Sony Ericsson T206

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September 2002


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Toast in Less Than a Year!

Reviewed on Saturday March 6, 2004 by , Calgary, AB
I bought this phone in March 2003 and this week I received disappointing news... it's toast! I noticed that the charger jack was loose and as a result, charging became intermittent. Then a couple weeks ago my phone stopped ringing and all of my incoming calls started going to voicemail. I took it in for service and was told that there was liquid damage to the phone. I was baffled because this phone has never been dropped in water or snow, and has never been spilled on. The tech showed me corrosion that appears to have started in the earpiece area. The prognosis is that the phone's performance will continue to degrade and I cannot send it for repair under warranty. In fact, it cannot be repaired. This is rather frustrating because I still have 2 years left on my Telus contract and need to buy a full price phone now.