Samsung N400

Samsung N400 Front View

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August 2002


  • A gaming dynamo
  • Directional 'joystick-style' key
  • Vibrant colour display
  • Downloadable ringtones


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4 Stars out of 5

Not bad at all......

Reviewed on Tuesday June 15, 2004 by , Vancouver, BC
I have been using Samsung SPH-N400 for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is it's not bad at all. I have read reviews about the phone freezing and it's never happened to me. Reception on the phone is superb but sound quality is a bit on the high with less bass. The color screen is fun to look at, most especially the screensavers that came with the phone. Thank goodness I don't have to look at the digital clock all the time. Features work just as great as most high end phones. There are lots of normal ringers to choose from and I like the idea of the ringer volume on the side of the phone. Alarm doesn't go off automatically when the phone is powered down so if you use your phone as an alarm, make sure it's on. World time is also available and as a frequent traveller, this applies to me. The phone is not a text-friendly gadget. I think it's just a matter of getting used to it. If you used to have Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone, you might find it difficult to text message with any Samsung phones. Battery is a weak, however, there is an extended battery available for this phone. This phone is equipped with speakerphone and it's quite loud and clear. The design is a bit trekky but overall, I give this phone a thumbs up.