Motorola E815 Reviews

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The Motorola E815 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Exellent phone

Reviewed on Sunday July 1, 2007 by , Regina
I bought this phone in summer, 2006 after having a crappy Samsung A550. All I need is a phone with excellent and clear reception and this product delivered perfectly. Only problem, I've now gotten it wet, and although it dried and kinda works just as well as it used to, an "invalid battery" indicator appears on the screen and even replacing the battery (at $99.95 incl tax) didn't do the trick. You can no longer charge the battery and the battery charge indicator no longer appears on the display. Motorola has a little disc inside the back that changes colour once the phone is exposed to water so blaming the phone won't work at the dealership.
5 Stars out of 5

Dure à cuire ou à noyer plutôt

Reviewed on Sunday September 10, 2006 by , Ontario
Excellent téléphone et à l'épreuve de l'eau. J'ai tombé à l'eau avec mon téléphone mais après avoir retiré le pile et laissé séché pendant 2 fonctionne comme un neuf.

One tough phone. Fell in the water with my phone on me. Removed the battery and let the phone dry out for 2 days. Guess like new.
4 Stars out of 5

E815, so far..

Reviewed on Friday August 11, 2006 by , Ottawa, ON
Hey folks,

So ok I bought my phone in January right and was pretty excited seeing how Bell doesnt really do much to bring out some good looking phones. But so anyways I got this phone because it came out before the Razor launched and despite it being a tad larger it looked impressive.

Features (most know what it had but still)

-1.3 Megapixel Camera (4x zoom..dont expect miracle quality on closeups)
-Video camerea (again..not the greatest but it suffices)
-plays Mp3s and can be used for ringtones (though i've figured out that the volume on the tranferred files isnt as high as the MIDI files already installed the phone from before)
-Alarm clock (i set mine to Pirates of the Caribbean music=D)
-Jave application (but since it doesnt have any games in it and you need to use the internet to get those I dont have any, so cant tell you much)
-Bluetooth (kinda weird to use but im sure someone can figure it out-no loopholes there =S)
-Bell Mobile Browser (looks good and fast)

my comments; (besides the ones from above)

-The sound isnt as loud as I would like it to be as some phones from say Nokia are
-The vibrate isnt that powerful
-Sometimes when trying to take pictures if you do it too quickly (fast movement) the phone freezes lol
-Though this phone has voice recognition capabilites... unless you're good at it and are really bored no point in using those
-Connection wise, its actually pretty decent and still has that 1x thing going on inside heavy wired building such as university.
-Voice memos are good to utilise when you dont have a pen and paper available and you want to get someones email info or something
-The phonebook is cool it allows multiple numbers for one person and picture ID and personalizing ringtones
-The phone is expandable and you can buy the 256MB for like 29.99 I think. The phone comes with suprisingly built in 44MB, of which realisitcally 40MB is free for you. Sick eh.

4 Stars out of 5

Very Nice Phone!

Reviewed on Monday July 24, 2006 by , Montreal
All I ever need is a basic phone from Motorola with long battery life, clear sound and Bluetooth headset. Otherwise I would have given E815 five stars.

I do not need nor want phones with cameras; MP3 players; games; wallpapers; downloadables; etc. Some times more just means more not better.

E815 is an overkill for me but I've always relied on Motorola since their first-generation flip-phones. I have a drawl full of other brands that I wish I had not tried.

Dispite all the features I won't be using on E815, it is a very good phone. The wireless headset was a breeze to set up.

I only wish that Motorla (and others) will come up with some decent basic phones without all the "solutions-looking-for-problems".
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday April 11, 2006 by , terre
Bon je vais écrire en francais ya juste des anglais icitte
c'est un bon téléphone yé un peu cher mais
il a de bonne caractéristique camera
video enrégistreur vocal j'aimes bien cette derniere
pour prendre des notes vocal au lieu d'écrire
4 Stars out of 5

Great phone

Reviewed on Friday March 3, 2006 by , Manitoba, Canada
Super phone, no complaints. Battery life is much improved over my last phone (T720). I noticed a previous rating indicating that the video clip length is only 15 seconds. The phone does allow you to increase this to 3 minutes which is great. Another great feature is the ability to store photos/videos on a mini memory card which is inserted into the top of the phone. Fantastic feature as this eliminates the need to email photos/videos. All in all a great phone!
5 Stars out of 5

Best phone ever!

Reviewed on Wednesday December 14, 2005 by , Scarborough
I just upgraded my crappy old LG 5400 to this beaut.

The reception is AMAZING.
I live in a basement apparment, and I always have 2 or 3 bars.
Battery life is amazing too. Even when I play around with it, and listen to music, it still lasts like 72 hours+.

The digital camera part of it is fair. Pictures are a little grainy. The camcorder capture is only 15secs, and very blocky.

The MP3 playback is great, but picky with file name length.
All in all, kick-a** phone.