Rogers Portable Internet Modem Reviews

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The Rogers Portable Internet Modem has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Rogers Portable Internet - Gone!

Reviewed on Friday March 2, 2012 by , toronto
Since 2008 I have used the Rogers portable modem and found the internet connection slow but quite reliable. Although the speed was too slow for streaming, reading emails or light-graphics web surfing never had problems. I found a good spot near the windows and always had at least four (out of five) lights on the signal meter. I went with the 1.5 mbps data plan at first but the download speed was never higher than 50KB/sec. So I changed to the 0.5mbps plan. Speed was slow but the price was low. And I used it day and night. Unfortunately, Rogers said they would shut it down March 1, 2012 and offered us a free Rocket hub on a contract. I will miss this hard working, cheap and reliable slow poke.
4 stars for reliability!
3 Stars out of 5

Much better than dial up

Reviewed on Friday June 4, 2010 by , Caledon
It's a great thing for those who live out in the country. However, there are some drawbacks:
1. You have to find the area in your house where the signal is the strongest (facing the direction of the tower). This could lead to having wires running across your floor.
2. It is fairly reliable (except on windy days) It's almost unusable during this time. One must move the modem around to find a place to get a better signal.

Other than that, if you are sick of the slow dial up speeds, then consider changing to Rogers Portable Internet. It won't give you amazing speed, but it's A LOT better than dial up!
4 Stars out of 5

Great Product

Reviewed on Wednesday January 7, 2009 by , Red Deer
I have to say that this Rogers Portable Internet Modem is a Great product. The download speeds are decent and it is sort of portable.

The one thing that lacks is the Range on the device or off the network. Currently Rogers has this only up and running in select Areas. I have uploaded and Downloaded Terabytes of information thru this device without much hassle.

I would give it a 5 star rating if it worked everywhere :O
3 Stars out of 5

wireless internet problems

Reviewed on Thursday November 20, 2008 by , chattam-kent
i m the owner of a japanese cell phone ,about a 4 days ago i paid for my internet settings and i m unable to acess its settings .i would like to have the problem rectified
5 Stars out of 5

Rogers Portable Internet Service

Reviewed on Saturday December 29, 2007 by , bc
In a nutshell, I like it.

I only have the basic $29 service, and it works for me. The only problem with the slow version is you tube videos will stall a bit, but for general business use, it is great.

The price per month is about the same as a any cheap service, but you do get a portable service! The modem itself will also run off 12 volts from your car too (watch the polarity of any adapter so you don't fry it), so you can use it in your car or truck with a laptop as long as you are stationary.

Service is spotty still (main cities and centers) so check the service maps.

I mainly use it at home, and it works fine. During bad weather the radio signal varies a little, and during really bad snow the signal might drop altogether for a day (happened twice), but Rogers got things fixed quickly.

Rogers has been good to deal with, so no complaints at all.

I would recommend this service if you need to move your computer around the house, travel alot, or are a truck driver or salesman. Just check the service map across Canada to be sure you will have service.

The modem is light and easy to pack.

Good luck!
3 Stars out of 5

portable internet modem

Reviewed on Sunday September 23, 2007 by , regina, sk , canada
dont bother with this product if you live in sasktel area as according to rogers sasktel will not let rogers use this equipment in there area although they will allow rogers cellphones and sasktel dont have a unit at the same cost a bit of line fixing going on ?????