Motorola C370 Reviews

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The Motorola C370 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

It's the BEST!!

Reviewed on Sunday October 3, 2004 by , Danville, Virginia
During my lifetime, I have had about 8 different phones. And I'm only 17. I can honestly say that the Motorola C370 is the best phone that I've ever had. It's even better than all the camera and flip-phones that I've had. If you get this phone, you WILL be satisfied. I promise!
4 Stars out of 5

Mighty Mite!

Reviewed on Thursday May 27, 2004 by , Halifax
"A mighty mite!"
First of all,it's smaller than you think, and more handsome too. I was advised, if getting a non-flip phone, to get the smallest one possible--this was good advice and I think this phone qualifies as the smallest open-face. The caveats about the keypad are valid; if you have large stubby fingers or trouble operating modern fine-electronics, get a big old beater like a Nokia--otherwise this phone is ideal for pretty well anyone. When was the last time you heard someone say "gee, I wish my cellphone was bigger!?" I have no use for games etc. from a phone; I need function and practicality first and foremost. Some notes of interest: There are no extra buttons tucked along the sides for special functions, everything is done from the keypad and menus. The front,back and keypad are all swappable;I prefer the originals. IMPORTANT: The antenna is built in, therefore be careful to hold the phone by the BOTTOM two thirds when using it! Most people overlook this and then complain about poor reception: I actually showed a friend how his signal-strength bars would rise and fall when he did this on his Nokia! The owner's manual explains this very clearly as well. The software in the phone is unbelievable for an entry-level phone, as is the super-bright screen. Earpiece and ringer volumes are way more than adequate even if your hearing isn't! The vibe mode could be more aggressive but it too is adequate. You might miss it if you're mowing the lawn or on a motorcycle. Performance-wise, any phone is as good as its service provider. It's hard to believe it's an entry-level phone, except that you only get the phone,charger and manual; you can buy all the rest if you need it. So far this phone has performed excellently within the Rogers network. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with it.

5 Stars out of 5

decent phone - vast improvement on the c333

Reviewed on Saturday May 1, 2004 by , toronto
Motorola sent me this phone as a replacement for the c333 (of which i had two - both disastrously bad) and I'm very satisfied. Good reception and sound quality, exceptionally good battery life (so far, 10-14 days on standby with short calls) and ergonomically and aesthetically top notch. I was convinced (by my previous Motorola C333s) that this company makes poor quality phones, but the C370 changed my mind. I'd recommend it to anyone - especially if you're thinking of replacing your C333.
4 Stars out of 5

C370 - Motorola did something right again!

Reviewed on Wednesday April 28, 2004 by , Toronto - Mississauga
I been a dedicated Nokia cellphone user for the longest time. When rogers rolled out 850 in my area, I couldnt resist trying it. After consulting with few experts in my area, I was told to ditch my Nokia 8390 and try an "entry" level yet very strong RF Dual Band C370. Motorola has really fixed up all the quirks from C256 and C350. And totally opposite of the C33X series dissappoints from Motorola. The phone is a PC4 850Mhz phone that allows upto 2.0W to be used to keep the connection. Hey, you might not need all the power all the time but its nice to know its there when you need it! The RF is incredible on this phone. It is able to carry conversations everywhere. In-call performance is superb as well. The screen is a small screen but decent for an 'entry-level' phone. I did not expect a big screen along with super filled features. But to my suprise, there are more features then I expected initially. The phone is JAVA enabled, allowing you to download APPS through data cable or GPRS. Nice ringtones and volume is decent as well. Keypad can be fixed though! I guess the new C380 might fix that.. lol The layout is too hard to use, so I have basically programmed my frequent numbers in quick dial. In conclusion, if you are looking for a nice performing phone in a small size with nice set of features, do give this phone a chance! Afterall, Nokia 3595 is bit too big and ugly for some! ;)
3 Stars out of 5

I used to have this phone

Reviewed on Wednesday March 31, 2004 by , Halifax, NS
It works pretty good but where I sleep in the basement, the signal is poor and the phone cuts out a lot. It is really small... I lost mine, and where it doesn't weigh a lot it's kinda hard to keep track of.
But it's a good phone in general. The games that came with it sucked. And even thought you're talking outside, there's sometimes a soft humming sound which is a little annoying.