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The LG 150 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 15 reviews.

1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday March 31, 2009 by , CINCINNATI
This has got to be the worst phone in the world too many dropped calls low signal strength, lousy service, period. Sold at kroger stores i hate it any recall for United States they were recalled in Canada.
3 Stars out of 5

Average Phone

Reviewed on Thursday February 19, 2009 by , Canada
Ok first of all, this phone costs under $100, so dont expect alot from it, i dont even think you can buy it anymore caues its been recalled. It has a speaker phone which works, the reception is good, as long as you live in a city, i dont have many complaints about this phone, its slow and pretty crappy but it was cheap so i expected it to be, i had it for about 1 1/2 years and it never froze, never messed up, i never had to get it fixed, maybe some of these other people should be nicer to their phone (i was pretty hard on this phone actually, and it still never messed up)
1 Star out of 5

worst phone

Reviewed on Sunday October 5, 2008 by , winnipeg
i had this as a loaner biggest piece over i wanted to chuck it down flights of stairs. first of all it vibrated every two minutes exactly sooo annoying noooo service anywhere. i feel for the people who have this as there actual phone
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday September 13, 2008 by , united states
This phone sucks, honestly dont buy this phone. First bought it, had it for about 2 weeks, if that,the first problem 1)noticing that it would turn on and off at random times,2)The front lcd screen would go blank and wouldent say anthing so i had to restart my phone.Sent it to the shop, get it fixed, then got my phone back after 4 weeks. 3)3 weeks later my phone started turning on and off at random times again. So sent it away this time in the shop for 6 weeks, got it back 2 days ago from being in the shop and now the speeker was not working, turned my phone off and it froze saying "power off", i took the battery out and restarted my phone, now it works fine. But if i were you NEVER EVER EVER buy this phone it's a really bad phone just a pain in the rear end.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday September 11, 2008 by , Saskatoon
Wow. I got this stupid peice of c*** as a loner phone and i feel bad for people who have this full time. Its soo c***py and horrible and i wanna take a bus and run over it a zillion times. Hate it to peices.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday July 14, 2008 by , oshawa
okay this phone,its shortcuts are good, dedicated text button and all, txting is easy i just wish i didnt have to change T9Word everytime i texted i wish there was a permant way to get it to abc
also the ringtones, where can i start at how TERRIBLE they are?
1. wayyyyy to quiet
2. the ringtone skips when you recieve a call or message witch is very annoying
and 3. they are terrible quality, and most likely will cut it off halfway through a word

the games are waay to expensive
the onyl thing i really like about it is the Live messenger but almost all phones have it
2 Stars out of 5

Great at first....

Reviewed on Wednesday July 2, 2008 by , Humboldt, Sk.
When I first bought this phone a year ago(for $100) I didn't want to spend the money on a camera phone. The saleswoman convinced me that she knew a man who gives reviews for cell phones and he said it gets the best service on the market. This sold me since I needed a phone basically for text and distance calling.
Once I had gotten over the wow feeling of your first cell phone I started to notice a few problems. The first was that when I received a text only the number would show up, so I had to type in that number and hit find to search for which of my contacts sent me the message ( huge hassel!). The next problem was every time after I sent a text it asked me if I wanted to save that number to my contacts regardless of if it had already been saved or not (biggest hassel). Another issue was that I received the poorest signal strength or no signal compared to all my friends' phones, which is a bit controversial to what " that man" had said. The real kicker for me was when my space button stopped working properly. I would have to hit the pound key three to four times before it would actually make a space in a text.

I can not wait to get a new phone. In fact in a few hours I'm going to head down to our local electronics store and find a better one.
4 Stars out of 5

Great phone for price

Reviewed on Tuesday April 8, 2008 by , Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
I also purchased this phone at Futureshop. At $50.00 it's a bargain. I've been a subscriber to Virgin Mobile for many years now. Having owned one of their Nokia stubbie phones previously, the LG-150 is a definate step-up in style. I only have two complaints about the LG-150. First, the battery life is extremely short compared to my previous phone. I used to charge about once a week, now it's about every 3 days. The other problem is the signal strength. I used to receive a fairly good signal at our cottage. With the LG-150 I get no signal there. Even around town, the signal strength is not all that strong. The fact that many of the phones features are disabled, as mentioned in an earlier review, can not be blamed on the phone. I had the same problem with the old Nokia. They are disabled by Virgin, so that you have to buy their ringtones and pictures.
Overall a great looking phone for the price. I would recommend it if you just want a basic phone on a budget.
1 Star out of 5

One word... Lame!

Reviewed on Sunday February 24, 2008 by , Vancouver, BC
OK, where do I start?
Purchased this for Virgin from future shop, thankfully I only payed $50 for it!


Looks and feels cool and you can customize the up, down, right and left buttons, but after that warm fuzzy wears off you realize the following (and then it is just annoying!),

- No place to attach a wrist strap (I find one of these is very important as phones get smaller helps to keep it in your hand so your less likely to drop it also helps when your retrieving it from you pocket)

-The Mic is not centered on the bottom of the phone, it is half way up the right side of the key pad (so if you trying to do the "hold it with your shoulder" maneuver (your right shoulder, which most people do) the mic hole will get covered by your chin, so the party on the other end can not hear you (why on earth they just didnt center it on the bottom of the phone I can not figure that one out).

-The charger (of course proprietary) the plug doesn't want to go into the phone easily I need to work at it and get just the correct angle, the pins inside the plug port on the phone seem flimsy, I can see it getting bent if not broken off all together.

Very lame design indeed!

-Battery life is very poor (all I'm going say about that)

-Randomly will miss/ignore calls (party calling you will get busy signal) if you have it charging.

-Bluetooth, HA! Lame! and again, LAME-O! All you can do with it is use a head set and send single address cards and calendar items back and forth, you should be able to manage your entire address book and calendar like other phones will let you do. Not to mention transfer sounds, image and the like from your computer to the phone, but dont get me started about how Virgin disables features on phones so to lock you into using their poorly designed, expensive, insult to our intelligence on-line feel good "features", Im talking about pxt sharing here, Im going to leave it at that. But let me say this, :)
this is just a sore spot with me, the LG150 has as a menu item "Send a Picture Message", but of course they have disabled the 150's ability to receive pics. AH!

-Contacts doesn't have a place for a street address.

-You can not quote the original message when replying to a message you've received.

_When you receive a text message, it shows it to you, but does not mark the message as being read.

Did they do any QA on this phone?

OK thats it!

Buyer beware.
4 Stars out of 5

Great - but little signal.

Reviewed on Tuesday August 21, 2007 by , Ottawa, Canada
I just bought this phone yesterday and I love it so far except for a couple things. First, I love the physical design of the phone and the screen. It's very clear and bright. Second, the sound is phenomenal compared to my old samsung phone.

Cons: To view a text message, you pretty much have to go through the menu. You can't just click "ok" or something and view the message right away. That's kind of annoying. Another con: The signal strength as mentioned in a previous review is poor. My friends have [service provider] phones and mine has the least signal of all. All on the same service, so it must be the phone. Well, what did I expect for such a cheap phone?

Great phone, a nice upgrade from a clunky monotone phone.
3 Stars out of 5

Good Phone, just one problem

Reviewed on Sunday August 5, 2007 by , Steinbach
I really like how easy this phone is to use. The setup is very easy to use. It is a natural text messaging phone. However the one problem I have is it doesn't get the same signal strength that other phones get. I lose service sooner with it then my friends who have different phones with the same company. That is the only problem I have with it. Other than that it is an awesome phone.
4 Stars out of 5

Precision on Iceman's review.

Reviewed on Saturday July 7, 2007 by , Joliette, Québec

Just bought the LG-150 yesterday and I like it a lot. Sound is clear almost like a land-line. :)

It's small though, it's at the edge of being too small, fits well in the hand and on the ear. The weight is nice too.

Ok for Iceman, hope you read this. That text input type is called T9Word (I believe since I use french and it's name is T9Mot). That's an intuitive way to type. Say you want to type the word friend. You would type 3-7-4-3-6-3. By the third or fourth letter you should see the word you want in the list.

If you prefer using the other style of texting, which is ABC, then just hit the top right button (on the screen it says mode over that button) then 2 to go to Abc. That way pressing 6 three times will get you the o letter.

Hope this helps.
3 Stars out of 5

LG 150 text msg issue

Reviewed on Thursday June 7, 2007 by , Toronto
Love everything minus the fact that everytime I get a text message, it only displays the phone number and not the contact name of the person who sent it. Which means after I receive the msg, I have to close the window, type in the phone number of the person who sent me the msg, and then find that number and name which is ALREADY SAVED IN MY PHONEBOOK!
3 Stars out of 5

Too Quiet

Reviewed on Tuesday May 22, 2007 by , Steinbach, Manitoba
Good non-camera cellphone with good reception in remote areas. Small and compact. Any smaller would make it unusable. Couple of complaints though. Mute button on side is too easily activated by mistake. Ringer volume does not go as high as I expected when needed in noisy environments. My previous cell phone (a Nokia 3586i) could be set much louder. I'm disappointed that it does not have a stop watch or any pre-installed games (downloaded games available though). Can't comment on it's texting abilities as I don't use it.
4 Stars out of 5

LG 150 cell phone

Reviewed on Monday May 7, 2007 by , Toronto
I just traded in my old Nokia cell phone for the LG 150. I like this phone because it has a front display, bluetooth, dedicated text button and is clear and easy to use. The one thing i have found annoying is the text messaging service. When i try to write something, i hit the letter i want, then it gives me options for words, or, sounds. When i type the letter "o", i don't want all the words that begin with "o", i just want the damn letter "o"! also, when i do finally get the letter i want and press enter, it seems skip a space between the letters, so, i have to press back everytime and type the new letter, and again press back. Now maybe i'm not using it properly, but even so, it seems extreamly counter intuitive. All in all though, everything else is good. Fair price, and has the features i want, and leaves out the bells and whitles which i don't need (camera). now if i could just get the text messaging to work properly..