ZTE Prelude Reviews

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The ZTE Prelude has an average user review score of 0 Star out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Useless Phone Ever

Reviewed on Saturday October 31, 2015 by , Watertown, MA
I have had 3 of these phones. I was suppose to get upgrade and they kept sending the same phone. It drops calls continuously; it goes into airplane mode continuously; most of the time it wouldn't let me text and it would always come up with "network services not available" or "no contacts on this phone". It's a piece of crap and useless.
0 Stars out of 5

worst phone

Reviewed on Thursday September 3, 2015 by , kingsville texas
Bought this phone cause was in bind. Worst mistake I ever made. Well 2nd worst. Don't buy it is a piece of crap