Samsung Omnia Reviews

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The Samsung Omnia has an average user review score of 1 Star out of 5 based on 1 review.

1 Star out of 5

TEXTING capabilities SUCK! Don't waste your money!

Reviewed on Wednesday September 14, 2011 by , London, Ontario
So I got this phone in November of 2009 and itz been nothing but problems with my texting, which is what I do more than anything. It is also a known problem with this phone. What happens is if someone sends you a long text message that goes into 2 messages, 2of2 will come through and 1of2 never will. I've spoken with Telus and they've informed me that they have contacted Samsung and they refuse to send out an update for this phone to make it work because they don't sell them anymore.
Save your money.
This is total piece of crap phone.