ZTE MF275R Reviews

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The ZTE MF275R has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Good but ...

Reviewed on Sunday February 5, 2017 by , Rural Alberta
Router was supplied by TELUS with their "rural" wireless 250 plan.

I live in a low signal fringe location. Nearest tower is over 10 miles away and our cell phones get 0 or 1 bars in the house.

The MF275 gets 2 to 4 bars and consistantly provides 25 to 50 Mbits per sec down and 5 to 8 up with 35 ms latency using Ookla.

Wifi is dual band supports 10 clients on each.

Tested port forwarding and DMZ. Both work.


pros: Terrific sensitivity, bandwidth, and latency. Wifi is dual band and has very good coverage. Will run on internal battery ... you can take it camping!

cons: Very basic functionality. No bridge mode, dedicated ip assignment by mac, or other nicities that modern routers provide. Statistics are poor. Data usage is by month and start date cannot be altered. No usage by mac.

5 stars if your need is simply to get high quality internet connectivity in a fringe location or where there is no option of a wired connection.

4 stars if you need more sophisticated wifi options as you will have to configure another router behind it. Easy to do but would be so nice if the ZTE could be configured to provide the public ip to the wan side of the second router. For most people this is a non-issue. Techies may be frustrated.

I would research other routers if I was not getting it as part of a service package. Then again, the WAN side performance is remarkable.
1 Star out of 5

ZTE mf275r

Reviewed on Saturday October 15, 2016 by , St. John's n!l canada
In my opinion the mf275r is fine for connecting a device for outgoing signals to the web via LTE or whatever, but the advertised feature of the unit to allow incoming signals to access equipment connected via Ethernet to the router by configuring port forwarding I found the setup to be completely frustrating and will not work. Bell tech support covered the connection to the LTE service only. ZTE tech support was inadequate and no help with more than the basic setup, port forwarding was well above their level of assistance. I was able to return the device without any problem fortunately. Make sure you can return the mf275r if there are any problems with your device.
1 Star out of 5

Doesn't work with HP

Reviewed on Friday October 7, 2016 by , canada
There is a connectivity problem / issue between ZTE MF275R Turbo Hub and certain HP products, including certain printers and laptops. The support behind ZTE MF275R Turbo Hub claims it is all an HP problem. HP doesn't address it. The fix: be sure you can take it back if you can't connect, cause you won't get a fix for it. Or buy something other than either ZTE MF275R Turbo Hub or the HP product.