviewed on Thursday December 25, 2003 by , Hamilton Ont
I've had the 8500 for about 2 months and I've heard from others that that digital connection is not good but I have never had problems with the connection except at indoor parking lots, malls the connection drops but the phone did stall on me once somtimes when you try to open the phone it just stalls so you need to open and re-close it again but the good part of the phone is the it has a speaker phone that goes loud. But I wouldn't suggest that you go and buy the 8500 cause the new 8600 is suppose to have updated features that the 8500 had.
3 Stars out of 5

Everything is good except for....

Reviewed on Monday November 10, 2003 by , abbotsford BC
When I bought the cdm 8500 I thought it was an awesome cellphone. It had all the features and things that anyone could ask for and the price was great compared to the other flip phones. But then after I had purchased it I noticed a HUGE problem with it. The reception is the worst that I have ever seen. I would be in the middle of the city and the darn thing would be "system searching" I could never get clear reception. I hope that they come out with diffrent software to correct this problem. Also, when flip phone is closed it would sometimes stall or not even move, I would correct this by opening it and closing it again.
2 Stars out of 5

Terrible reception!

Reviewed on Sunday August 17, 2003 by , Vancouver BC
I purchased a Audiovox CDM 8500 because of its size, look and features. Unfortunately, the signal is always in analog quality with a annoying echo in the background. In some locations the phone will drop out of signal or sound choppy.

I am quite disappointed about the performance of the Audiovox CDM 8500 despite its excellent appearance and features. Hopefully, there will be some software upgrades to solve this reception issue.
3 Stars out of 5

Wheres the digital signal?

Reviewed on Friday May 30, 2003 by , London ON
This is my first time on this website.. i just wanted to see if people were experiencing the same problem as i am. This isn't much of a review... rather more of a question. I used to have the kyocera 5135 phone but replaced it with the audiovox cdm 8500 last week... i miss my kyocera. the 8500 has some cool features and is better looking, but the signal quality is terrible. no matter where i am, i only get analog signal (i've travelled all across my city with my phone and never once have i seen it switch into digital mode). This thing is only running in analog for me, and the quality stinks in analog.. i've lossed who knows how many calls and had to call them back on my home phone. wuts the purpose of a cell phone?

2 Stars out of 5

CDM 8500 Problems

Reviewed on Monday May 12, 2003 by ,
I have had one of these phones for 2 weeks. I love the size, the design, and the features, but it doesn’t work well. My wife has a Nokia 3585 that works much better and it cost $70 less. When sitting side by side, her phone will have a clear usable signal and my CDM 8500 will not be useable. My CDM 8500 will lock up and not receive calls even though it shows that it is in an area with useable signal. When it locks up, it needs to be “rebooted” by flipping it open and back closed. This is my second phone in as many weeks and both work exactly the same way. I even took the first phone to the store while it was locked up so that they could see what was happening. They have no explanation for this either. They checked the menu setting to see if there was something that might causing this but couldn’t find anything odd. I am taking this one back tonight to have it replaced with a different make and model.