Motorola V262 Reviews

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The Motorola V262 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

2 phones 6 failures

Reviewed on Tuesday October 31, 2006 by , BC
This phone is junk and so is Motorola's service. You'd be crazy to buy this phone. I've had repeat failures that they can never find even though very obvious.

Motorola Sucks and so does the customer service.
5 Stars out of 5

works nice

Reviewed on Tuesday May 23, 2006 by , fort mcmurray
well i have had about 13 different phones.. from lg to samsung to kycera or however its spelt and signal totally sucks were i am if i am lucky to get it.. yet this phone seems to get signal fine .. sometimes more then half signal in 1x but hey it does have charging issues.. sometimes wont charge.. but considering its only phone i have got that gets decent signal were i live... i love it...
2 Stars out of 5

cute but poor sound

Reviewed on Tuesday May 16, 2006 by , toronto
Those on the other end wonder why the sound is garbled. Tones sometimes fail to activate other devices, like voicemail. Warranty is "send it in, we'll return it in 7-10 days". They can't test remotely, so you are without a phone while they consider it.

Had LG and Sanyo before, with no trouble at all.

So I regret buying this one.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday March 8, 2006 by , Winnipeg, Manitoba
This phone I think, is just a piece. I've had bad phones in the past, but this one surpasses them all! The reception sux, if you have to use it in analog without an antenna, forget about it... the other end won't be able to hear you, and in 1X with the antenna, its worse then with it (only a little better than in analog). If you were to get a phone that looks remotely like this one, GET THE MOTOROLA V265. It's the same phone pretty much... just has a camera, and way better reception, AND it won't freeze on you as much as mine does, and mines brand new... never been dropped.
3 Stars out of 5

Follow up after about 6 months

Reviewed on Wednesday March 8, 2006 by , Calgary
Still like the phone for it's features, style, reception and compact size. But as I've got more used to the phone I've noticed some shortcomings:
1) the battery life stinks
2) the really small "sweet spot" for the speaker is a bit unnatural for my instinctive or comfortable holding position and it's kind of annoying
3) sound is okay but could be clearer- not sure if its my bad hearing but some of my callers are really hard to understand- especially with background noise and long distance from another cell phone
4) the buttons are not easy to dial one-handed while walking or driving
3 Stars out of 5

Motorola v262

Reviewed on Friday February 17, 2006 by , Vancouver
I bought this phone based on the review of switching from the LG TM 520 above. The LG I'm sorry to say had far superior voice quality compared to this Motorola phone which sounds like I'm talking through a tin can. If I plug in my headset then the call quality improves a little but there is still some fuzz in the background. I can't really recommend this phone to those looking to switch from the LG 520 (mine no longer has an antenna - it broke off - and it still sounds better...).

Hopefully Telus will take this phone back or I'm lumbered with it (my primary phone) for a whole year which will drive me nuts and I will drive Telus support nuts as a result.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday November 21, 2005 by , Iowa
The first 4 months I owned this phone it was great, the speaker was awesome and convientent. The ringers were great. Very good reception. Compact, easy to dial on and so on. I have since found some different feelings. When I power on the phone my event reminders keep repeating them selves over and over. I have events that occur daily and they keep alarming me on the event. I eventially power off the phone. I have also found that my battery is very very poor. Yesterday I had to fully charge my phone 2 times and at the end of the night I had a low battery alert. My 1st phone like this was great till it was flooded while on the river. I since turned that into my insurance and this one has been nothing but troubles. I would recommend this phone but hope that you have a good customer service cell phone provider. Out of 10 I would rate it a 6.5.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday October 3, 2005 by , BC, Canada
And I though my LG TM520 was good! Pff, blows LG outta the water that's for sure. I love the reception. I gave my old phone to my buddy and he get's crappy reception where he lives. He can only make calls in certain places of his house with my old phone. But with my Motorola, it's like, 'anytime anywhere!' reception. Clarity on this baby is fantastic, and it has all the features I use most often, like SMS, web browser, ringtones, images, games, apps, and, of course, calling, and features i've wanted but didn't really need like, picture/multimedia messaging, colour screen, and interchangable face place, just to name a few. The colours that came with my phone were blue and silver. Looks more stylish in blue but doesn't look too bad in silver either! The technology motorola uses...well lets just say there's a reason why Motorola is the best and is used in so many other applications that you probably wouldn't believe!

Anyways, the best phone i've used! It's really unfortunate; five stars just doesn't seem to be enough!
4 Stars out of 5

So far, so good

Reviewed on Thursday September 22, 2005 by , Calgary
Compact size, good keypad (I can dial using my thumb while driving, more than i can say for my old samsung T300), intuitive menu and address book navigation (again more than i can say for the T300), sharp looking, love the external display, good reception so far (have not tested it to any extreme), nice loud ringer (again... blah, blah... T300). Can you tell i wasn't too crazy about my T300? My last 2 phones were samsungs and both left a lot to be desired... i'm on to greener pastures i hope. Best of all it was free! all i had to do is lock in for 3 yrs with the #1 provider in my area (Telus) who i have already been with for 3 years on month-to-month and am completely happy with.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday August 10, 2005 by , Edmonton
I haven't had this phone for too long now, but from what I have seen of it, I am really impressed. One thing I really love is the whole Motorola set up that they have, very easy to work with, very ergonomic, and straight forward. I haven't had a dropped call, local or long distance, and the reception I thought was exceptional, with or without the antennae. The front of the phone does not scratch easily, or not yet at least, and the battery is about what I expected from a Lithium Ion cell phone battery. I suppose I will find out more about this phone as time goes on but the first impression is fantastic.