Canadian vs US iPhone 5S, 5C & 4S Pricing

September 11, 2013 by

Here we take a look at whether it's any cheaper to buy an iPhone in Canada vs the US.

Canadian conversion rates are based today's Bank of Canada exchange rate.

iPhone 5S

  • 16GB: C$719 vs US$649 (C$670.87) - Difference of -C$48.13
  • 32GB: C$819 vs US$749 (C$774.24) - Difference of -C$44.76
  • 64GB: C$919 vs US$849 (C$877.61) - Difference of -C$41.39
Available in Silver, Gold & Space Grey.

iPhone 5C

  • 16GB: C$599 vs US$549 (C$567.50) - Difference of -C$31.50
  • 32GB: C$719 vs US$649 (C$670.87) - Difference of -C$48.13
Available in Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink & White.

iPhone 4S

  • 8GB: C$450 vs US$450 (C$465.17) - Difference of +C$41.39
Available in White & Black.

So, in the end, on the retail price the most you will save is about $50. And a trip across the border.

Note: Does not include applicable Canadian taxes or potential US customs.
Bank of Canada US to Canada exchange rate: On 11 September 2013, 1.00 U.S. dollar(s) = 1.03 Canadian Dollar(s), at an exchange rate of 1.0337 (using nominal rate).

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