LG 1300i

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May 2005


  • Super slim design
  • Colour screen
  • Picture Messaging
  • Java™ enabled


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5 Stars out of 5

Best phone since Moto V66i

Reviewed on Thursday February 8, 2007 by , Jet Set
First off, my LG1300i now has irc chat, msn msngr, html and wap browsers, email, telnet, cool games like Driver 3, Chess, and many more I can download. I could download MP3 player software if I could upgrade memory (only downfall of phone) This phone rules! Quality (signal, build, durable, screen resolution, processor) I have traveled half the world with it and with GPRS added to plan can do alot most need a computer for. The mirror is great for checking teeth after lunch, putting in contact lenses, seeing who is sneaking up behind you ;-) Don't sob about no camera, most health clubs, Arab/muslim countries don't even allow camera phones along with secret holding work places so forget about wanting a camera in your phone, buy a Pentax digital camera. The best phone, all it needs is memory like some Motorola's [mini SD cards]
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday July 26, 2006 by , Tennessee
I dont really like my phone. It started out cute and fun but then I realized that it had very few features and perks. No camera, no outside display, no voice calling, and it takes forever for the sim card to load after turning it off. It holds it's charge well but on my phone if you move the head of the charger when it is plugged in the phone turns off. And the worst part of this phone is that it turns the best networks into the worst. Cingular works great in my area for everyone but me. My phone rarely has a signal and often loses one without warning. At first I thought it was the company, but after using a few friends phones I realized that this phone really sucks.
(also- sometimes the the speaker messes up and when I call people my phone makes a terrible noise and I eventually have to hang up.)
2 Stars out of 5

Loved it when it worked

Reviewed on Saturday July 1, 2006 by , South Florida
When I first received my LG1300i I was doing backflips because of the nice features. But after a few months the thing started giving me trouble. The vibrator wouldn't shut off, even when it was powered down. The only way to shut it off was to remove the battery. So, I went to the Cingular store (they are great) and they send me a nice new one by UPS in no time flat. The new one worked great for a few days and then the display started going nuts on me; the image was split in the middle with the top half upside down or the screen would just turn blue. Got real disgusted and bought me a basic Motorola candy bar type phone. I will miss the little phone but not the malfunctions.
4 Stars out of 5

Cool Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 27, 2005 by , xxxxxxxxxx
I just got this phone and yes, the phone does have the draw back of no call display on the outer side but its really good for the first cell phone you ever get because its slim, simple and most importantly ! A CELL PHONE