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The LG Eclypse has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 40 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

A good ''average'' phone

Reviewed on Wednesday April 8, 2015 by , Canada
I had this phone for two years and never got any problems for it. It works fine for about everything if you do not ''overcharge'' it with numerous apps like weather, animated screens or other much useless things.

I read the other critics and I don't know why people complaint about the battery's life length. If used sparsely it will keep its charge for up to four days but if you are constantly on it it will drain out in about 4-5 hours like most cells (SURPRISE PEOPLE! The more you use it the more it drains fast.. Wow, I'm astounded you discovered this all by yourselves...m**ons).

The keyboard is very effective and after two years its still working fine. The screen as well never got any dead pixels. However, compared to the new generation cells, the size of the screen may seem small which make it both good or bad depending on the max cellphone size you want to carry around.

The camera is very average and do not expect to take great astounding pictures with it. It does its job however. The internal ROM is very limited and you'll need a micros-sd card if you want to keep a lot of music, movies or pictures on it.

So, I'd say its a good cellphone that does everything right for its price. I really like the physical keyboard (its something you do not see anymore on the new generation cells). Its not a ''fancy'' phone however and it should only be used with a single apps at a time.

So... it all depend if you want a ''toy'' to play with or a simple efficient basic phone. This one is just not a ''toy''.
0 Stars out of 5

worked great for almost a year and then...

Reviewed on Tuesday March 10, 2015 by , Canada
I signed a contract with this phone in Aug 2012. I signed on for 3 years with a 1 year warranty. For 10 months I loved this phone. 0 complaints, great battery life, great internet connection for the rare occasions I used it. Then I went away on a weekend long trip and didn't have access to a power outlet to charge the phone. For the 1st time since I had gotten the phone, the battery went dead. Since that time, my phone has been a piece of crap. Like many other people have said, sometimes when typing a text, my phone just jumps to internet. I can no longer use that letter until I remove/replace the batter. Of course, when I remove/replace the battery, my text message don't come in for up to 24-36 hours. Just from replacing my battery. My power on button is pretty useless. Sometimes it works. Those are good days. The "e" on my keyboard either doesn't work at all or doubles up. "e" is a very important letter. Now the same has happened to the ",". Good times. Sometimes, I can go about 1-2 months without the texting cutting out (won't receive texts) but then, inevitably, typing a certain letter will fly me out to internet and that's my warning that it's just a matter of days until the battery needs to be removed/replaced. Then my texts don't come again for a day or two. Another annoying glitch? The time on my outgoing texts backtracked by about 5 minutes about a year and a half ago. Therefore, if you're in a discussion with someone via text, there is no way to line up the conversation, my outgoing texts get grouped together before the responses time. I had to download "time-fix" to fix that. Most people (family and friends) said, "why didn't you send it back?". I did. Several times only to be told there is nothing wrong with my phone. I have a couple of months left on this contract and then I will host a ceremonial burning where all of my friends and family can spit on it.
0 Stars out of 5

Problems - Problems!

Reviewed on Saturday January 25, 2014 by , Saskatchewan Canada
I am a 50 year old woman, which means I have owned and used thousands of products/items through the years. From big items, our home and vehicle, to small items, toasters, straightening irons etc. I think I am safe in saying, this LG phone is the worst product I have ever experienced!

To be fair, we were on a timeline when I purchased it, which is never a good idea. My father-in-law was gravely ill and living in a different city, which meant we would be travelling, and my old cell was no longer reliable. I did not think I would be comfortable using a cell without a physical keyboard, and this LG was all the outlet had, with an actual keyboard.

It worked fine in the beginning, and for approximately 2 years, then I began experiencing problems especially when trying to go online. (And please before anyone suggests it, it is not our home Internet source that is the issue) It takes forever to connect, I can go online, leave my phone for 5 minutes come back and it is still trying to connect. If I touch the screen while it is loading, it freezes, I have to go back shut down the search engine and start all over. Just lately, it has taken to the screen going black! Touching the ‘home‘ button does nothing, nor does trying to shut the power off. I have to remove the battery, leave it out for 10-15 seconds then replace it.

I did take it back to the outlet a few months ago, he said they would have to send it away and give me a loaner. Since my contract is up in May, I will suffer through the next 4 months, then proceed to take a sledgehammer to it! Save your money, and plenty of aggrevation, and take your time considering your cell purchases!
1 Star out of 5

not worth the buy

Reviewed on Monday September 2, 2013 by , canada
My parents got me this phone, and its been a year and a half and I still have it. I have dropped it many times and the screen never broke. It though did damage the ear speaker and the power button. I would never recommend this to anyone. It is a gateway phone for beginners, but not the smartest of all smart phones. I have had this repaired twice. First time; the screen blacked out when I slid the keyboard out. And the head phone jack plug-in is touchy. I had a module replaced and the technicians were too stupid to fix the head phone situation (it was a technical problem) and blamed me for not telling them. My home screen is unresponsive and slow. My apps always take too long to start up and they always crash. I have had this problem when I first got it, and it has never gone away. My text messages are always taking to long to send (I have 4G, and it was fine on the loaner they gave me) and never send picture messages. I would never recommend this phone to anyone. Your loss, LG.
4 Stars out of 5

Decent phone, keyboard issues

Reviewed on Monday July 29, 2013 by , Ontario
While I find most aspects of this phone, which I've had for about half a year to be pretty good (including a decent battery life), Ever since I had it the QWERTY keypad apostrophe enters in as a `. All other phones/facebook/twitter receive this simply as a ?, which is a bit of a nuisance. So if I need to type a propper apostrophe i need to close the keypad and use the touch screen keypad.
Apart from that small issue, I really like this phone. Its great for those that want a smart phone but like the feel of using the pull-out keyboard
2 Stars out of 5

Don't drop.

Reviewed on Sunday July 14, 2013 by , Saskatchewan, Canada
I have dropped my phone from half a metre and now I have a tons of cracks all the way from the bottom right corner to the top left. I would not reccomend this phone to a teenager as I know they drop phones all the time.
1 Star out of 5

worst phone ive ever owned

Reviewed on Thursday June 13, 2013 by , arnprior, ON
I have honestly never had so many problems with a phone like this. first of all, since ive had the phone (which has been over a year now) whenever i try to text someone, sometimes it will try to send me to a random online page while im in the middle of texting...so it prevents me from sending the whole message. Another problem ive had with texting is that sometimes it will randomly change the language on me whenever im just finished sending a text, which is extremely annoying. Another problem ive had with this phone is when im charging it from being completely dead, and i try to turn it on, itll turn on... but i cant see anything on the screen. its just a black screen, nothing on it. so to fix that when it happens (this has happened quite a few times i cant even count how many times its happened) i have to take the battery out, put it back in and hope for the best because sometimes it will do it again. These are just some of the problems ive had with this phone, but i think the worst problem so far that ive had is that whenever i try to go online, from the start, to load the first page, it literally takes 15 to 20 mins to load the first page. Sometimes, when i watch a video and im done watching the video online, and it tries to send me back to what i was doing, the phone somehow doesnt remember where i was browsing and it starts loading me from square 1 - the first page, which, like i said, takes 20 mins. to load, which is a huge pain.

I would never ever recommend this phone to anybody. this is by far the worst phone ive ever purchased.
1 Star out of 5

Absolute junk

Reviewed on Monday May 6, 2013 by , Canada
First of all the battery is terrible even with everything turned off second of all it decides to play fresh with me and takes 7 minutes just to turn on after that it doesn't tell mei have a text so I will never know and thevibratedoesnt work after a year of having this do not recommend this to ANYONE
1 Star out of 5

Hate it

Reviewed on Sunday March 17, 2013 by , Canada
First of all, the battery life is terrible. I hardly use my phone, and I have to charge it daily. I have the brightness on low as possible, and I only use it for maybe an hour a day.
As well, I can't send or receive pictures with it. The heck?
I could deal with the rest, but what really pisses me off is that I can NEVER use the safari internet browser. It'll take over an hour to finally load, even though I do have internet connection. I can use the YouTube App perfectly fine, so I know that I have internet. I don't see why my browser never works.
A lot of my apps don't work, either, like Angry Birds and Tap Tap Revenge. They work most of the time, but sometimes it just stops responding, or it suddenly starts responding when I'm not even touching the screen. I really don't understand.

The only thing I do like is the texting and such for it. I really like the slide-out "keyboard" for texting.
1 Star out of 5

Touch Screen Issues

Reviewed on Monday February 11, 2013 by , Bayfield Ontario
The touch screen has been a problem since the start and now it is completely non-responsive. I have a pattern lock on it and with the touch screen not responding....I literally have no acsess. The acsess to the internet is very very slow and I give this phone two thumbs down....way down. Worst phone I have ever owned.
5 Stars out of 5

Great phone!

Reviewed on Sunday January 13, 2013 by , Ontario
I have had this phone for almost a year now and have not had one issue with it. I have never had a battery issue and am currently at 46% with 21 hours off the charger. That includes playing games and surfing media networks. I especially like the ability to switch from touch keypad to the slide out keypad. I have to admit I have dropped this phone more than a handful of times and each time there is nothing wrong with it. The only thing I didnt like was the fact that I cannot find a case for it. Other than that a great phone
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 25, 2012 by , Toronto
I've had the phone for a year now, and never had an issue with the battery life. Reliable smartphone, without having to commit to a data plan. I have gotten away with using wifi at home, school and work in addition to many public wifi spots. Never been locked out for obvious reasons, I'm not an idiot, and forgot my password. Would have preferred if the phone didn't come with a bunch of pre-set games and apps, but I suppose every phone is like that now. I'd prefer to only have the apps I personally chose, but that'll never happen.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday November 21, 2012 by , Stellarton N.S
Ive had this phone for about a week now. i as well was not impressed with the battery at first. i then turned off a bunch of features and now get at least two days with i think is great that with watching movies music texts phone calls i never put it down. i say it is one of the best phones on the market
5 Stars out of 5

Solid Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday October 31, 2012 by , Canada
I've had this phone for a few months now and can say it is quite a good phone. It's had a few decent drops and has held up fine. I haven't found it lacking in any area yet. I see alot of people on here complaining of poor battery life, but I haven't had a problem. It runs for about four days before it dies, which in my experience is pretty average for a smart phone.

I see no reason for this phone to get less then a five-star review from me, so five it is!
1 Star out of 5

Complete junk

Reviewed on Thursday October 18, 2012 by , Edmonton, AB
Touchscreen has stopped working completely. I've had this phone 3 weeks.
4 Stars out of 5

Battery Life

Reviewed on Thursday September 13, 2012 by , orangeville
Fantastic phone so far. Came from owning a blackberry and WOW. A srceen that I can finally see!!! I understand the concerns about the battery life being short but that is what you get because of having the features of a sliding out key board with such a thin phone. My solution was to go onto eBay and get a couple of spare batteries. Only cost me $28 for two of them instead of $67 plus tax in the stores. That way if your running short just pop a new one in.

Have a great day everyone! Regards, Harry
5 Stars out of 5

Lg Eclypse

Reviewed on Sunday August 5, 2012 by , Toronto
I agree with Becky...It's an outstanding phone. If you are going to play games, WiFi, bluetooth all day, then of course the battery will drain quickly. I'm very happy that I upgraded to this phone and texting with the Qwerty keyboard is a breeze..
5 Stars out of 5

Stop complaining about battery life

Reviewed on Wednesday August 1, 2012 by , Canada
I have had this phone for 6 months. I greatly enjoy it and I have no problem whatsoever with battery life. Mine lasts for 5 days without charging. If you are having problems, did you charge the phone for a full 24hours when you got it? That gives your battery a complete charge as well as it helps the memory software in the phone.
Also, if you got a new battery from the company you should charge that one for 24 hours when you first get it as well.
You shouldn't leave your screen brightness too high either.
I enjoy this phone, the keyboard is extremely convenient for texting, and I send hundreds of texts a day.
The calling clarity Is superb and it withstands drops and beatings because I'm clumsy.
It is a good phone of you initially charge the battery for 24 hours
2 Stars out of 5

don't put a password on it!

Reviewed on Sunday July 22, 2012 by , windsor
I actually really liked my phone before i got locked out. it was fast, the format is efficient, and it was easy to find what you needed. i would recommend this phone for people who use data or not. however, as i loved my phone so much, i put a passcode on it. it was the one where you have to draw the set pattern. of course, i had no problem remembering it. but when a friend tried to unlock the password, after a few unsuccessful attempts, it was locked out and required me to sign into my gmail account. it wouldnt have been a problem, because my account was connected to the phone. however, my internet connection wasnt turned on. therefore, i couldnt access the account and it just said invalid email/password. try as i might, nothing worked. ive contacted my service provider, which didnt help, and google didnt have a proper section to complain in. its a serious issue with this phone that i cant overlook. this phone is fine in other aspects, however i would strongly advise either to not use a password, or to not let others try to unlock your phone numerous times
1 Star out of 5

Unreliable phone due to inability to hold charge

Reviewed on Tuesday July 17, 2012 by , Victoria, BC
I purchased my phone in January of this year. I have had the use of it about two weeks of the past six months. It will not hold charge beyond 2-4 hours with no usage. I do not have data on it. I use it for texting and phone calls only, when it works which isnt often. It has been in to LG for repair three times, returned to me with the same issues. No change at all. I have been into Bell Service centre 10 times, changing batteries and charger with no solution. I don't understand why the phone is not checked and determined in working order before I am called to pick it up, which is a one hour drive for me. Why is Bell still selling this phone if they are aware of the issues and poor repair service? I am waiting to hear what Bell are prepared to do, as I am done with this phone. Obviously, the warranty is useless.
4 Stars out of 5

LG Eclipse (update from Dec 2011, Jan 2012)

Reviewed on Friday July 13, 2012 by , Brampton
hello again...
I'm the person who had the terrible battery issues.

When I first got the phone (Dec 2011), I had issues and over about 2 weeks, it was replaced 2 more times. Each time I experienced the identical problem (poor battery life), even after the store did the phone set up and the battery charge (in the store we again disabled the WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.).

By my 3rd phone, I escalated my issue to LG Nat'l Sales Mgr. They simply couldn't figure out what was wrong.

LG Nat'l Sales Mgr set up my phone and gave me a new one - which still works! Still don't know why, but things are good now (perhaps a bad batch as I had to return to the same store numerous times).

By the way, the LG Customer Service Call Center (in Dec 2011) sucked and was pretty useless - I had to escalate it to a higher level to get any help.

Now I really like the phone, especially the large screen as I am 52. I also like the pull out keyboard.
It is a little bulky, but that's OK. If i had to make a recommendation, it would be that I cannot get a cover/case for it due to the slide out keypad.
5 Stars out of 5

Its amazing!!!

Reviewed on Wednesday July 11, 2012 by , New Denmark
I just got this phone today and ots wayyy better that lg optimus one that i used to have! Well i got it but now its charging. For those of u who are wondering about the battery life is because the first time u charge it make sure u let it charge a full 24 hours withouth playing with it. Ull get very good battery life. That is only as soon as u buy ure phone if u had it for a few months ull just have to get a new batttery! Phone looks great tough! I cant wait till tonight to unplug it!
5 Stars out of 5

Awesome Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday July 10, 2012 by , Prince George, BC
I LOVE this phone!

Having used my husband's terrible HTC Wildfire, I wasn't at all certain I wanted an kind of so-called 'smart' phone, but the Eclypse has shown me that there ARE great products out there!

I'm especially delighted with the voicemail-text message feature, wherein you get a text giving you the gist of the voicemail message. What an excellent feature!

My only issue is more my own lack of knowlwdg than anything else: how do I use downloaded ringtones?

There are many other features about the Eclypse that I love... far too many to list. Suffice it to say, I am infinitely pleased with it.
5 Stars out of 5

My first Smartphone

Reviewed on Thursday July 5, 2012 by , A location..
So fare the phone is pretty good, Color's are awesome, volume is also up there but there is a couple of con's.

Battery life is okay but not great

That's about it.

Over all its a 5 star smartphone

By the way. I know allot of people are wondering the price on the phone. Strait up it 249.95$ with tax its 279$.
4 Stars out of 5

for the people with battery life issues

Reviewed on Sunday June 24, 2012 by , ontario, canada
if u go to options there is an option where u can turn off ur 3G it will make ur battery life A LOT longer. trust me. amazing phone btw:p nice keyboard and everything
5 Stars out of 5

i adore this phone.

Reviewed on Sunday June 10, 2012 by , Canada
Looks like everyone has ridiculous battery issues. I did too for the first day, then I did things like turn my brightness down, reduce my screen timeout, turn off animations and I u. se very few sounds. I also don‘t use vibrate. Ever. That eats more battery than anything. I text A LOT. Easily more than a dozen times a day, and that will be sending several texts in a row. My battery easily lasts days. I never turn it off, whether I need it or not.
Easily my favourite thing about this phone is the keyboard. It is spaced out wonderfully. It makes texting a breeze. In fact, I am writing this review from my Eclypse. I‘ve been using my wi-fi, browser and an MSN app I installed for a few hours and have only used 20% of my battery‘s total life.
I‘ve my phoned for about 6 months and I am very fond of it.
I don‘t use it very much for calling, but the sound quality is great.
The camera in it is beautiful.
I really cannot say enough for this phone. It is amazing.
I dropped it in water by mistake and bought it again. It‘s really a matter of turning off extra functions and your battery life is good.
1 Star out of 5

Horrible Battery Life!

Reviewed on Saturday June 2, 2012 by , Lindsay, Ontario
This phone will not last more than 3 hrs with a full charge. We contacted LG, and a month and a half later received a new battery that was no better than the last one. There was nothing running on the phone to cause this and data is blocked through Virgin so the internet is never in use (through data anyway) Do use wife rarely from home, but mostly text. I am going to attempt to return this horrible phone!!! Not happy.
4 Stars out of 5

Re: Battery life- mine has come back to life!

Reviewed on Thursday April 19, 2012 by , Meaford Ontario
I got my new LG Eclypse 2 weeks ago. The technology was new to me so I had to wait several days for my daughter to "show me the ropes". I wanted the option of a phone with data and Wifi but at present I only use it for calls and texting. Like some other reviewers, I became very discouraged because I would charge the battery fully only to find that 6-7 hours later the battery was dead. Even overnight, with no usage. I too was ready to take the phone back to Bell. Then I sat down and turned off a bunch of features- not even sure what they were for. I have not recharged my battery since then. After 7days on same charge, I still have 32% left on battery. What changed? I don't know, but it worked!
5 Stars out of 5

Love it!!

Reviewed on Thursday March 8, 2012 by , Vancouver, BC
I've had this phone for two weeks now and it's been wonderful!! I did not have any battery troubles as mentioned below, I downloaded an app that helps you decrease battery usage, the phone last 1-2 days in a single charge for me, with the wifi turned on, and I am a heavy texter. The best thing about this phone is the keyboard!! My old phone broke with 15 months left on my contract so I wanted a cheaper smartphone with all the features,so I was on the fence between this and the Blackberry Curve. I love the camera as well, and it comes with HD video recording!! The only problem I've come across is that some of the apps froze while usage, but I'm not sure if that was the phone or the app itself. In conclusion, this phone is great for its price, and android has really grown on me!
1 Star out of 5

Horrible battery life

Reviewed on Wednesday February 22, 2012 by , Toronto
I've had the phone for a couple weeks now; have turned off battery burning features: wifi, bluetooth, auto sync and STILL the battery doesn't last more than 6 hours!
0 Stars out of 5

Battery Life TERRIBLE

Reviewed on Tuesday February 21, 2012 by , Toronto
I have had the phone for two weeks now; followed all instructions regarding charging, however, I find now that even if I fully charge the battery (after it has fully drained), it lasts a MAX OF 6 HOURS ONLY (yes, I disabled bluetooth, wifi, auto sync....- doesn't make a difference) - what a HORRIBLE product!!!!!!!!
3 Stars out of 5

Battery life

Reviewed on Thursday February 16, 2012 by , Ontario
The lousy battery comments are suspect
User got the phone on either Dec 19 or 20 & by Dec 25 reports she has already tried a new battery after contact How could she have any real time to properly charge & trial 2 batteries in that time
I suspect it was a crappy phone not battery issues
IF i go ahead I will report back after effective trial period Very helpful site!
5 Stars out of 5

Great phone

Reviewed on Monday February 6, 2012 by , ontario
I have had this phone for 6 weeks now with no issues.I have had no battery issues at all.This phone's keyboard is easy to use. Overall great phone for the cost I'm glad I purchased it.
5 Stars out of 5

Rumours of battery death greatly exaggerated

Reviewed on Thursday February 2, 2012 by , Coquitlam
Provided you do a standard deep charge upon buying the phone (at least 3 hours, recommended minimum 8 hours, preferably overnight) and turn off unnecessary Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not using it, battery life is exceptional. With heavy use of programming contacts and exploring the features with the LCD screen running constantly during that time, my phone has been running for 3 hours and is only drained by 15%.

The gentleman who issued a bad review either got a defective battery from the factory (it happens from time to time) or did not properly charge the phone and battery upon purchase. Remember that phone batteries come charged only to 50% from the factory as that allows the battery to retain the longest life over long term storage; they must be fully charged prior to use or else they suffer memory effects or degradation of the power cells.

Don't just base your purchasing decisions on what you read on the internet! I'm happy with this phone and can't wait to load it up with Android applications and games. Heck, I might even let Virgin Mobile bilk me for a data plan at this rate. =)
5 Stars out of 5

Great phone

Reviewed on Saturday January 21, 2012 by , Toronto
I love this phone. Been using it for the last 2 weeks and its working beautifully. Its so easy to text with. The touch screen keyboard is very good and the qwerty keyboard is even better. I have no complaints.
5 Stars out of 5

great phone

Reviewed on Thursday January 19, 2012 by , Quebec
I'm suprised that people have battery issues with this one.. I've had it for about 10 days and I have had no issues. If I browse yes the battery will go down but I easily do the whole day with it. I forgot my charger at work and didn't charge it for 3 days and I checked emails, calls etc and it didn't die on me. Love this phone and all of its features. The greatest thing is you are not obliged to take an expensive data plan, everywhere I go 90% of the time I have wifi available around me anyway.
5 Stars out of 5

LG Eclypse is perfect for me

Reviewed on Saturday January 14, 2012 by , Toronto - Canada
(1.) Great sound and clarity for phone calls;
(2.) Slide-out full keyboards is easy for texting;
(3.) Touch screen is very cool
(4.) 4G speed and Android makes this a very fast phone;
(5.) nice electronic key-pad to dial a phone number;
(6.) Camera takes good photos
(7.) No expensive Data Plan required

During the first week the battery drained really quick because I spent a long time on the phone exploring all the icons, wallpapers and setting options. In the 2nd week battery drainage was no longer a problem.
3 Stars out of 5

My first smartphone

Reviewed on Saturday January 7, 2012 by , Labrador
I was surprised to see others with battery problems. 4 days of light use and still better than 3/4 power. I dont use it as a browser. My complaint is the booklet and others sources of how to use it are really lacking. 75% of what I learned was by trial and error and looking on the net sites such as this one. Phone is only 2 week old and I havent used it all yet. Still learning. I do think that I will be satisfied with it once I get used to it. Hope so!
1 Star out of 5

AWFUL Battery life

Reviewed on Sunday December 25, 2011 by , Ontario, Canada
I've had the phone for 5 days and I am charging it every 4-6 hours as the battery is draining too fast. It actually shut down overnight so the alarm did not go off. I called Customer Service and they they told me to change my setting to use less battery. I told them that I already have done that (hardly use the WiFi, screen setting is at about 25% brightness and I do not use a live wallpaper) I text about 6-10x a day and have made 3-4 calls. Their next suggestion was to swap the battery.
This was done, but the problem still exists - the phone eats batteries and I cannot depend on a phone where I cannot even turn the alarm on overnight or during trials for fear of the battery draining.
Due to the complete lack of dependability, I would NOT recommend this phone until you know that the battery will last longer than 6 hours while the phone is sitting on your nightstand. Samsung has a very similar model, only that their camera is 3 MP.
1 Star out of 5

AWFUL Battery life

Reviewed on Friday December 23, 2011 by , Ontario, Canada
I've had the phone for 4 days and am charging it 2-3 times a day. I am texting about 6-10 times a day and have less than 30 minutes of talk time.
I have reduced my screen brightness, disabled my WiFi and uninstalled the live wallpapers, but still, the battery lasts only 6 hours in a standby mode.
Today I got a new battery from the store, but it does not seem to have solved anything.