BlackBerry 6280

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November 2003


  • Integrated Phone and PDA
  • Wireless E-mail
  • Web Browsing
  • Peer-to-Peer Messaging


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4 Stars out of 5

Call me an addict... ;-)

Reviewed on Friday November 5, 2004 by , Laval, Quebec
After a couple of months, I've decided to go with the flow and try a BlackBerry. Boy! What was I thinking using a simple cellular phone when I could have used this great little machine! Now I understand all those articles in newspapers, warning people against the addicting effect a BlackBerry can have on an individual!

Pros : Everything in one! Phone, SMS, e-mail, WAP browsing, all in a simple and intuitive interface. Nothing fancy, really basic, but so easy to use! The e-mails come in fast, the device go fetch them without any intervention on my behalf. The battery life is impressive, since there's no colour screen nor camera that consumes so much energy. Also, you can configure different accounts (POP3, Web-based, etc.), so I can carry my professionnal and personnal e-mails wherever I go. The sound quality is really nice, the reception is almost as good as any GSM phones right now (as good as a Motorola V300, but not as powerfull as a Nokia 3595).

Cons : The size is still a bit large, even tough its now the "BlueBerry" design (a lot smaller than the old 6710). There's still that feeling that I'm talking in a calculator. Also, the browsing is still WAP-only (an HTML update is supposed to be up by the time you read this), and since its GPRS, its slow (dial-up speed).

I highly recommend that you try a BlackBerry. It does everything that a good cell phone does, but there's so much more than voice!