What to expect at tomorrow's Apple iPhone event

September 9, 2013 by

With Apple expected to make several big announcements at tomorrow's Cupertino event we take a look at to expect from the iPhone, iPad & iOS.

iPhone 5S

The latest flagship iPhone will definitely be announced and is expected to come in at least one additional colour.  Rumours have Apple introducing a gold with white accents along with the possibility of a gun metal grey iPhone 5S to go with the existing Black & White iPhones.  The Apple iPhone 5S should have a faster processor, better battery, slightly better camera and a possible finger print scanner.  We also think they will scrap the 16GB base model to go with 32GB & 64GB models.

iPhone 5S in Black, Gold & White

iPhone 5C

We expect a low cost iPhone 5C to be announced in five different colours with a plastic case.  It will probably have the same guts as the existing iPhone 5 with LTE and a 4" display.

iPhone 5C colours

Discontinuing the iPhone 4, 4S & 5

We've heard rumblings that Apple will be discontinuing their existing iPhone line of the 4, 4S & 5 replacing it with the 5S & 5C.  

iOS 7

Apple gave a first glimpse of iOS 7 at WWDC in June and should provide an official release date. 
Apple iOS 7 Collage of Features

New iPad & iPad Mini

Apple hasn't updated the iPad or iPad mini in over a year so expect a new iPad & iPad mini to be announced.  We hope the iPad mini will feature a retina display.

Discontinuing the iPad 2

We think they'll finally discontinue the iPad 2.

iTV or iWatch

We don't think they'll be announcing a new TV or watch product.  This could be a October/November reveal.

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