LG G4 Vigor

Also known as the LG H731

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Canada: SaskTel, Videotron, Virgin Mobile


August 2015


  • 8 MP camera
  • Octa-core processor
  • Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
  • 5.2" Full HD IPS display


Latest Reviews

0 Stars out of 5

A rip off

Reviewed on Tuesday January 24, 2017 by , Toronto, ON
I am very frustrated with this phone, it was a total rip off. I haven't finished paying for the phone and it's already dead. The charging port broke already. The storage memory is the worst. Forget about downloading apps. The battery drains so fast. The worst phone I've ever had. Don't buy this phone!
0 Stars out of 5

It really is the worst.

Reviewed on Friday May 20, 2016 by , Canada
This is the worst phone I've ever had, I had to go from an s4 to this after having my phone stolen, I thought I was choosing a good phone for 0 dollars but was I wrong!!!! This phone claims to have an expandable memory, but LITERALLY only three of my apps are transferable, so if you have social media, just forget about the luxury of mobile games. The phone comes with a ton of useless apps that I can only disable, I cannot uninstall them, so that outnumbers my own apps by at least three times. As far as my photos go, well they don't go far at all because they won't go onto my SD card. The camera has a few gimmicky features but over all this is a terrible phone, it makes me feel very sad that I'm stuck and lg screwed me for memory space.
0 Stars out of 5

Worst phone ever !!! Don't buy it !

Reviewed on Saturday March 19, 2016 by , Montreal
This phone is sold with an 8 Go memory, but in fact, you could only use 2 Go for your apps because the phone use almost everything to work (5.45 Go for system data).
I tried to put as most apps as i can in my SD card, but some apps are not transferable.
I don't have a lot of apps, but i like at least to have a calendar and my email sync in my phone... but I can't !!
I tried to contact LG or the company that sold me that crap but no one can help me. I will have to pay the full price to have an other phone, even if I have a contract.
0 Stars out of 5

Phone sucks, do not buy.

Reviewed on Tuesday January 26, 2016 by , Canada
The phones battery suck, it only lasts about 18 hrs with or without use. It has low capacity, and drains fast. To add a new app, I have to delete apps or see if they can be transferred to the sd-card. Most of the apps would not transfer.