Longcheer Totem

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May 2010


  • SMS and MMS
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • 3.0 MP camera with video capture


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1 Star out of 5

Worst Phone ever!!

Reviewed on Friday August 13, 2010 by , Toronto
I bought this phone two moths ago and since then it has been a constant pain in the butt!!..Delayed incoming texts for at least 24hrs...Network is always down...My phone goes into roaming everytime I'm home or in the downtown core!! RIDICULOUS!!...I live in the Cosro Italian area(St. Clair West)!!! Mobilicity Customer Service was no help, after weeks of logging complaints with no real answer, I'm taking my business elsewher where the phones actually work and the network isn't down as Mobilicity seems to always be.

STEER CLEAR OF THIS CRAPPY PHONE and the CRAPPY service provider that's still endorsing it!