Motorola i315

Motorola i315 Front View

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December 2004


  • Global Positioning System
  • Mike's Talk Around
  • Rugged design


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What a GR8 PHONE!!!!

Reviewed on Thursday January 6, 2005 by , NYC
Ive had the i315 for about a month and Im extremely pleased,,, A very solid good feel in the hand due to the hard rubber housing, but not heavy at all,, I was tied in between this phone and the i325,, so I bought them both and ended up returning the i325 one week later,, I did specific location reception tests with both of these phones and they both get the same reception in the exact same areas - bridges tunnels expressways ,, the audible trademark ''chirp'' is louder on the i315 and I feel that the speaker is Very slightly louder than the i325,, I read so much about the i325 having supreme reception with its fixed antenna and all, But like I said I did test both phones for one week and I felt the i315 is not only a Much better looking phone but just as good on reception,, I didnt feel paying 200dollars more just for java and a color screen was worth it,, i315 all the way!!