LG Eclypse

Also known as the LG C800G


Canada: Bell, NorthernTel, SaskTel, Virgin Mobile


December 2011


  • 1 GHz processor
  • 720p HD video capture
  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard


Latest Reviews

4 Stars out of 5

A good ''average'' phone

Reviewed on Wednesday April 8, 2015 by , Canada
I had this phone for two years and never got any problems for it. It works fine for about everything if you do not ''overcharge'' it with numerous apps like weather, animated screens or other much useless things.

I read the other critics and I don't know why people complaint about the battery's life length. If used sparsely it will keep its charge for up to four days but if you are constantly on it it will drain out in about 4-5 hours like most cells (SURPRISE PEOPLE! The more you use it the more it drains fast.. Wow, I'm astounded you discovered this all by yourselves...m**ons).

The keyboard is very effective and after two years its still working fine. The screen as well never got any dead pixels. However, compared to the new generation cells, the size of the screen may seem small which make it both good or bad depending on the max cellphone size you want to carry around.

The camera is very average and do not expect to take great astounding pictures with it. It does its job however. The internal ROM is very limited and you'll need a micros-sd card if you want to keep a lot of music, movies or pictures on it.

So, I'd say its a good cellphone that does everything right for its price. I really like the physical keyboard (its something you do not see anymore on the new generation cells). Its not a ''fancy'' phone however and it should only be used with a single apps at a time.

So... it all depend if you want a ''toy'' to play with or a simple efficient basic phone. This one is just not a ''toy''.
0 Stars out of 5

worked great for almost a year and then...

Reviewed on Tuesday March 10, 2015 by , Canada
I signed a contract with this phone in Aug 2012. I signed on for 3 years with a 1 year warranty. For 10 months I loved this phone. 0 complaints, great battery life, great internet connection for the rare occasions I used it. Then I went away on a weekend long trip and didn't have access to a power outlet to charge the phone. For the 1st time since I had gotten the phone, the battery went dead. Since that time, my phone has been a piece of crap. Like many other people have said, sometimes when typing a text, my phone just jumps to internet. I can no longer use that letter until I remove/replace the batter. Of course, when I remove/replace the battery, my text message don't come in for up to 24-36 hours. Just from replacing my battery. My power on button is pretty useless. Sometimes it works. Those are good days. The "e" on my keyboard either doesn't work at all or doubles up. "e" is a very important letter. Now the same has happened to the ",". Good times. Sometimes, I can go about 1-2 months without the texting cutting out (won't receive texts) but then, inevitably, typing a certain letter will fly me out to internet and that's my warning that it's just a matter of days until the battery needs to be removed/replaced. Then my texts don't come again for a day or two. Another annoying glitch? The time on my outgoing texts backtracked by about 5 minutes about a year and a half ago. Therefore, if you're in a discussion with someone via text, there is no way to line up the conversation, my outgoing texts get grouped together before the responses time. I had to download "time-fix" to fix that. Most people (family and friends) said, "why didn't you send it back?". I did. Several times only to be told there is nothing wrong with my phone. I have a couple of months left on this contract and then I will host a ceremonial burning where all of my friends and family can spit on it.
0 Stars out of 5

Problems - Problems!

Reviewed on Saturday January 25, 2014 by , Saskatchewan Canada
I am a 50 year old woman, which means I have owned and used thousands of products/items through the years. From big items, our home and vehicle, to small items, toasters, straightening irons etc. I think I am safe in saying, this LG phone is the worst product I have ever experienced!

To be fair, we were on a timeline when I purchased it, which is never a good idea. My father-in-law was gravely ill and living in a different city, which meant we would be travelling, and my old cell was no longer reliable. I did not think I would be comfortable using a cell without a physical keyboard, and this LG was all the outlet had, with an actual keyboard.

It worked fine in the beginning, and for approximately 2 years, then I began experiencing problems especially when trying to go online. (And please before anyone suggests it, it is not our home Internet source that is the issue) It takes forever to connect, I can go online, leave my phone for 5 minutes come back and it is still trying to connect. If I touch the screen while it is loading, it freezes, I have to go back shut down the search engine and start all over. Just lately, it has taken to the screen going black! Touching the ‘home‘ button does nothing, nor does trying to shut the power off. I have to remove the battery, leave it out for 10-15 seconds then replace it.

I did take it back to the outlet a few months ago, he said they would have to send it away and give me a loaner. Since my contract is up in May, I will suffer through the next 4 months, then proceed to take a sledgehammer to it! Save your money, and plenty of aggrevation, and take your time considering your cell purchases!
1 Star out of 5

not worth the buy

Reviewed on Monday September 2, 2013 by , canada
My parents got me this phone, and its been a year and a half and I still have it. I have dropped it many times and the screen never broke. It though did damage the ear speaker and the power button. I would never recommend this to anyone. It is a gateway phone for beginners, but not the smartest of all smart phones. I have had this repaired twice. First time; the screen blacked out when I slid the keyboard out. And the head phone jack plug-in is touchy. I had a module replaced and the technicians were too stupid to fix the head phone situation (it was a technical problem) and blamed me for not telling them. My home screen is unresponsive and slow. My apps always take too long to start up and they always crash. I have had this problem when I first got it, and it has never gone away. My text messages are always taking to long to send (I have 4G, and it was fine on the loaner they gave me) and never send picture messages. I would never recommend this phone to anyone. Your loss, LG.