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TIDAL X Boost Mobile

Free for 6 months

Unlimited Music & Video streaming. TIDAL offers music fans access to exclusively curated content that directly connects fans to their favourite artists.
With TIDAL, fans get access to:
  • Music: More than 42.5 million tracks
  • Music Videos IconMusic Videos: Only streaming service with both music and a full catalog of over 140K music videos
  • Playlists IconPlaylists: 300+ exclusive playlists from artists, celebrities, athletes, and TIDAL's editors
  • Movies and Shows: Exclusive video content and original programming
  • Concerts IconConcerts: Livestreams and VOD of concerts/ events (55+ performances now available on demand)
  • Explore IconExplore: Discover new artists via TIDAL Rising and unique experiences with TIDAL X
First 6 months free (current TIDAL subscribers are not eligible). After 6 months you will be able to subscribe to the $10 TIDAL Premium or $20 TIDAL HiFi add-on that will become available at that time.
Available to to all monthly Boost Mobile customers with an iOS (8.0 and above) or Android (4.0 or above) phone or tablet.

ONMO Express Ringback Tones

Free for 30 days, then $2.99 per month

Amaze your callers. ONMO Express is a new ringback tone service allowing you to set the exact part of the song you love as a caller tune, giving you unlimited access to your world of sound. Choose from an extended catalog of songs, jingles and even status messages.

Welcome your callers
Play music and personalized messages to your callers

Custom caller tunes
Set a unique tune for your close friends and family

An abundance of audio content
Music, jingles and status messages from all genres countries

Select your best cut
Create your own caller tune by selecting your preferred part of your favorite track. Express yourself!

Boost Mobile Music Store

$5 per month

Get the latest in music for your Android phone from Boost's official music store. Purchase your favourite music; full tracks, ringtones and ringback tones, and manage all in one app. With millions of DRM-free (digital rights management) music tracks and no platform restrictions, you can purchase and listen to all your music on as many devices as you like. Available in the Google Play store. 
Full Tracks - Get the Latest in Music
With over 1.5 million music tracks, find everything you’re looking for here! Purchase your favorite songs or albums DRM-free so you can listen to them on as many devices as you like.

5 for $5 Full Track Bundle
Save over 20%! A monthly bundle subscription that gives you credits to purchase any 5 Full Tracks in the store.

Ringtone & Ringback Tone Personalization
Personalize your Ringtones with your favorite songs or replace the boring ‘ring ring’ sound your callers hear and share a Ringback Tone just for them. You can set Ringback Tones for individual callers or for everyone to enjoy and you can even assign them to play at certain times of the day. Keep your Ringback Tones fresh by assigning them to a Shuffle List which will rotate your Ringback Tones for your callers or purchase from a variety of monthy Ringback Tone Playlists that contains 5 Ringback Tones by genre that rotates what your callers hear automatically.

NEW! 3 for $5 Ringback Tone Credit Bundle
Save over 25%! A monthly bundle subscription that gives you credits to purchase any 3 Ringback Tones in the store. New users must first subscribe to the FREE Ringback Tone trial to qualify.

3 for $5 Ringtone Credit Bundle
Save over 30%! A monthly bundle subscription that gives you credits to purchase any 3 Ringtones in the store.

boost TV

From $10 per month

With boostTV you get FREE 24/7 access to news, fashion, music and more via live broadcasts, special mobile programming and exclusive full-length, on-demand episodes. Then, enhance your viewing experience and add a Premium Package to your line-up.
Entertainment Package - $10 per month
  • Enjoy premium live and on demand entertainment, news, sports, movies and primetime TV shows from the most popular broadcast and cable networks.
Latino Package - $10 per month
  • Enjoy wherever you want, when you want, the best channels in Mexico, Latin America and the USA. Watch live sports, soap opera, movies and news today.
News/Weather/Sports Package - $2 per month
  • Localized News, Weather, Traffic, Sports, Bloomberg TV, and Associated Press.

See complete channel line-ups here.

The above Add-ons are available in USA from Boost Mobile.

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