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The Motorola V551 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 44 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Continual white screen of death

Reviewed on Sunday August 6, 2006 by , Dallas, Tx
I first got a v551 almost 2 years ago and it worked well for a while. I didn't have the problem others have had of dropping calls, but after about 6 months I started having many problems (too long ago, I can't remember what). I got a warranty replacement and it was having problems too so I got another replacement and it seemed to work fine..... until after the rest of the 1-yr warranty ran out that is! Since then I have had the stupid thing lock up and reset (white screen of death). At first it was just now and then, but now I can just start to carefully pick it up, or start to close the flip top and it will do it. I have had it do this a dozen times in one minute! It seems to have a short inside, but I have never once dropped the phone, so it doesn't have that excuse. I absolutely HATE this phone!
2 Stars out of 5

Dropped Calls!!!! Do Not Get This Phone!

Reviewed on Thursday July 13, 2006 by , Toronto
Within the first year of use, this phone was pretty good. There were slight problems with reception at times, but it worked well otherwise. However, after the first year (incidentally, is also when the warranty is expired) the problems began. Horrible reception while a beat-up Nokia I got 4 years ago had perfect reception. I was even willing to tolerate this BUT for the dropped calls! No conversation can last for more than 7 minutes! It is the most annoying thing ever - especially embarrassing explaining to my boss why I keep getting disconnected or getting dropped right when finally reaching someone after being put on hold!
I am going back to Nokia!
4 Stars out of 5

I really like it so far!!

Reviewed on Tuesday July 4, 2006 by , Vancouver, Canada
Well, I had a Nokia 6103 from Rogers --- which I liked okay, except that the ring volume and talking volume sucked, and I really need a phone that I can Hear! The reception wasn't great either......
So, I decided to try the V551. So far so good. I can make the ringer very loud, or just medium, standby time is really good, I haven't had any dropped calls yet, the camera is great, there is a speakerphone option for use while driving, which is great. It doesn't play music, but that's what I have a walkman for. I recommend this phone for reliability and quality. The only "warning" I have is that I've had it for only a short time (still trying to stay under 30 minutes) - but I've tried all the options that I possibly can, and can't find any problems so far.
2 Stars out of 5

Issues With Phone

Reviewed on Monday June 19, 2006 by , Toronto Canada
I have had this phone for just over a year. I have had two serious problems which have resulted in the need for repair or replacement. The first was a software issue that caused the phone to die as if the battery was depleted. Then even after charging the phone it would not always power up. I was told that this problem could not be fixed and was given a new phone. Recently, I have been experiencing a problem where I can no longer hear through the earphone built into the phone. The only way I can now use this phone is through the use of an earpiece.

Unfortunately I am not planning on investigating the cause of the latest problem as I am fed up with this phone. I am eligible for a hardware upgrade from the wireless provider and will be switching to a new phone.
3 Stars out of 5

Worst phone ever

Reviewed on Monday June 12, 2006 by , Texas
I purchased this phone in April of last year. Within two weeks they had to send me another phone because of the drop calls and poor signal. A couple of months later I had to request another phone because the signal strength was so bad I could call my phone from my home phone and it would not ring. Then in January or February they sent me another refurbish phone because I could not hear anyone that I was talking to on the phone. Then by May the display is completely black. I don't know what kind of phone Cingular are sending out but these are the worst phones I have ever seen .....
4 Stars out of 5

review 2

Reviewed on Sunday March 12, 2006 by , Mississauga
this is an alright phone its nothing to fancy the only thing is that when im on the internet the phone freezes. if ur looking for a phone that u don't need to use for business this ones good
4 Stars out of 5

Motorola V551

Reviewed on Saturday March 11, 2006 by , winnipeg
well i would like to say i have had this phone for about 1 year and reading all other comments about droping calls,i have to never had a problem with my phone yet!!...(knock on wood)..this thing is great i like tha style look and where i live its so clear. i think this phone is not bad overall.
5 Stars out of 5

Help please

Reviewed on Thursday February 16, 2006 by , Brantford Ontario
I am working now, and am interested in buying a phone, (cell phone of course)... i have been looking at buying this phone it looks like a nice phone, good deal, what do you think? i need help
1 Star out of 5

Motorola V551

Reviewed on Saturday January 7, 2006 by , canada
For all those who find this phone awesome, I say great and you are one of the lucky few.
This is the worst phone I have ever had (used nokia, ericsson and samsung), as far as battery life is concerned. It is so awful, I will not attempt to describe it. My phone is new and has gone through several battery charges. It is junk and motorola is not helpful with it either.
Stay away from it or if you like the aesthetics and are still attracted to it, go on the web and read what others say about it before you buy.
3 Stars out of 5

Can Someone Help Me, Please???

Reviewed on Wednesday January 4, 2006 by , Toronto
I can't seem to find how I can add my name to the home screen of my phone (V551). When I flip open my phone, it says "Cityfone" and the date. I was able to change the date and time but I don't know how to change the words "Cityfone".

Can anyone help me? I would very much appreciate your assistance.

4 Stars out of 5

Hello Moto: Reviews Versus Performance

Reviewed on Thursday December 29, 2005 by , Canada
I was given this phone for Christmas. Upon opening the box, I was very impressed with the look and style of the phone, and I still am. Now, this is my first flip-phone, so perhaps I am easy to impress, and compared to the other reviews for the V551 I've read, you might think I'm the only one who actually likes this phone -- but don't be fooled by what they have to say.

I started reading reviews online on boxing day, curious to see what other people thought of this great phone. Lets just say I wasn't so enthusiastic about it after that. However, as I have been reading the reviews, I have been playing with, and using, my phone. Let me be perfectly clear: most of the reviews are just plain wrong.

Most people who seem to complain about this phone must have used it for a day and immediately wrote a review, as if they knew everything about the phone from their first impressions of it. (I'm not sure what they were thinking, since I was very impressed at first.) For example, one scathing review says that you cannot use the phone while it is charging, and the reviewer said he/she could not figure out how to make it useable while charging. This is absolutely false. It may seem difficult to some, but if you try pressing and holding the 'power on/off' button (as you would turn it on normally) during the charge, the phone will turn on while charging and you will be able to use it. Amazing.

Other people seem to be commenting on the problems they have had with the menu system. Now I cannot comment on the V551 by Cingular, but my V551M (Rogers) is perfectly fine in this respect. Everything in the menu is where it should be. Moreover, you can actually customize all most all of the keys to do what you want. For example, the quick dial can be set to anything you'd like, the same with the soft buttons. So, if you have a problem with some buttons doing this or that, or if you think something should be more easily accessible, you can change it.

Some people seem to be having more difficulties with the charger, like my fellow reviewer on this website. In my experience, it has worked perfectly as it should.

Other complaints people often raise in their reviews involve the signal, speaker phone, or volume. My signal strength is always between 3 or 5. At 3, I can still hear people decently compared to other phones I have used or heard. I'm still using it and testing it, but so far, it has been fine. It's a cell phone, not a land-line, and it will never have that kind of reception. As for the volume, obviously it depends on the circumstances that you are using it. In a noisy place, you might have to turn up the ringer volume to 7, the highest. But in a quiet place, that would be very, very loud. It has actually startled me for being so loud in some places where I forgot to turn down the ringer volume. I have no problems hearing it. If it really bothers you, you can always set it on vibrate, or vibrate and ring, and slip it in your pocket. The speaker is quite good, in my opinion. The speaker phone is also quite good. I have had no problems using it so far. The sound is incredible for that little speaker, and the reception for the mouthpiece is great, too.

As for the battery life, a major sticking point for many people, I have not had any problems so far. I am not going to comment, numerically, on how long it has lasted me, because unlike many of the other reviewers, I know that lithium-ion often require more than one full charge and discharge cycle to reach its potential (It even says this in the user's manual on page 10.) Of course it is going to run down quicker after the first or second, or even third charge. To base the battery quality and phone quality on that is absurd. Right now, I fully believe that the quotes of 4-7 hours of talk-time and 9 days of standby time are accurate, however I have only put my phone through one full charge cycle (I've put it through several smaller charges for testing purposes, like to see if you could actually turn it on and use it while charging) and discharged it entirely only once, so naturally it has not reached its potential yet.

So far, this has been a great phone. Naturally, it has been less than a week since Christmas, and even I do not have the full picture about the complete quality of this phone, but at least I have spent some time using and testing it. Please don't be scared away by inaccurate reviews from people who have used it for one day. In my experience, there has been a complete difference between what the reviewers have said about this phone and its actual performance. I am certainly glad that I received this for Christmas, because had I wanted to purchase it, I would've had read the reviews and changed my mind.
5 Stars out of 5

i just got this phone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 27, 2005 by , Mississauga
I just got this phone for Christmas and its great. I like having the video on it me and my friend were using it on our way home tonight we were making a Blaire Witch Project Video it was funny the only thing i don't like is that u can't record for very long. other than that im happy with it. its better than the Motorola V220 i've had that phone for close to a year and i had to get it fixed twice.
5 Stars out of 5

i just got this phone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 27, 2005 by , Mississauga
I just got this phone for Christmas and its been great i like having the video on it i just used it tonight on my way home as a joke me and my friend were making it like the Bliar Witch Project. The only thing i don't like is that you can't record for very long other then that im happy with it well its alot better than my Motorola V220, i wasted my money on that phone and im still on contract and i had to get that one fixed twice.
3 Stars out of 5

Motorola V551 pros and CONS

Reviewed on Tuesday October 11, 2005 by , Atlantic Ocean
I signed a two year contract to get 2- V551 fones for phree. With Cingular's Military discount added I can get a free upgrade in one year and the 2 phones are only $51.44 a month. I wanted a better phone then my Motorola v60t which was getting old but never Froze like Windoze. So I loaded up the V551 with games, ringtones/mp3's, wallpaper, and screensavers.

The first problems I had was there is just too many ways to hit a browser icon or button on the phone and my account was charged for these mistakes. Then the inherent freezing problem with my old firmware on my new phone. Cingular replaced my phones with much worse defective, refurb phones, one with a bad display and one with poor signal strength. They told me they first send refurbs then they send new known good tested phones 'sorry'. Cingular will screw with you if you let them.

The graphics are very good on the phone the memory should be much higher and there should be a to-do list that syncs with Outlook. The camera could be 1.2 megapixel so the details of a roadside accident can be recorded for insurance purposes. If this phone could play back mp3 in stereo and had equal or better voice dialing to the v60t it would be better than a 3 star phone.
4 Stars out of 5

Phone is good enough !

Reviewed on Monday October 10, 2005 by , Toronto
I've had this phone for over 2 weeks now & have tested it in the GTA as well as outside the metropolis. It performs it's functions (as a wireless phone) very well in different areas of the province. The other extras on the phone (i.e. multimedia functions, bluetooth) are cool to have but expensive to use if you course it thru Rogers. I find the earpiece volume a little low (@ max volume) however so far I can't complain about anything else (except maybe the lack of analog capability). Other customer issues on short battery life, "absence" of multiple entries per contact name, etc. did not pose a problem to me at all. Knowing how to use the phone's functions properly is the key to avoiding said issues.

Hopefully this phone keeps up the good work !

cheers !
4 Stars out of 5

Can't enter own name and number

Reviewed on Saturday October 8, 2005 by , vancouver
Phone seems to work fine but I cannot enter my own name and number pursuant to page 47 of the manual. You follow the instructions and there is simply no way to enter text, you can only view it.
1 Star out of 5

cellulaire motorolla

Reviewed on Sunday September 11, 2005 by , Montréal, québec
au suget du motorolla v551 il y a un défaut de compagnie car les touches deviènne inactif après un court lapse de temp d utilisation en moyenne quelque jours et certain de ces appareil l'écran de facade acl coule et ce forme une ligne complètement noir dans l'écran extérieur, et d'après mon expérience vécus en aout 2005 après avoir changer 3
fois d'appareil car défectueux j'ai reçu d'autre v551 défectueux aussi ,( donc d'après moi la compagnie motorolla
nos refile des céllulaire réusiner et non des neuf,mais on paye le prix pour des neuf.Donc je le déconseille fortement à vous de voir vos préférence.
Pour ce qui est du service MOTOROLLA CANADA le service est pourrit et il nous prennes pour des twits et ce foute du monde ce qui compte pour eux ces les $$$$ ce sont des crossuer qui font des fausse publiciter et qui profite du monde,,et moi j'avait jamais reçus mes 2 BLUE TOOTH commander,j'ai donc appeller MOTOROLLA CANADA car j'avait aucune nouvelle après 2 semaine et il m'on fait comme réponse que ma commande des BLUE TOOTH était un model DISCONTINUER pourtant il est sur le site de MOTOROLLA CANADA il me dit de changer de model de BLUE TOOTH ces ce que j'ai fait jai demander l'autre mais il mon dit qu'il était BACK ORDER donc pas de main libre, et il à fallus pour me faire rembourser que j'appel MASTER CARTE pour faire annuler cette commande car MOTOROLLA CANADA pour annuler une commande sa prend 90 JOURS avant de remettre le crédit en place, DONC MOTOROLLA CANADA SONT UNE CHRIST DE GAGNE DE CROSSEUR QUI AFFICHE DES FAUSSE PUBLICITER, IL DEVRAIT ÊTRE POURSUIVI EN COURS POUR ABUSER DES CLIENT COMME IL LE FONT.

bien à vous le PUBLIC

d'un client non SATISFAIT du motorolla v551 et non SATISFAIT de MOTOROLLA CANADA
3 Stars out of 5

This phone was a big mistake!

Reviewed on Thursday August 18, 2005 by , Los Angeles
I am so disappointed with the quality of this phone and with Cingular! I first got this phone at the beginning of April, 2005 and since then, I have gone throught 3 of these phones! Cingular is of no help. Everytime I called to find some kind of resolution, I was told that I could either get another phone, which is a complete downgrade from what I paid, or pay 150 dollars in early termination fees. I am extremely frustrated with the phone because every single call that I make either gets dropped in mid conversation or the quality is so bad I end up feeling like a commercial asking, "can you hear me now?" I seriously would not even recommend this phone to an enemy! Please think twice before buying this phone. By the way, I borrowed a friends 5 yr old Nokia and used my sim card just to test whether it was the phone or the provider and it works beautifully! Can you believe that?

4 Stars out of 5

this rules

Reviewed on Thursday August 11, 2005 by , sterling Heights
you guys are all wrong this phone rules I had it for 3 years it hasnt had a promblem yet.So maybe its just you that doesnt know how to work it.This is the best phone I had so far it hasnt had a promblem yet. you should get this phone!
3 Stars out of 5

No recording using MPEG4

Reviewed on Tuesday August 9, 2005 by , Ontario, Canada
Motorola V551 does not record videos using MPEG-4 codec.
It supports H.263 only.

1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday July 21, 2005 by , NY
Bought 3 of these with Cingular and one of them constantly feezes. For this reason only 1 star will do. Wish there was some info on this. Never had a freeze issue on a phone before. So it's 1 out of 3 which isn't a very good ratio. You decide. The sound quality is a little suspect as well. I personally find it surprising that there should be any issues at all with a cell phone now but there you are. We can send a person to Mars but they better not take just one of these. Course it's always a pleasure dealing with the folks down at Cingular, a small family owned business.
Oh well.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday July 13, 2005 by , Tennessee
I have now had 5 of the Motorola V551. I have had problems out of every last one and no one will do a thing about it. I can be talking on the phone and it will power off. The bad thing about it is that it will not come back on for at least a minute. The phone just constantly freezes up. I contacted Cingular and they constantly want to replace the phone with another V551. I hate this phone. I am stuck will three of them because I have three lines. Since I had to sign a contract I am having to buy a whole new phone at rgular price. The other day I had an incoming call and the phone was set on vibe/ring. The phone vibrated nonstop for about 30 secs even when I opened it and tried to answer it. Then it powered off as usual. Please don't purchase this phone it is a piece of junk.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday July 8, 2005 by , Baltimore, MD
I am on my second V551. I have been with Cingular since 1993 and have never had more problems with a phone. The v551 has garbled reception, terrrible reception and a lot of times, it doesn't ring at all.
I run a business and am losing money each day due to this "Piece Of Garbage" phone. Apparently, Motorola has a problem with the software. How does a company like Motorola, who has been in the communications business for a long time, produce such junk? One thing I find odd is that the Cingular Service people say that you ahve to turn the phone off every few days to help the reception. I've never turned off my phone. It's my business.
2 Stars out of 5

Awesome phone -- terribly unreliable

Reviewed on Monday July 4, 2005 by , Hamilton, ON
I must preface this review by admitting my bias -- it has been almost a month since I have been able to actually USE this phone.

That being said, I particularly liked the capabilities of this phone when it was working. I love the Motorola menu system (though I always make a point of switching from icons to list view), and the smart typing capabilities are great for text messaging.

The camera is far superior to those I've seen on other mid-range phones. The pictures don't look too great on the camera, but once sent to a computer they're pretty decent. I also love the video recording feature.

MP3 ringtones and all the other gadgets that come with it are also incredibly exciting. I've found that you can actually download your own MP3's onto the phone using the browser and then set them as the ringtone at a fraction of the cost of a downloadable tone from Much/Rogers.

Here comes the bad part though. As with any Motorola phone, the charger can be finnicky. The "Unable to Charge" message appears frequently (though not as frequently as I've experienced with my old 120T).

After having this phone for less than 6 weeks, it died. No warning signs, no nothing -- just went kaput. Motorola's service is sub-par at best. The first service centre to repair it managed to get the phone alive again but installed the wrong software. After having the software replaced, it has since died again. I'm now going on almost a month without having had use of the phone, as a result of Motorola's inadequate service capabilities, and incompetence at best.

My advice: pay a little extra and get a comparable phone from a different company. Motorola's phones may be affordable and really flashy/catchy/exciting, but nothing is worse the hassle they will put you through when (yes, when) they die.
4 Stars out of 5

Further more to my first review

Reviewed on Tuesday June 28, 2005 by , Canada EH!!!!
Well, don't I just feel "DUHHHHHHHHHH" LOL. The screensaver option does work but only when using the browser. I mistakenly thought it would go into screensaver anytime the phone was idle like a computer but nope, only when using the browser option. It's been over two weeks now and I still like the phone. Calls do tend to get dropped more often then when I was using a Nokia through Bell but I'm not sure if it's a carrier issue or phone issue. Battery has lasted up to four days so far. I found so many things available via ebay etc for this phone, (faceplates, chargers etc) and for very good prices that it's well worth hanging on to and customizing for fun. One thing I hope Motorola changes the next upgrade to this phone is moving the buttons somewhere where they are not so easy to bump and of course add a speaker phone option on the outside.
4 Stars out of 5

Why Hello yourself Moto

Reviewed on Wednesday June 22, 2005 by , Ontario
So far so good with the V551. It's quite a nice little package. I haven't had any issues with the battery so far but a few with small things I can't figure out. The screensaver option doesn't seem to work even though I downloaded an animated pic from the Rogers site to use as a screensaver. Instead of the screensaver coming on, the phone just goes blank into a sleep mode with no screensaver whatsoever. Also I can't figure out how to change the welcome Moto screen to something a little more to my liking. All in all though, I have found it to be a good phone. Fun to use and lot's of things availble like bluetooth, datacable, software, covers, chargers etc, available on Ebay for sale for this phone. Not sure if an extended warranty is worth the cost of the phone or not, haven't looked into what is covered by Rogers yet. Any suggestions gladly needed. Cheers.
1 Star out of 5

Don't buy!

Reviewed on Saturday June 4, 2005 by , Toronto, ON
This phone has known issues with dropping calls. Longer calls (over 4 or 5 mins) are frequently dropped even when you have perfect reception. Rogers says a software fix is coming from Motorola but neither Rogers or Motorola could give me an idea of when it will be out. I wish I hadn't bought this phone!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday June 3, 2005 by , northern Virginia
I'm very frustrated with this phone. It drops calls every 5 mins. into conversation. I'm tired of having to redial the person I'm trying to talk to sometimes as many as 5 times in a row and finally give up out of frustration. I've read many complaints about this model's defect and feel Motorola has an obligation to find a fix for this.
4 Stars out of 5

More on the multiple numbers for a single contact

Reviewed on Wednesday June 1, 2005 by , Toronto
Just to reinforce what someone said previously, it is possible to assign multiple numbers to a single contact, and have only the single instance of the contact displayed vs. multiple instances. Here is how:

1. Create new entry in phonebook...Enter name and first number. Assign "type" (home, work, mobile, etc) to first number, store to phone,scroll down until you see "more" new number...enter second number and follow the same process. Ditto for any more numbers.

2. While in the phonebook main screen, hit the menu key. This brings out "phonebook menu"...scroll up 2 until you highlight "setup" Scroll down 2 until you highlight "view", edit/add, select "primary contacts"

3. Go back to the main phone book screen. Highlight the name of the contact, and then "view"...This brings up some contact info. Notice that the option for a menu is available, so hit the menu key. Scroll down until you highlight "set primary" This brings up a list of all the numbers associated with the contact. Choose the one you want to first appear whenever you look up the contact in the phonebook.

4. The contact name with the primary number will now appear as a single entry in the phonebook. To look at the other numbers associated with the contact, tap the > key on the navigation centre and you will see the next number. Keep hitting the > key to scroll through the numbers.

Convoluted but I hope it helps.

Love this phone but my beef is that to re-assign speed dial numbers means that whichever contact was using the slot gets deleted! It would have been much better to have an option to push the replaced contact to the next available speed dial slot.
3 Stars out of 5

Phone Book

Reviewed on Sunday May 29, 2005 by , Pennsylvania, USA
I wanted to add a correction to the review below which said there was no way to add multiple phone numbers for a single listing. There is. After you create the main listing, you scroll down and select "more." Then you add more phone numbers or email addresses. The open the phonebook, hit the menu key, select "setup," and select "view by list." Then when you open the phonebook and go to a listing, hitting the right arrow key scrolls through the numbers and email addresses you have under that entry. For instance, you can hit the right arrow until the mobile phone icon shows, hit dial and it will call that number rather than the main one.
4 Stars out of 5

Added comments on pretty decent phone.

Reviewed on Monday May 23, 2005 by , Fraser Valley
Thought I would add a few comments on what I think is a pretty decent phone.

Some added CONS/ persoanl issues:
- After taking a picture, it does not automatically store the photo. One has to either 'DISCARD' or 'STORE' and if you decide to store that photo it asks where. (Store on phone, or store online.) I rather it just store all photos (in the phone) between shots. If you take a photos and close the phone, that photo is gone. Snapping a few photos in succesion can take some time due to having to store each photo.

- Viewing photos stored on the phone are not displayed fullscreen.

- Contacts (name and tel. #, etc.) can be sorted into categories and set to display only that category. But each time the phone is powered off to on, the default setting shows all contacts, rather than returning to previous category setting that one set previously, which in turn, affects ringtone ID's.

- Side buttons are place where one would naturally hold the phone.

As for battery life, I've had no problems.

One of my biggest dislikes is that there is no ability to store multiple tel. # per name.
4 Stars out of 5

Pretty good phone!

Reviewed on Thursday May 12, 2005 by , Montreal, Quebec
Motorola has been known to make either really great phones or exceptionnaly bad ones. I'm pleased to say that the V551 is the former.

Pros : The screen is mighty impressive! Crisp and clear, with great colours, its also super sharp when you use the camera. The build quality is exceptionnal for a clamshell phone, the phone feels sturdy in your hand, and the addition of rubber-like plastic on the sides makes sure that it says there. The speakerphone has been significantly upgraded since the V300, it can now be use even in a car. Lastly, this phone has the most features of all the models offered at Rogers Wireless (even more than the V3). EDGE, Bluetooth, video, name it, it has it!

Cons : First, the video mode is near to useless. 15 seconds videos, at 7 frames per second, that's lame... The battery life on this phone is pretty disappointing, it lasts only two days with normal use.

If you're looking for a great phone, with a lot of features, this is the one to get. Forget the V3 (even tough its pretty), and get yourself a V551! That's it, until we receive the new V635... :-)
5 Stars out of 5

v551 5 stars

Reviewed on Wednesday May 11, 2005 by , Halifax
I upgraded to this phone about one month ago, I upgraded from the v220. SO far I have never had a problem the battery last a long time. I have yet to drop a call and the v 220 I droped at least 2 calls a week ( no biggy as most cell phones drop calls ) The sound quailty is great when talking on it. Also it sounds great with real tunes. All around great phone and would recommend it to every one.
3 Stars out of 5

Response to: My phone is a lemon and dealer will not replace

Reviewed on Sunday May 8, 2005 by , Ontario
Sounds the same as my Rogers at 1-800-226-8352 and speak with technical support, they have a fix in the works for the dropped calls and will be able to help you.
3 Stars out of 5

Nice phone except for one BIG thing

Reviewed on Sunday May 8, 2005 by , Ontario
This is an excellent phone which really cool features except for a problem with dropped calls...

When I got the phone in November of 2004 it was dropping calls over 1 to 5 minutes long, no matter where I was located. Also, I had the words "insert SIM" come up on my screen (when my SIM card was already in there).

After sending it out for repairs, it stopped saying "insert SIM card" but still kept dropping calls. After talking with the retail store I bought it from AND Rogers Customer Service, no one could help me with this problem...until 2 weeks ago. Apparently after 6 months of having dropped calls, Rogers had received numerous complaints and discovered that the Motorola Software is not working properly and needs to be upgraded. So when Motorola eventually comes up with a fix they told me I need to send my phone out for servicing again……but no one knows when that will be… :(

I would give this phone 5 stars upon fixing this problem...
1 Star out of 5

My phone is a lemon and dealer will not replace

Reviewed on Thursday May 5, 2005 by , Western Canada
I can not recommend this phone to anyone. I would also warn about service since my problem is still not resolved 4 months later.
This phone has not functioned properly since I have had it. The battery on standby only lasted on average 2 days with the maximum 3 (no calls made during this period)
The phone also drops calls approximately 70% of the time although it is not consistent. When it does drop calls, it is usually at the 3 min 30 sec mark - I have made calls when it has done this 5 times in a row. Frustrating to have to call 5 times to get through a conversation. The signal strenght is not causing dropped calls since 5 bars are displayed and a Nokia from the same location never drops a call.
It has been in to for repair and still continues to drop calls although battery life is now up to 5 days on standby.
Other functions such as text messaging, etc work properly and are generally acceptable but without the core function working (ie being able to place a call to completion) my phone has to be rated at the bottom of the scale.
The Cellcom dealer so far will only offer to send it back for service and will not replace it with a functioning phone. I am extremely unhappy with the service.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday April 26, 2005 by , Dartmouth Nova Scotia
This is a great phone with all the the bells and whistles. Once again Motorolla has produced a great product. I have tested this phone vs other products and I have to say I am very pleased. Much the same as the V300 I upgraded from this phone has incredible signal strenght. ( compared to its competition and believe me I have tried most of them) The one thing that annoys me however is the charger connection. As with other motorolla phones sometimes you have to wiggle the connector to insure it is charging. Other than that I would have to say this phone is just shy of perfect.
5 Stars out of 5

Any problems?

Reviewed on Friday April 1, 2005 by , Halifax, Nova Scotia
I see many reviews stating problems with the layout of the menu, and placment of the side keys. Do you people know that you can fully customize your menus and keys? It's easy to find out how in the manual that everyone complains about. As for the quality of the phone itself. I love it, it is one of the best phones I've used. The signal is great, the call quality is fantastic, even in crowded areas like a subway or a bar you can hear the other person fine, and they don't hear that much background noise, great for telling your girlfriend your at home when your really at the bar with the guys ;) I don't like how it displays several different entries for one contact, ie home/work/cell, and it's even worse if you have contacts saved on your phone and the SIM :( I hear you can get around this but I haven't played with it yet since all you have to do is hit the first letter of the contacts name and it jumps right to it. I wish you could use the Bluetooth headset and voice dial while the phone is closed :/ Other then that this phone has everything you need, the camera isn't to bad, the video isn't great if the object is moving, the voice memo is good, as is the voice dial ... Now if it only had a keypad like the Nokia 6820 to make my many text messages go faster :)
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday March 14, 2005 by , nova scotia
in responce to "good phone BUT..., November 17, 2004
Reviewer: colin, calgary"

the problem has been fixed..... and then some.

with the nokia 3220.. when you send a MMS to any other cell you need to go through a long drug out process to open it.....

With the V551 it is already ready for viewing!!
** when the other phone is a pic' ready phone**

this is something I wish I knew before I bought my 3220...

live and learn

authorized rogers dealer
4 Stars out of 5

Multiple Numbers Supported

Reviewed on Sunday February 27, 2005 by , Maine
Several reviewers have missed the fact that this phone, at least the one from Cingular, does offer multiple phone numbers per person.

After you have entered one just continue to scroll down to the bottom and what for the "MORE" prompt. It will then allow you to enter another number. You can do this repeatedly.

Can set address book to display on separate lines or hierachical when you use the right cursor key.
4 Stars out of 5

Motorola V551 - Very nice but some problems!

Reviewed on Monday January 3, 2005 by , Midwest USA
If it were not for the poorly written, nearly useless manual, and a few issues, I'd give this phone 5 stars. That being said, so far it's a very good phone, packed with many features! Prior to purchasing the V551, I'd owned a sturdy Kyocera (2135) and wanted something similairily solid, and not "disposable" as many new wireless phones are.

Upon searching for a new phone, I was dismayed at the tiny, delicate, hard-to-dial/use phones on the market!!!! I own a real digital camera and was not interested in one on a phone, but the durability, easy-to-dial layout and sound quality of the V551 sold me!

Unlike some of the "obviously" fragile, ultra small, light wieghts now so popular, the V551 is well made, with a durability factor standard for Motorola. The user interface is NOT very "user" friendly compared to a Nokia or Kyocera. But for the core phone/voice mail features I'm finding my way. No thanks to the awful, incomplete manual!

The sound quality is superb over other "tinny" sounding minature phones I tested. The ring tones that come with the phone are good, though more business sounding rings are preferred for the adult business crowd : ) The vibrate mode is good. The blue texture is very nice -- I slapped a case on it anyway, to preserve the finish and have a saftey strap that I like.

Other reviewers have suggested there are problems with the text messaging interface, but I don't do text messaging so I don't know. The internet capability is a good feature, I'll investigate later. Unfortunately, the net access button is easy to accidentally hit due to it's location.

I have fairly large fingers and did not want the hassle of hard-to-dial "dainty" keypads. This is one of the wider flip-phone models -- it's fairly easy to dial, even with gloves on. Dialing with gloves on? Yes! One does find the need to dial with gloves on in colder regions!! : )

As a flip-style phone, I like the security of knowing it's off when I close it. The weight and bulk some complain about is what attracted me to the phone. It feels substantial in my hand and when opened it feels phone-like and cradles my face well.

The one phone number per name is unfortunate -- a hiearchical phone book allowing multi-numbers under one name is perferred. I am working on customizing the short-cut features to allow smoother functioning for frequently used items. The speaker phone is excellent and I will try out the blue-tooth capabilities soon.

For my basic phone needs I am very satified with the Motorola V551. And it's nice to know I have more "advanced" features/options for future use as I need them.
4 Stars out of 5

phone book entries

Reviewed on Monday December 27, 2004 by , USA
This phone is wonderful.. You can add more than one phone number per person when storing to phone. But what is up with the buttons on the side. I am always hitting the left side one. O well, I love this phone and i have only had it for about a week.
5 Stars out of 5

Why . . .

Reviewed on Tuesday December 21, 2004 by , Vancouver
. . . can't put in multiple numbers for a single entry? Most people have more then one phone number, ie - work, home, cell, fax. with the V551 you have to put each number as a seperate entry.

. . . did they put buttons on the side of the phone where you hold it? I am constantly hitting them or they're being hit when the phone is in my pocket.

. . . not put a few more games on the phone? The one bejeweled demo isn't enough (even though I don't play phone games all that much anyways, but I am sure there are others who do).

. . . is the manual so useless? I don't think it actually has instructions on how to enter a persons name into the address book.

Maybe I am just too used to my old phone. I am sure in a couple of more weeks I'll be wondering how I ever got on with my old phone. The V551 is a very good phone, with a few quirks that I am sure will disappear once I figure out how to use all the features and functions properly. The reception is great, even on the top of Whistler mountain. The camera is not as bad as I was expecting. The pics that I took looked pretty decent when considering that this is not really a camera.
3 Stars out of 5

good phone BUT...

Reviewed on Wednesday November 17, 2004 by , calgary
Good phone but, dont buy just yet, the phone cannot send any multimedia, at least with rogers anyways.
rogers claims they are working with motorola on this issue.