Motorola Quench

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May 2010


  • SWYPE™ technology
  • Full Google Integration
  • Wi-Fi, GPS & accelerometer


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Waste of Money...

Reviewed on Tuesday September 7, 2010 by , ontario
I did alot of research before buying the motorola quench. It seemed to be an amazing phone but from the moment I got it the phone has been really slow, the keyboard glitches (the keyboard cuts in half and half shifts) making it impossible to hit the right keys.

My contacts are deleted every few days, it randomly calls people even when on standby, it likes to open google maps alot as well. If I'm using wifi the phone will turn it off and use 3G so I have to constantly turn wifi back on.

I went to use my phone yesterday and it wouldn't even turn on, I've only had it for two months and I take proper care of my phone. I really regret choosing this over the iphone. Before someone says it's just me my fiances phone does the same things, the only diffrence is that his still works!

This phone is going back and I'm getting an iphone like I should have done in the first place... I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I'm sure some people swear by it, that's fine but for me this phone was nothing but problems.