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The LG Breeze has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 20 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Don't buy

Reviewed on Tuesday February 12, 2013 by , Guelph
I am not a big cell phone user so I was looking for simple/easy to use. This phone is a frustrating piece of electronics. It "freezes up" frequently (have to pull battery to reset), began a "waiting" routine when I send messages about a week after I bought it, doesn't send texts bigger than one page without sending "twice" (so, I think it's sent and when I pick up my phone an hour later it's asking me "send?".......even though it's already been sent). In short.........this is probably not a good phone for many users.
0 Stars out of 5

Lg Breeze

Reviewed on Sunday January 20, 2013 by , Calgary, Alberta,Canada
I have had several mbile phones in the last yearsBUT this phine is handsdown the worse piece of technology I have ever seen. This is truly a reject from the get go. Never ever even consider this piece of junk unless you want to have a nervous breakdown due to all the malfunctions that you recieve with this phone.
0 Stars out of 5

LG Breeze review

Reviewed on Thursday November 22, 2012 by , Kelowna,BC,Canada
This is by far the WORST phone ever. My phone before the LG Breeze was a HTC status, and the touch screen crapped out on me, so I needed a new phone. Bought the LG breeze from Walmart (around $70) and right away it started to freeze. The phone came with a 3G network, but in my plan I don't pay for 3G soo I dont know why the phone is STILL connected to it. The phone wont vibrate at times, and it will even vibrate for like a minute non stop! most of time, I will "lose service" and wont send any messages. When I am "in service" the phone will take forever to send one message. I get duplicates all the time, and sometimes people wont ever receive my text, even when the phone says it was sent. Also the time and time zone are all correct, but when i receive a text, it says the time on the text is 3 hours later then the actual time. I have tried changing all the times and everything but it still is 3 hours ahead. The time on the sent messages are correct but not the received messages.

This is by far one of the worst phones, and I'm very disappointed that this phone has been like tis since the day I bought it
0 Stars out of 5

Made by Cavemen.

Reviewed on Thursday October 4, 2012 by , Prince George
Well, I have had this phone for about a year now, and I'm stuck with it. I can NOT believe how bad this phone is! I mean, really? I think this phone was designed by the flintstones. Sometimes when I close it, it just goes "okay I'm going to shut myself off k" and if I had an emergency and had to call 9-11, I'd most certainly be dead by the time I even dialed the numbers. Sometimes, it just freezes up for no reason, it likes to send messages at a slow speed, and sometimes it goes nuts and doesn't stop vibrating for some reason. It takes 10-30 seconds for it to stop vibrating at times, and I absolutely hate it when I get 2+ texts at the same time or somebody texts me while I'm writing a text.
Do not get this phone. As a reviewer already said, do not get it even if its free. Get an iPhone or something else instead, it may even save your life (I'm not kidding)
Also, I don't even bother using facebook on it or anything like that because it would be unbelievably slow.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday July 24, 2012 by , toronto
i had this phone for over a year (getting rid of it thank god) but the phone will turn off by its self and sometime the buttons stop working so you can text anyone and you cant turn it off! i have to take out the battery and put it back in, it has froze on me and you cant do anything you have to let it die and if im texting someone it says sending to Bob when i really sent it to Steve Dont get this phone it SUCKS
4 Stars out of 5

Does the job

Reviewed on Wednesday July 18, 2012 by , Val-d'Or, QC
Well, this phone simply does the job it is intended to do; it serves to make phone calls and send texts. Telus does not have the best coverage with any of their phones but that's Telus and not the phone. The only thing that I would say I really do not like about it is that it pretends to be a pseudo smart phone when it is not. This is a simple phone with a decent slide out keyboard which makes texting easier (especially for middle aged guys like me) and with an ok media player. For my needs, it does the job and at a good price. If you want a smart phone, pay more and get one. If you don't like pocket dialing, get a case. For someone like myself who just needs to make the odd call, text the wife with the odd "buy bread on the way home, please" message, and wants to have a minimal pre-paid plan, it does the job nicely. However, I can understand why your average teen or twenty-something would want something more and to them, I would say pay more and get more.
5 Stars out of 5

I like it

Reviewed on Saturday June 23, 2012 by , Canada
To be honest I love all the features the phone has, it is a little sensitive with the lock but i still like it.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday June 10, 2012 by , Canada
This phone shouldn't even deserve a star. I have had it for a year and it is constantly bothering me. After a text when I slide the phone closed it almost always turns
off, when I get more then two text at once it starts vibrating like a maniac. I couldn't tell you how many times it has pocket texted and dialled people, and not to mention randomly plays my music. I don't recommend this phone.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday June 7, 2012 by , edmonton
I got this phone for my birthday and i think it was the wrost present that i could have gotten from my parents, this phone has cost me more than it should have. It constantly pocket dials people (it loves 911), it doesnt really have a lock screen you just have to touch the button on the screen (which is really sensitive),i never have service on it, and i will check someone who has the same service provider to see if they have service and they do, battery doesnt last long it will be fully charged and as soon as i go to make a call its dead again. It is extremely slow, i feel like i have went back into the stone ages waiting for it to load. I wouldnt recommend this phone for anyone!
0 Stars out of 5

Don't get this phone even if it's free! (unless you have unlimited minutes)

Reviewed on Friday June 1, 2012 by , vancouver
I paid $30 for mine and I'm regretting it (I'm on prepaid)...it's going to cost me more by the end of the year from all the pocket dialing it does. The "Lock" isn't a real like as just touching the phone starts it up. So don't put it in your purse if you're one to rummage through your purse or you'll be dialing another person each time.

With all the complaints they should make consumers able to put a handset pin...they way they do on apple products.
0 Stars out of 5

I tried to be optimistic...

Reviewed on Saturday November 26, 2011 by , Alberta
I had read a few bad reviews and a few decent ones for this phone so I decided to give it a try, giving it the benefit of a doubt, I don't expect much from a phone so maybe those bad reviews weren't so bad. My carrier had very few choices and I have had LG phone in the past I loved. Oh my, never have I wanted to smash a phone so many times in my first day of owning it. Normally you go through that weird kind of love phase with a new phone, not with this one. I wanted it gone and by the second day I returned it. Some screens took several tries to open, it lagged and would freeze on the volume control screen. The battery once fully charged lasted me about a 35 minute call. These were not the sort of issues one would expect to see come with a brand new phone.
The issues aside, there are a number of features of the phone I didn't like. Button placement on the touch screen and the layout of the slide out keyboard sucks. You have to play a ringtone outloud to either change your ringtone or chenge your phone volume so don't bother when you have to sit somewhere quiet like a lecture. You also can't set the phone to only ring for an alarm clock and nothing else. Which is a key feature for me because I work early and need my alarm but am also subject to a lot of drunk dials from friends at 3 am.
Anyways I could go on all day about why I hate this phone. I'm just glad it gone and when I returned it the guy at the store told me that I was lucky/unlucky enough to have the issues (such as the lagging) happen right away because he sees a lot of people coming in with this phone once its too late to return it. Seems to me places should stop selling this piece of grabage, sorry LG (I notmally love your phones)but this is just crap.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday November 13, 2011 by , chicoutimi
This phone is cursed .... It is much slower to change pages .... it closes by itself several times in a day ... it's nothing that's really a cheap phone and really reliable also the message box is always full .. facebook internet worthless mp3 player worth anything can not even change the ring tone to set other than the above already in short there is nothing good in the phone
1 Star out of 5

Pire cell Ever

Reviewed on Monday September 5, 2011 by , Saint-Gervais
Sérieusement il me purge ce cellulaire!! Il n'a jamais vraiment bien fonctionner, il est hyper lent, du moment que je text un peu quand je recule pour revenir a lécran principale l'écran devient toute rayé... il se ferme tout seul.... quand je commence a avoir un peu de message dans ma boite de réception il est lent comme jamais, je n'ai pas le choix de les supprimer! Il redevient un peu mieux et autre chose se produit... je le déteste! J'aimerais tellement ca que la compagnie fasse un rapelle sur ce cell la! et qu'il rembourse tout le monde! On aurait la paix!
2 Stars out of 5

Not good

Reviewed on Monday July 18, 2011 by , Canada
This phone has sub-par touch screen, whenever the inbox gets past 50 messages it glitches until you delete them, it lags a lot, and the screen isn't connected to the phone very well. The things it does well is text, and for a non-smart phone, it edits, manipulates, and customizes photos fairly decently.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday February 12, 2011 by , quebec
telephone qui marche relativement bien mais avec quelque bogue dedand dont lecran figer pour un meilleur telllephone referer vous au cookies
4 Stars out of 5

Plus ou moin

Reviewed on Wednesday January 19, 2011 by , Alma
c'est un bon téléphone il est tres complet; son seul défaut il est lent et l'écran devien noir parfois il faut trouvé le truc(Mettre sur Lock puis réouvrir) Mais pour un premier telephone c'est quand meme pas pire.
Je vous le conseil si vous n'etes pas trop presser
3 Stars out of 5

so-so phone.

Reviewed on Tuesday December 28, 2010 by , Canada
this phone is decent..you either love it or you hate it.

cons: very low security for the phone, not enough storage room, camera can be a hassle, very easy to pocket dial, very fragile, internet sucks, facebook app is slow, can only hold 3 voice messages at a time, voice messages delete themselves, only comes with one game.

pros: nice looking, good size, touch screen works well, nice keyboard, fast texting, and two pages to flip between (on the second one you can see all your lastest callers, texters, etc

I personally think it's too expensive for what it is.
3.5/5 stars for this phone.

definitely a phone designed for teenagers.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday October 22, 2010 by , Ontario
Moi sa fait 2 ans que j'ai ce cellulaire et je n'ai jamais eu de problème !!! Jamais il ne m'a lacher!! Je l'adore ce cellulaire il est beau et l'écran tactile va très bien!! Je recomande fortement ce cellulaire!
3 Stars out of 5

Écran noir

Reviewed on Wednesday July 28, 2010 by , mirabel
Ce téléphone en tant que tel est tres amusant,il prend de belles photos,le tactile est un peu dur,les caractéristiques général sont tres bien ,par contre pour l'avoir depuis 17 jours j'ai du le changer pcq l'image n'apparaissais pas et d'apres ma compagnie de téléphone je n'était pas la seule a avoir ce probleme et depuis hier(la journée ou je l'ai changer)il ma laché encore!tout les boutons autant d'appel et les lettres de répondais lorsque je pesais dessus,j'ai passé un appel et j'ai voulu racroché impossible...j'ai du enlever la batterie.Bref ce téléphone est bien je suis peut-etre pas du!
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday June 6, 2010 by , Calgary
im in love with this phone i think its amazing! the only thing is i cant seem to figure out our to change the color scheme of the messaging screen if anyone can help id love to hear how