Slate 8" Tablet

Also known as the Sprint Slate 8, Quanta AQT80, HP Slate 8


US: Sprint


September 2015


  • 5 MP camera
  • 8.0 IPS HD display
  • Quad-core processor
  • Android 5.1 (Lollipop)


Latest Reviews

0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday January 3, 2017 by , Washington
I was sent the Slate 8 as a free gift by Sprint. This tablet has been nothing but trouble!!! In trying to set it up I encountered 1 problem after another. It wouldn't except my wi-fi, it would continuely ask the same questions in a loop about setting up my email account . It would just drop apps, tell me the SIM card was either bad or it didn't have one. I have had to do factory resets four times and it's currently not working. Glad I did have to buy it.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday January 3, 2017 by , Arizona
Very nice lighting for reading. For E Books it is great. For anything to look up on Google or Yahoo I have never seen anything so slow. It is really not good for much but EBooks.
1 Star out of 5

way below standard tablet

Reviewed on Wednesday December 21, 2016 by , Fresno Texas
This tablet is a very slow tablet which shuts off from time to time. I don't like the tablet. The only catch is that I am stuck with it for 2 years. Next time I will not fall into such a trap. I will not advice anybody to even get it for free.
0 Stars out of 5

This tablet is TERRIBLE!!!

Reviewed on Tuesday December 13, 2016 by , Houston
I hate, hate, hate this tablet! It never works properly and the touch sensitivity is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! I would have never bought this tablet if I would have known how horrible it was!! The battery says 100% but shuts off while watching a movie! The swipe response time is soooo super slow!!! Never again!!