Motorola i760 Reviews

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The Motorola i760 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 1 review.

4 Stars out of 5

I like this phone

Reviewed on Wednesday May 23, 2007 by , Ajax
Purchased 2 of these phones, because at the time I was in the USA on Nextel network and the phone had very good reviews.

I have had them now for 2.5 years and not had one issue, the Mike function is very useful, the hands free I used at lease 5 time a day; I Mike in hands free also.

Limitations: not able to change the ring tones without a cost, but then again, I'm usually on vibrate.
No camera, no music, no bells, whistles, or other gadgets, in all honesty I wanted a Danm good phone, and that is exactly what I have...

For a basic phone, this works very well

Both phone have take drops, on concrete, carpet, and tile, and they still work fine.

Some issues - finger mostly - with inital configuration and sometimes with moving through the screens, I have only text message once with this phone, and I would not say that it was the easiest function to perform.


if you want at good phone, this is it.
if you want a good Mike phone, this is it.

Camera, MP3, and extras, forget it, this is a phone... Battery life is about 2 days of regular use, and 5 days on standby.