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The LG 4600 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 34 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

extremely reliable

Reviewed on Monday October 26, 2009 by , Toronto
I've had this phone for about 5 years, never a problem. Good reception, good battery. It's a basic no frills phone for that era.
4 Stars out of 5

thanks! solved battery problem

Reviewed on Tuesday June 21, 2005 by , Toronto, Ontario
Many thanks to David from Vancouver Island for his tip ("A word of warning")! He said that you should set the On/Off music to low instead of turning it off. I did turn off that feature and I was experiencing a lot of problems with my phone discharging too quickly, sometimes within a few hours in standby mode after being fully charged. I did notice a lot of hissing noise from the speaker. When I set the On/Off volume to low, then the hissing noise was gone! I almost went out to buy a new battery until I saw David's advice.

Otherwise, I love the features, the look and weight of my phone!
5 Stars out of 5

LG 4600

Reviewed on Sunday June 19, 2005 by , Toronto
I dropped my phone in the toilet at a club..it was in there for a good minute before i got up the nerve the reach my hand in and pull it out..i took the battery out and let the phone dry the whole night..the next morning i put the battery back in..the phone turned on fine...i then charged the phone and it worked just like before....i havent had any problems since the incident..that gets 5 stars from me
5 Stars out of 5

Cellulaire LG 4600 ----> Trop cool!!!

Reviewed on Monday June 13, 2005 by , Montréal
Moi je trouve que le LG 4600 est vraiment trop cool.J'aime la couleur du cellulaire et sa forme coquette...Cela va bien avec mon look!Bientot je devrais aller m'acheter mon tout premier cellulaire et j'aimerais savoir si le LG 4600 est aussi performant que l'on en fait parraitre. Merci a l'avance a ceux qui m'écrivent...

P.S: J'ai seulement que 14 ans donc j'ai pas besoin de beaucoup de fonctions sur mon cellulaire...
2 Stars out of 5

Call dropper

Reviewed on Tuesday April 12, 2005 by , Indy
The LG 4600 performed well for me for about 6 months and then it began dropping calls. I can rarely get through a call now without losing the call. I also have experienced the problems with the phone randomly shutting down without provocation. If you rely on this phone for an alarm you are taking a big risk.

5 Stars out of 5

Love the color!

Reviewed on Thursday March 31, 2005 by , British Columbia
I think that the LG-4600 is a great phone because I got the pink version for my birthday. IT is SOOO cute and pink. IT works very well and so far I haven't dropped a call. If you want a good quality and good working phone, get this one! it comes in silver and in pink. THE PINK ONE ROCKS!
5 Stars out of 5

I like it so far...

Reviewed on Thursday February 24, 2005 by , Dominican Republlic
I'm having a very good experience with this phone. Battery life is amazingly long. Good signal and nice appearance.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday February 7, 2005 by , North Western Illinois
I don't know about you, but I would not get this phone ever again. First, I have the worst problem in the world. My phone shuts off automatically. It gets really old when you go off the alarm and you get up a half hour late. Then, there is a glitch with the ringers. It will play a ring then switch because it plays the wrong ringer the first time. Then, I have opened the screen and only the numbers on the keep pad beeped, and no screen came on. It is very annoying. Besides that, I loose the occasional call. So if I were you, I would stay far away from this phone.
4 Stars out of 5

Good Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday January 19, 2005 by , Toronto
I really like this phone, especially after the last telus phone i bought(big mistake) the kyocera... they are an awful cell maker... anyways... the call clarity is excellent in the toronto area, and battery life is pretty good(im getting about 4 days with regular use) i dont enjoy how warm the phone gets though... this phone seems to get quite warm when you talk on it for extended periods of time (ie 15mins) but other than that i highly recommend
4 Stars out of 5

LG 4600, random problems

Reviewed on Monday January 3, 2005 by , Canada
I have no real problems with my LG 4600. Easy to use menus, helpful shortcuts, and a sharp, interesting, exterior screen make this phone far from a bad choice. The LED's along the top of the external screen are a tad girly for my tastes, and although you can customize their patterns, you cannot turn them off altogether. I have read many complaints about reception, but I personally have encountered no problems. I have even used my phone on mountains and in parking lots!

I do have a few strange problems with this phone. The ringer is loud enough to hear and the vibration is strong enough to feel, but you are not given enough ringing options. You can have: Silence, vibrate, low, med low, med, med high, high, and high & vibrate. I rarely need my ring to be on high, but I like my phone to vibrate. there is no way to have med high + vibrate, or med + vibrate; either high and vibrate or just vibrate. My other problem relates to text messaging. The text messaging is pretty strait forward and easy to use but suffers from a near fatal flaw. When someone messages me only their number is displayed. Even if they are in my phone book, and someone who I text/call back and forth often, only their 10 digit phone number is displayed. I have tried every option I can but have been unable to get my phone to display someone's NAME when they text message me. It is extreamly frustrating to get text messages and be forced to scroll through my entire phone book trying to match the number!
1 Star out of 5

LG 4600 Poor reception

Reviewed on Wednesday December 15, 2004 by , Winnipeg
I love the features of this phone, but its been a very poor performer. Poor reception, to no reception in areas where my old Samsung, and my wifes Audiovox experience no problems.

I complained to the dealer, and his answer was to reset it twice. Another complaint and it was sent in for repair and they replaced the duplexer and some other parts, but the reception still hasn't improved.

Telux network people tried to get it to work better as well. Looks like I'm stuck with a poor performing phone for the next 2 years.

Stay away from this one, if you haven't make sure to act fast on getting it replaced.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday December 9, 2004 by , neilburg
all i wanted to say is i love my phone, and when i accidently washed it in the washing machine for a full cycle... spinning, rinsing, soap, and heavy clothes.... i wanted to cry! it didnt work, and my mom was going to buy me a new one for x mas.... and we just kind of left my phone sitting there... well lets just say thank god we didnt chuck it! i was whining to my mother and pushed the button in a vain attempt for it to magically come back to me and boom!! it came on!! but the front display doesnt work, but luckily i can program my phone to not answer when i flip it open so i can still see who's calling! now is that a super phone or what!?
1 Star out of 5

Fantastic features, Poor reception

Reviewed on Wednesday November 17, 2004 by , Montreal
The phone itself is user friendly and very stylish, but the reception (signal strength) is extremely poor.
Avoid the frustrations due the high amount of dropped calls and move on to a less stylish and more efficient phone.
5 Stars out of 5

excellent phone

Reviewed on Tuesday October 19, 2004 by , winnipeg
I have worked in the cell phone industry for three years now, and this is the best phone i have ever seen. It has incredible clarity, never drops a calls, plenty of screen options and ringers. It is a great size, and looks great. The front display different and attractive. The battery life is excellent, mine lasts at least 3-4 days, and I use at least 40-75 minutes talk time a day. The extra features such as the calendar, alarm clock, etc. are very handy, no need to get that overpriced PDA anymore!! Get this phone, it is aweome.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday October 1, 2004 by , Red Deer , Ab.
This is the worst phone I have ever had. Constantly dropping calls, if you get through at all. If all you want is a toy, this cell is ok, but if you need a phone, keep looking!
1 Star out of 5

Dropping calls

Reviewed on Sunday September 26, 2004 by , Vancouver, BC, Canada
I have had this phone for nine months and three of the months this phone has spent its life in the repair shop. I am about to bring it back for a third time. It has dropped so many of my calls it's defeating the purpose of having a cell phone. The features on the phone has been great, the size, the look, everything about it is great.. except when it drops the calls. I am averaging dropping a few calls a day and my patience is running low.

For those of you considering this phone.. think twice since they're not likely to change it for you.. they will keep trying to fix it... I have three more months of warranty, hoping they will get me a new phone.
1 Star out of 5

No more LG for me either...

Reviewed on Tuesday September 14, 2004 by , Canada
I also went through two different LG 4600s. Both would not hold a charge longer than about two 8-hour days (I turn my phone off at night). Dealer did some troubleshooting and found that my phone was drawing 80mA of current in Standby mode. Normal current draw is 5mA. Cellular service provider is giving me a different vendor's phone this time.
4 Stars out of 5

Wait & See

Reviewed on Wednesday September 1, 2004 by , Montreal
I have just put to rest my Greatest cellphone ever, The Motorolla V60 (I simply adored it)! However it was time to go with something else, My Motorolla was acting up very severely: The screen was dying, it was turning on and off by itself and nothing could save it. I have heard horror stories about the LG's but this phone (LG-4600) seems to be getting things right. The look and feel are pretty good and the ring tones are actually where they should be. The actual volume while being on the receiving end of the call is very strong. Of course it suffers like other cellphones when it comes to actually dragging signal strength in a poor area but it is to be expected seeing that cellphone companies always have to sell something newer and better every year. There is no perfect cellphone and I don't believe there ever will be, but if reliability and good battery life is what your looking for. This is a pretty good buy.
1 Star out of 5

Never LG again.......

Reviewed on Wednesday August 25, 2004 by , Boston
I have tried 2 different LG 4600 from Verizon and both would not keep a charge on the battery for more than 9 hours(on standby). Funny thing is that 2 days after I bought the phone it was no longer on the Verizon site......
Samsung or Nokia next time....Never LG again.......

4 Stars out of 5

Nice Phone

Reviewed on Saturday August 21, 2004 by , Toronto
Despite the fact my phone doesnt come with any games with my provider, this phone has pushed non-camera phones to a limit. I finally get reception in the mall , unlike the Siemens A56 i had. Yes this phone does have minor glitchs but none that fill interfere with the phones performance, For example, when in the dark i open the phone, and let the background light go off, the screen tends to flicker.. haha i duno what this is but its prolly only my phone. And yes the keypad gets hot when in use over 10 minutes but i believe all the other new phones are having the same "problem" too. Nothing to get worried about. HOWEVER the biggest problem i have with this phone is the battery life. ITs just pathetic. I get 3 days with regular use. I duno if this is alot but to me its not... And another thing is if you buy a leather case for this phone, the case tends to cover the charging receptors located on the battery, so youd have to take it off all the time or purchase a travel charger. I personaly dont like base chargers but thats like. ****/5 thats my rating Hope this helped future purchasers
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday July 25, 2004 by , Montreal
Wait a minute with all the good comments. I myself and three other friends got this phone and are pretty unsatisfied with it. The reception is pretty poor on it. As a matter of fact i cant speak inside my appartment and i live on a second floor near the mountain in Montreal. I previously had a very small 50$ FIDO phone (Siemens A56) and the reception inside my appartment was great. My new LG tough oblige me to go outside or at least put my head in the window to speak (that is just great when -30 in winter). Bottom line is: if you want a pretty trendy phone with a nice screen this is nice, but if you intend to use it as a phone... Dont buy this.
5 Stars out of 5

A word of warning

Reviewed on Friday May 7, 2004 by , Vancouver Island
This is a great phone! The features are all there, the menus are easy to negotiate, sound quality is excellent. I've been more than pleased. BUT..... a word of warning.
In the SOUNDS section of the SETTINGS menu, you are able to set the volume of the Ringer, Earpiece, etc.
If you completely turn off the volume of the little tunes that play during POWER ON & OFF then there's some kind of software glitch that causes the speaker in the earpiece to engage and hiss. You can hear it from two feet away. This also causes the battery to discharge too quickly.
If you find those little tunes anoying, don't turn them OFF
....Just set them to LOW.
3 Stars out of 5

Still figuring out...

Reviewed on Wednesday April 21, 2004 by , Toronto
I looked up all the awesome comments on this site, finally I got it. Unlike others, I got some signal drops. The other problem is after talking for an hour the key pad beomes hot. I got two phones in the account. In both phones I have the same problem. I don't know if other people have the same problem or is it only me? I changed the phone today, the problem still exsists. Not a happy experience when you pay a good amount of money for it.
5 Stars out of 5

Best Cellular Phone on the Market

Reviewed on Sunday April 18, 2004 by , Midland Ontario
LG 4600 for the money is as a good as it gets right now. I have no use for camera or palm style phone, so if you are looking for a straight out phone with decent features look no further. I purchased this phone to Back up my LG TM 520 which was a very good phone, LG seem to make the best cellular phones right now in these two very important departments, reception and battery life.
Most of the review come from people who live in urban center, so cellular coverage had got to be at least decent. I live roughly one and half hour northwest of Toronto and general cellular range is from very good to non exsisit. The over all reception is amazing and unless you in a mall or steel bulding it stay in digital mode 95% of the time. This phone battery life while in digital mode is amazing. I use the phone one Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:00pm making calls and downloading from the wirless web, and at the end of the day there was still a charge on the phone. Like most tri mode phones once it kick into anolog mode the drain on the battery is amazing fast, so I set the phone in digital mode only.
A third feature that should be considered when buy a cell phone is call clarity both coming in and going out. This is one of the louder and more clear phone I own, I can say this honest the volume is much better than LG TM520, and a friend of my who is partially death can hear the phone with no problems. Out going clarity is still a question mark, it work as good as LG TM520, better who knows.
As for feature and the look of the phone, I keep it simple and say unless you are looking for a camera or palm style phone, it has everything you want and is very sharp looking phone style wise and the color screen is clear and bright which make wireles web surface a bit more enjoyable.
4 Stars out of 5

Worth The Wait

Reviewed on Friday March 19, 2004 by , Toronto, Ontario
I am very pleased with the LG4600 after seeing it for the first time in December. It has all the features, bells and whistles you need in a mobile phone, and fits beautifully into any bag or pocket. The screen quality is good, the audio is great and it is a very easy phone to navigate. Highly recommended and a real plus for Telus Mobility.
4 Stars out of 5

I like it

Reviewed on Thursday March 18, 2004 by , Edmonton, AB
I got my LG-4600 about a month ago after I did quite a research on some of the phones. And so far I like it.
The look is good, and the sound quality is good too.
The battery life is good - if I turn off my phone at night, it can last up to about 10 days.
The external display is nice and bright. It is not on all the time to save power, and you can bring it back by just pressing one of those side buttons.
Overall, I think it worth the price I paid and I like my phone.
5 Stars out of 5

Great LG phone

Reviewed on Thursday March 18, 2004 by , Toronto, Ontario
I've had this cell phone for about 2 months now, and it's been by-far the best phone i've had. Key things that stand out:

- clear communication (i mean crystal clear)
- no dropped calls yet.
- graphics on the games are awesome (but a little slow, at least for me, but still really entertaining).
- way better selections on ringers, better than any phone i had.
- very sleek (eye opener for sure)
- the OED light on the front is very useful in the dark and in the extreme sun.
- overall, very durable and useful (events, calendar, tip calculator, scheduler, etc etc.)

get one soon!!!
5 Stars out of 5

pretty sweet

Reviewed on Sunday March 7, 2004 by , vancouver
awesome phone, really stylish, cant scratch it, long battery life, and all the cool features like wireless web etc. The only problem i have with it is fitting it into the charger. Its like a puzzle and i think u have to fit the two slots at the front but its a real pain and one of the slots in the front has already like gotten a bit distorded cuz i was trying to fit my phone in the charger. But other than that, its a great phone and its almost a shame that i have to put it in one of those ugly telus cases.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday March 6, 2004 by , Edmonton
I have sold Telus Mobility phones for a year an a half now and this is on of the best phones I have ever sold. I had to buy the week it came out and I have not regreted it once. The only thing I would say is LG and Telus Hurry up with the clip. The color on this phone and the cool animated menu is easy to use. The OEL display makes it easy to show people how different and inovative this phone is. The only feature it is missing is the ability to recieve picture messaging but other then that I recommend this phone to every one that walks through the door. The ability to force it to analog and have it stay in analog is a great change from the force call feature on the LG TM520.
If you want a phone that has the most current features great battery life and astounding reception this is the one for you. A camera is not needed they are power hungry and there is more that can go wrong with think of it you have a digital camera plus a phone. save your money and get a good stand alone Digital camera Im sure staples can help you out with that one.
5 Stars out of 5

Great all-in-one phone

Reviewed on Friday February 13, 2004 by , Toronto, ON, Canada
This phone is great. It has all the features you could want and then some(except for a camera, but I have a real digital camera and thats far better than any cameraphone). I went nuts at first and downloaded about 10 games, 14 wallpapers, and 9 ringtones in like a day but it only used 619kb leaving me with 1428kb left. That's great. The scrolling effect of the time on the outer display is really cool. Reception is amazing. Haven't dropped a call yet. The organizer is really useful, featuring a calendar, alarm clock, notepad, voice memo, and event scheduler. It's also got a tip calculator, calculator, world clock, airplane mode, and can download tools and utilities when they become available. I do have two complaints. On my old LG520, when I've been talking for awhile, during a call I could see the time on the outer display. This is now gone and I will really miss it. Also, if you receive a web message, it automatically loads your browser so if you go to your phone 5 minutes later and just press the side buttons to see the phone status or time, you are actually navigating a page with the flip closed. SO you have to be careful with that. All in all, this a great phone and I have no regrets AT ALL about this choice. All Telus PCS users should be using this phone. Oh, and the actual case for it availaable from telus is really ugly, so I went with the hyrofoam pouch. It's less protection, but you see the beauty of the phone exposed and that's a risk I'm willing to take.
5 Stars out of 5

Look No Farther

Reviewed on Thursday February 5, 2004 by , Vancouver
This is one of the best phones Telus has ever launched. I've worked for them for 4 years, and this one has almost everything. The clarity of your calls is superior to any other phone right now. Dropped calls are a thing of the past as well! I've had this phone since day one when it came out, and no lie I haven't dropped a single call. If you're looking for style, clarity, functionality, a bit of cool factor, all compact......Look no further "This is your phone!!"
4 Stars out of 5

OK so far...

Reviewed on Wednesday February 4, 2004 by , Toronto
Although I am not a "power" user, this phone seems to have all the features required. No opinion on web stuff as I can't bring myself to browse on a phone.

Other parties say my calls are crystal clear, and the hands free earbud (optional) is a great help in the car and sound quality is excellent too. People think I'm in an office when I'm really in the car.

I have had some problems using voice dial; recognition may not be spot on. This is a newer product by LG, so it should be one of the better Telus phones.
4 Stars out of 5

great phone, one problem

Reviewed on Wednesday January 21, 2004 by , Vancouver
I love my phone expect for one thing. The address book has a great feature that allows you to add people to different groups. This makes it so easy to look up peoples phones for example: Group name Soccer, all the players listed right there. But when you go to call up 'Sally', 'Jane's' info appears. Pretty annoying. When I first experienced the problem, I was given a new phone but the second one did it too. I've been told since that it's a software issue and LG is not in a hurry to fix it. Other then that, the phone is great. Great size, stylish, good reception and a great color screen.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday January 12, 2004 by , Kitchener
I just recently got this lg 4600 phone. I must say I'm very impressed with the quality of the phone. The sound quality is incredible, I had the lg TM520 phone before, it was good as well but I dipped it in coffee so had to get a new one. The external screen is great, its customizable so the LEDs move in different patterns for different things. eg. missed calls, text msgs/vioce msgs, incoming call,standby, and reminder. The battery life is surprisingly good but I'm going to get an extended battery (I talk a lot!). It has tons of memory for phone book and notes and also all the ringtones and games you could want. I have 7 wallpapers, 5 ringtones and 5 games downloaded, which all take up 360kb, and have 1687kb left!!! Soon telus will be upgrading it to recieve picture messages so you don't have to buy the bulky 5450...I love this phone, its like a palm but many times more compact!