Slate 8" Tablet

Also known as the Sprint Slate 8, Quanta AQT80, HP Slate 8


US: Sprint


September 2015


  • 5 MP camera
  • 8.0 IPS HD display
  • Quad-core processor
  • Android 5.1 (Lollipop)


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Don't waste your money

Reviewed on Saturday March 18, 2017 by , Arkansas
I am not with Sprint I have Verizon. My dad bought this tablet for his grandson for his birthday and after about 5 days it shuts off and doesn't come back on and wouldn't even charge. I took it back and they gave me another one. I have had this one for about a week and it just goes crazy, it's constantly rebooting itself over and over and over again. This tablet is worthless not even two weeks I've had two tablets and both of them were trash
0 Stars out of 5

Basically Worthless

Reviewed on Friday March 17, 2017 by , California
Sprint should pay me for using this piece of junk. Slow, cuts out while typing, no HDMI output. Almost worthless by today's standard
4 Stars out of 5

Nice little tablet

Reviewed on Thursday March 16, 2017 by , Aurora CO
I have read, and honestly don't understand, all the negative reviews of this tablet. Considering it's a giveaway common sense dictated that I wasn't getting a top of the line tablet. That said, I have had none of the problems people are constantly complaining about. Mine has worked perfectly since I got it, both at home and on the road, with absolutely no problem.

For me this is a perfectly fine tablet that allows me to play games, surf the net and download, edit and send business documents.

Overall a 4/5 rating.
1 Star out of 5

poor excuse for a tablet

Reviewed on Saturday February 18, 2017 by , palm springs, ca
This is a very sluggish tablet with poor connectivity despite having a fast network. Even when I place it within a foot of my router I still can't get a WIFI connection. I have to repeatedly enter my email and password to get my apps to work, and even when I do I still can't get connected. Apps open very sluggishly.
The worse part is that I'm paying $10 a month to Sprint for this piece of junk.