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Bell Plans & Add-ons: New Brunswick

Bell Mobility is one of the largest carriers in New Brunswick boasting one of the largest and fastest 4G networks in the province. Offering prepaid and postpaid plans, the latest smartphones, and plenty of add-ons, Bell has a little bit of something for everyone.

Bell Prepaid Plans in New Brunswick

Prepaid plans in New Brunswick are paid at the beginning of each month and expire every 30 days. These plans are a great option as they are easy to sign up for and they don’t require credit checks or long-term contracts. To continue using your prepaid plan, you’ll simply need to renew it every month. Bell prepaid plans come in two varieties: Voice Plans and Voice and Data Plans.

Voice Plans

Voice Plans, which are generally the least expensive prepaid plans offered by Bell, are simple talk and text plans. Depending on which New Brunswick plan you choose, you’ll receive anywhere from pay-per-use rates to 500 minutes of talk. Texting also begins at pay-per-use rates, although most Voice Plans include unlimited messages. While cheaper options only allow you to make local calls, more expensive plans allow you to make nationwide calls. Voice Plans are a nice choice for those who only need their phones to make the occasional call or send the odd text, such as children and seniors.

Voice and Data Plans

Voice and Data plans include a bit of everything–talk, text, and data. Text messaging is always unlimited. While talk begins at 250 local minutes, the majority of Voice and Data Plans include unlimited Canada-wide talk. Data ranges from 250MB to 2.5GB. The more data is included, the more expensive the plan is. While Voice and Data prepaid plans are an excellent option for people with poor or no credit history, they may not suffice for heavy data-users, such as those who frequently stream video and music or browse social media.

Most Popular Prepaid Plans in New Brunswick

Bell Prepaid Add-ons in New Brunswick

To make long-distance calls or get more data on your prepaid plan, you’ll need to purchase a Bell prepaid add-on. These prepaid add-ons auto-renew after 30 days, but don’t worry—you can cancel them at any time. Bell advertises these add-ons as features you can purchase to customize your prepaid plan. Long-distance add-ons are cheap enough that some customers may find they want to keep renewing their add-on for the duration of their Bell prepaid plan. Conversely, data add-ons are pretty expensive, and if you find that you’re regularly using all of your data before the end of your billing cycle and having to purchase an add-on, you may want to consider switching plans instead.

Data Add-Ons
Long Distance Add-Ons
Long-Distance MinutesPrice
Unlimited Canadian Long-Distance Minutes$10/month
Unlimited US Long-Distance Minutes$20/month

Bell Postpaid Plans in New Brunswick

Bell postpaid plans offer more variations in terms of talk, text, data, and add-ons than Bell’s prepaid plans, but they are also more expensive. Because you pay for your postpaid plan at the end of each month, Bell requires a credit check in order to sign up for one. Bell sells three types of postpaid plans for customers in New Brunswick:

  • Basic
  • Shareable
  • Unlimited

Bell Basic Phone Plans

If you don’t use a lot of talk, text, or data but still want a postpaid plan, a Basic Plan might be your best bet. Most Basic Plans include a limited amount of talk and text, and very little to no data. If you’re an avid talker and texter but don’t use any data, there is also a Basic Plan that has unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging. To find out more about Bell Mobility’s Basic Plans in New Brunswick, check out some of the most popular ones below.

Bell Shareable Plans

Bell Shareable Plans allow you to add multiple lines and devices to your account. This means that you can share data between people and devices. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a car, or a watch, you’ll have anywhere from 5GB to 50GB of shareable data depending on your plan. It’s perfect for families that like to keep in touch and are always on the go. Keep in mind that after you exceed your data limit, however, you’ll have to pay extra for the additional data you use.

Bell Unlimited Plans

Bell Unlimited Plans in New Brunswick include unlimited talk and text, and anywhere from 10GB to 50GB of LTE data. While you won’t be charged any overage fees for exceeding your data, your download speeds will be significantly slower until your next billing cycle.

The cost of your plan varies depending on two factors–how much data is included in your plan, and how much you choose to pay for your phone upfront. Bell breaks their plans down into tiers, so that you can choose the payment option that is most convenient for you. The lower the tier, the less you’ll owe upfront and the more you’ll pay monthly. The higher the tier, the more money you’ll pay for your phone upfront, but the less you’ll owe monthly.

Bringing your own device is the least expensive option, as you’ll only be paying for the plan. Bell BYOD plans in New Brunswick are a great way to keep your costs down while still reaping the benefits of a top carrier backed by a powerful network.

Most Popular Postpaid Plans in New Brunswick

Bell Postpaid Add-Ons in New Brunswick

Bell has a wide selection of postpaid add-ons available in New Brunswick. Whether you’re looking to add call features and applications, international text messaging, talk time and long distance, extra data, or roaming, Bell has a variety of add-ons that will suit your needs. As with the Bell prepaid add-ons, buying a postpaid add-on each month could become rather costly, and if you are regularly purchasing an add-on, you may want to look for a plan that better suits your needs.

500 Canada to U.S. + International Text$10/month
Unlimited Canada to U.S. + International Text$15/month
Roam Better with Home Data$8-$12/day
Unlimited Canada to U.S. minutes$25/month
1,000 International Minutes$30/month

Bell Postpaid Phone Plans in New Brunswick vs. Rogers and TELUS

Bell, along with Rogers and TELUS, are the major cell phone providers in Canada. Also known as the Big Three, these carriers compete with one another to pull in the most clients. Keep reading to see how Bell stacks up against its major competitors.

Basic Plans Compared

Bell offers a nice selection of Basic Plans, ranging from simple talk and text to unlimited. Their unlimited talk and text plans are cheaper than Rogers’, but not quite as cheap as those offered by TELUS, putting them right in the middle. Bell and Rogers have similar basic plan options, while TELUS’ selection is much smaller. For more information on Basic Plans, take a look at the chart below:

Basic Plans by Carrier
CarrierPlan VarietyFeaturesPrice Range
Bell3 Plans50-Unlimited minutes
50-Unlimited texts
up to 100MB
Rogers5 Plans50-Unlimited minutes
50-Unlimited texts
up to 100MB
TELUS1 PlanUnlimited nationwide talk and text.$$

Shareable Plans Compared

Bell’s Shareable Plans offer some of the cheapest prices in the market, making them a stellar choice for families on a budget. Of the Big Three, Bell also provides the most data variety, as families have the option of sharing anywhere from 5GB to 50GB, depending on their plan.

Shareable Plans by Carrier
CarrierPlan NamePricingMonthly SavingsMax # of LinesData
BellShareable Plan$$$$10/line95-50GB
RogersRogers Infinite$$$$10/line910GB/line
TELUSPeace of Mind Connect$$$$Up to $15/line910-50GB

Unlimited Plans Compared

Each of the Big Three carriers offer unlimited plans in three data increments—10GB, 20GB, and 50GB—and all of these plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text. Bell, Rogers, and TELUS never charge for data overages, but will throttle your speeds after you reach your monthly limit. Bell and Rogers plans are priced similarly, whereas TELUS’ plans are usually a bit cheaper.

Bell Coverage in New Brunswick

Bell’s LTE network covers 77% of the province. Coverage in New Brunswick is so widespread that service is available not only in large cities, but also in smaller towns and regions. While the fastest type of coverage (LTE-A) is not consistent across the province, it is accessible in major metropolitan areas like St. Johns, Fredericton, and Moncton. To find out what Bell’s coverage is like in your area, take a look at the map below:

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