Boost Mobile Everyday Services Add-ons

Boost Dealz

Free app

Up to $20 a month. Earn an account credit for viewing ads & completing other activities every month. PLUS get $30 in offers from your favourite brands.

The Boost Dealz app is available on select Android phones. You can pause the ads or uninstall the Boost Dealz app at any time.
*Viewing deals and offer content may count towards your high-speed data allotment. One offer per day for 20 non-consecutive days must be viewed to qualify for credit. Account credit will be applied on first business day after 30 day cycle.

Premium Caller ID

$3 per month

Always know who's calling. Premium Caller ID identifies unknown, spam, and unwanted callers for $3 per month.
Key Features
  • Display the name and number of incoming calls not already in your contact list
Additional features on select phones
  • Detect Spam callers on incoming calls and in your phone’s call log
  • Alerts you with details on callers and and Spammers that contact you
The Premium Caller ID app is already preloaded on your Boost Android™ phone. 

To add Premium Caller ID to your monthly plan, open the Caller ID app on your Boost Android phone or visit My Account to subscribe.

Visual Voicemail

Price varies

Managing your voicemail messages is easy. With Basic you can review and listen to voicemail messages in any order. Upgrade to Premium & get features like no in-app ads, transcription into text, and ability to forward to email. Available only for Android™ phones.

FREE Basic Visual Voicemail
  • Review & listen to voicemails in any order
  • Includes in-app ads

$0.50 No-Ad Basic Visual Voicemail
  • Basic visual voicemail features
  • No ads

$2.99 Premium Visual Voicemail
  • Basic visual voicemail features
  • Voicemails transcribed into text
  • Auto forward voicemails to email
  • No ads

Mobile Wallet

Free app

Make payments with cash from your Boost Mobile phone or a personalized Visa Prepaid Card.

Available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Why Boost Mobile Wallet
  • FREE personalized Visa Prepaid Card
  • Load checks for instant access to cash
  • No credit check, monthly or payment transaction fees
  • Get free direct deposit, pay over 3,500 billers, send money worldwide, Re-Boost and more

The above Add-ons are available in USA from Boost Mobile.

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