LG Bliss

Also known as the LG LG700


July 2009


  • Touch screen
  • Camera & Camcorder
  • High Speed Mobile Network (3G)


Latest Reviews

4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday January 16, 2012 by , canada
Like the phone very nice clean only problem is text big fingers on touch pad get wrong number not phones fault. Don't blame the phone, blame your carrier love mine virgin mobile has bent over backwards for me great phone will stay with it
5 Stars out of 5

très bien

Reviewed on Thursday August 25, 2011 by , québec, canada
j'ai acheté mon LGbliss en 2009 et je suis très satisfaite. je texte beaucoup et ce cellulaire me convient a merveille :) c'est certain que en 2011 il est moin performant que les cellulaires intelligents comme le iphone4. mais tout de même, cet appareil fonctionne très bien, je n'ai jamais eu de problèmes ! il résiste même aux quelques chutes par terre haha!
4 Stars out of 5

could use a couple things...

Reviewed on Sunday April 24, 2011 by , Toronto
ive had this phone for about 9 months now. looking bad, i wouldnt buy it again but im also not going crazy having it. some bad things about it are it randomly turns off alllll the time. sometimes like 4 or 5 times in a couple of minutes. another bad thing is the virtual keyboard. my last phone was the samsung vice and it broke so i got this. i really miss the real keyboard because i would be able to text quickly on it but this one takes forever to type a full message. but those are the only two bad things about the phone. some good things... during the 9 months ive had it, it hasnt slowed down at all! its very fast and i have no complaints about speed. another plus is that when i lock it, it stays locked. its only unlocked once in my pocket so im very thankful for that. overall, it wouldnt be a terrible phone if you haddd to get it but if you have options, definatly go for a different one.
1 Star out of 5

bad choice

Reviewed on Saturday December 11, 2010 by , halifax
this phone was good at first but after about a week i could barely text because the letters would not put in the one i wanted and calling was horrible, i very much dislike this phone ! i do not recommend you get it. this is the worst phone out there