Microsoft to Release Multi-Platform Smartwatch

May 30, 2014 by

Windows-Smartwatch1 - Source: Mashable

Forbes reported yesterday (May 29) that Microsoft is planning to release a new smartwatch that tracks heart rate and connects with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Don't be confused by the above photo: It's just a Mashable photo mockup. They simply put a Windows logo on a Samsung Gear Fit watch.

Forbes'  Parmy Olson called the news "surprising," considering the wearables conversation has been largely dominated by Samsung and Apple. I also find it surprising, since Windows Phone has such a small slice (3.5% of global shipments, according to IDC) of the smartphone market. Shouldn't the company focus on getting phones right before moving on to wearables?

I suppose that's why Microsoft is extending this watch to iOS and Android. Its first priority is getting a foot in the door in the wearables game. Windows Phones, it hopes, will catch on on their own.

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