BlackBerry Pearl 8130

BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Front View

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Canada: Solo Mobile


August 2008


  • Wireless email
  • Video Recording
  • Corporate data access


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1 Star out of 5

it does not work

Reviewed on Saturday October 9, 2010 by , saskatchewan
I have owned the pearl for just over a year now and I wish someone warned me that the phone doesn't receive text messages all the time. It will delete them and automatically erase them. You must remove the battery in order to clear up memory if this happens. I hate the phone and will never get another. I want to advise people not to get one.
1 Star out of 5

they don't work

Reviewed on Sunday April 11, 2010 by , North Battleford
this is my second one they just brake down for no reason and leave you hanging peace of S*#T
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday October 12, 2009 by , toronto,on
so where shall i start..... Everything was good with this phone for a year, and then..... 1) my trackball basically has to be pushed sooo hard that it leaves a severe imprint in my finger. 2) it freezes all the time, even when I am texting or trying to scroll to a different application, so I have to remove the battery to restart it. 3) the battery is hardly lasting for more than 4 hours now, even though it is fully charged (And I hardly ever use any music, camera or anything) 4) the internet is really slow, compared to my frineds who have newer blackberries, from Telus. 5) sometimes the phone just shuts down on it own.

So if you would like one I say go ahead, but after a year you will regret it. Mine started giving me problems, 3 weeks after the warranty ended, and Telus won't replace the phone for me and just gives me a repair pricing list, so buyer beware, the $0 for a 3 year contract might sound nice, but you will be paying $200 + to a buy a new phone before your contract ends.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday March 5, 2009 by , ontario
Well, I have had my blackberry for less than a year. And I give it about a 3 out of 5, reason being I fid it quite slow, it freezes alot, and my trackerball is starting to come loose. Took it to Telus and they checked the phone for me and there is nothing "wrong" with it, so they say. I really regret getting this blackberry.