LG Chocolate

Also known as the LG 800

LG Chocolate Front View


Canada: Bell


March 2007


  • Movies, TV, MP3, camera and video
  • Stereo Bluetooth®
  • Music backup application


Latest Reviews

3 Stars out of 5

Thanks, Diane, ON. Nov4,08 (No USB for Photo Upload)

Reviewed on Tuesday May 19, 2009 by , ON
Hi Diane:
I really appreciate your sharing this information with everyone. I was getting really frustrated trying to get the USB Cable to work. I am sure I should simply have read the manual, however.
The problem with the phone is that it's too sensitive. The problem designer's probably didn't consider was winter, and not being able to use it with your gloves on.
Several other problems, but it's served me well.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday April 27, 2009 by , London, Ont.
Very sad I signed a contract for this phone. I actually don't mind having to buy my music through Bell, what really irritates me is the battery falling off every time I pick the phone up and losing a call because it's loose [the battery]. It really takes away from the appearance of the phone when it is wrapped in tape not to mention interferes with the functionality of it.
1 Star out of 5

The Worst phone Ever!!

Reviewed on Sunday April 19, 2009 by , Mississauga
This phone is the worst I have ever used. I got it in August 2007, and only in the first year I had it repaired twice. Just after the warranty expired in the 2nd year, it broke again. There seems to be a problem with the phone shutting off by itself. I was told it had to do with how the battery is attached to the phone, a weak link. I have few friend who used and dumped it in the garbage after few months. If you get this phone from Bell Mobility with 3 year contract, Very Bad Luck to You! You Are Doomed!! While they know all the problems attached with this phone, they are not willing to admit that they know about them.
1 Star out of 5

Bell LG Chocolate

Reviewed on Sunday February 15, 2009 by , Oshawa, ON
I have had so many problems with this cellphone. It would randomnly turn off and back on again by iteself, even when I was in the middle of talking on the phone. The battery becomes so loose that I ended up having to tape my battery into the phone, as did 4 other people I know that has this phone. And all of a sudden the battery charger has stopped working! It is the worst phone I've ever had :(