TELUS Data Plans for Tablets - New Brunswick

Tablet Plans

Data Included Use data from Your Choice plan on your tablet¹
Bonus Get 1 GB of shareable bonus data on a $10 per month Tablet Share plan
$5.00 per month with TELUS Easy Payment
$10.00 per month without TELUS Easy Payment
per month

Flex Data Plan for Tablets

Data Included Base: up to 1 GB
Tier 1: up to 2 GB
Tier 2: up to 3 GB
Tier 3: up to 4 GB
Tier 4: up to 5 GB
Base: $20.00
Tier 1: $35.00
Tier 2: $50.00
Tier 3: $65.00
Tier 4: $80.00
per month

The above plans are available in New Brunswick from TELUS.

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