Apple iPhone 4 Launch features Long Lines and Antenna Problems

June 25, 2010
The Apple iPhone 4 became officially available in the US yesterday where long lines and reported antenna problems made headlines.

Antenna Problems

Many users are reporting Antenna problems with the new iPhone 4 when they hold it firmly around the outside where the new antenna resides. Macrumours has a great video showing how holding the left hand corner of the iPhone 4 will slowly drop the signal that can be seen below.

Steve Jobs has actually emailed Engadget regarding the problem stating:

Just avoid holding it that way.

Doesn't seem like it'll be a big issue but certainly something to keep our eye on.

Long Lines

Twitter was abuzz yesterday with reports of people waiting 4 - 7 hours in line to get their hands on their pre-ordered Apple iPhone 4. Cnet has posted a great video showing the line-up outside the Apple Store in Palo Alto California that we've embedded below.

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