Motorola V186 Reviews

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The Motorola V186 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

I like this phone

Reviewed on Monday May 22, 2006 by , New Zealand
Hi, have just read a bunch of reviews slamming this phone but I like it. I bought it in Canada because of its ability to be used overseas and I live in New Zealand. It's great because I can use this phone when I'm visiting Canada and can also use it here at home. The price was right and it doesn't have any scratches on it so for me - it's been great.
2 Stars out of 5

Pass On This One

Reviewed on Tuesday March 21, 2006 by , Toronto
The Motorola V186 has been a huge disappointment. The phone is poorly constructed; I agree with the other reviews. In a very short time, it's already completely scratched up & looks old & junky (had the phone less than a year!).
Biggest issue is the fact that the battery flunks out very quickly. It's absolutely necessary to charge this thing every day & even then, it only lasts for a very short time. This is a huge inconvenience, esp. when using it for business. This phone is grossly unreliable and I wouldn't recommend it.
5 Stars out of 5

Good phone!

Reviewed on Friday February 24, 2006 by , Ontario
I bought this phone on December 31, 2005. I have not had 1 problem with it! It is a really great phone with amazing reception! The only place that there is no reception is in my locker at work! It has a really great battery life.. Like 5-6 days.. Over all, this is a really great phone. The only thing I wish it had is a camera and video.. But,hey. I love this phone!
4 Stars out of 5

Ouch to other reviewers

Reviewed on Sunday December 11, 2005 by , RH, ON
Well I've had this phone for a week now and I have to say it isn't too bad. It is limited with a lack of camera, video, bluetooth and color external display but you know what ... that's why I got it. I wanted a cheap (read inexpensive) GSM phone that would allow me to take advantage of the best offerings out there without signing a contract. Also there are times that I enter businesses and they confiscate a camera phone. The best phone in the world is still squat if it's not with you.

Now I'm not sure what the others were expecting but I'm liking this phone. I consider it to be a slightly upgraded V220. EDGE and better audio. Sure it's light and made of plastic but the interchangeable front plate gives you some customizing ability and yeah it's plastic ... what'd you expect for $150 outright?

4 stars given what you get for the price.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday December 10, 2005 by , Meteghan, Nova Scotia
I have this phone for over 2 months now and I Only had to get it replaced only once. The phone display would go black and then it the phone wouldnt have any service with it. Got it replaced, and now it works fine. Best phone easy to use. I would also tell my friends about this phone.
2 Stars out of 5

Not Bad

Reviewed on Monday October 17, 2005 by , Calgary
I purchased this phone about a month ago and I think that it's alright. The price was resonable, has good reception, can be used over sea's and is easy to use. The downside is that is looks really cheap being made from plastic (which is scratched up already). The screen is pathetically small and the clarity is not great. The phone has web acsess but is impossible to navigate. Found the ring tones to be really awful as well and the wall paper selection is dead boring. If your looking for a cheap phone that has some features and will not break the bank then this could be your phone. I personally will be returning it to find somthing with a little more omph!
1 Star out of 5

Total junk!

Reviewed on Thursday August 11, 2005 by , Victoria, BC
well i used to read all these reviews on products and thought well there are only bad comments about these phones cuz who wants to take the time to write about something that they're perfectly happy with. well i was wrong! i bought this phone and within the first month the sceen kept craping out and disconecting my calls. I was soo happy cuz i would still get charged for a minute cuz it would connect for all on one second. so needless to say if you read this please consider any other phone. its made of cheap plastic that has way to much flex and the screen sucks. i would much rather have a phone that worked then a phone that looked cool but is total junk. so if you read this please dont be like me and say ohh well it doesnt have taht many bad reviews. just go for something else and it will save you alot of time and money in the long run