LG 3300

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Canada: Bell


August 2005


  • Customize the display!
  • Record your favourite voice ringer
  • Access the Web
  • Send text messages


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5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday July 8, 2011 by , VAL-D'OR Qc CAN
J'ai ce sans fil depuis un an,de segonde main.apareil parfait pour l'usage soit telephoner point la ligne,tres robuste et pratique je vais le garder jusqua sa durer de vie utile..........
si vous en trouver un acheter le il vault son pesant d'or....MIKE
5 Stars out of 5

Have it , Love it , Like it.

Reviewed on Thursday August 28, 2008 by , Washington
I had the phone for 3 years now and its great. I'm only getting a new one becasue it's ugly. But for now its okay. I have NEVER had any problems with it and so far so good. and to the person that said she had to yell to her mom cuz she couldnt hear her.
-did you ever think it was maybe your moms phones problem ?
theres also this thing called turning it up.:)
1 Star out of 5

Horrible Phone

Reviewed on Friday February 16, 2007 by , Estevan
I had this phone for a month and i had to call my mom and i literally had to yell in the phone for her to hear me in a whisper and it was horrible! and my mom was only next door!
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday January 3, 2007 by , Winnipeg
I got this phone for Christmas! I am currently with Mts Evolve Prepaid. I just love this phone because I almost never have less than full bars. I havn't been out of Winnipeg with it, but I am sure from all the great things I have been hearing about it that it will be good at my lake.
This phone is very well built, I was playing with it when my computer popped up with a loud noise so I was scared and I dropped it. I thought that the phone would be in total peices seeing that we have laminate floors. TO my surprise when I picked it up it was just fine.
The phone is easy to use and easy to understand. A nice feature of this phone is that it has voice activated dialing which is very helpfull when you have too many numbers in your phone book and it will take to long to get them all. This phone is also very easy for text messaging people. Although my phone did not come with any games you can download them, but I did not do that yet and I am looking forward too. The ringer on the phone is great and it has 32 differnt ones. You can also program it so when a person calls who is in ur contacts list will come up to a ringer of your choice (you can have them all the same if you wish). Altough for people who like to see who is calling without having to flip open the phone, this phone is not for you. The phone does have caller ID so you can flip it open and decide if you want to ignore it or just plan answer it. People who also want a mp3 player or a camera on the phone, this is also not for you. This phone is very good for going on the internet, texting, games, and calls. If you want extras then I suggest that you buy a differnt phone. For the price of $100 (thats what I got it for) it is a steal. It is just amazing phone. It has good battery life, I could leave it on all day and still play with it and talk, and it still has full battery life. I recommend this phone for someone who is not looking for a very fancy phone (the phone does look great, and u can change the faceplates). This phone will also make a good Holiday present or a birthday or anything else. Thank you for reading this and I hope that I helped you with your phone buying journey. Thanks again, Tyler.