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Free for basic ad supported version | $3.99 per month for Rdio Select | $9.99 per month for unlimited╣

Rdio is an unlimited, on-demand, social music service giving you over 18 million songs for online and offline listening. Plus follow friends to discover new music.
  • Stream unlimited music.
  • Sync music directly to your smartphone for off-line play.
  • Enjoy Rdio seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, computers and the web.
  • Follow friends, people with similar taste in music, even artists, labels and magazines to hear what they're listening to.
  • Share the songs and artists you enjoy with others.
  • Just log in to your Rdio account on any device and all your music will be there.
Available for: Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows
╣ Data charges apply. Rdio can be a data-intensive service.
To see what's included in Rdio Select click here.


Free for basic ad supported version | $3.99/month for Slacker Radio Plus | $9.99/month for Slacker Premium Radio

Slacker is a streaming radio service that lets you enjoy millions of licensed songs using a feature packed application.
  • Free personalized streaming radio
  • Hundreds of handcrafted stations that adapt to your tastes
  • Free on your smartphone, tablet, web browser or car
  • Customizable news, sports, talk and weather from ABC, ESPN, American Public Media and The Weather Channel
  • Subscribe for ad-free, off-line and on-demand access to millions of songs
Available for: Apple, Android, BlackBerry
Data charges apply. Frequent use of Slacker Radio can use a lot of data. A 4-minute song will require approximately 1.2MB to 2.8MB of data to listen to or cache, however actual data usage can vary. We recommend caching songs. Cache songs are downloaded to your device and do not use additional data when listened to.

The above Add-ons are available in Quebec from TELUS.

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