Also known as the LG Madison

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Canada: Koodo Mobile


March 2011


  • MP3 player
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • Bluetooth


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1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday May 4, 2012 by , Kamloops BC
This is by far the poorest grade of cell phone I have ever owned or used.
2 Stars out of 5

LG GB-255G Phone

Reviewed on Sunday September 11, 2011 by , Alberta, Canada
For the most part, this is a decent phone, but there are a couple of things about it that I don't like.

The biggie: There is NO Voice dialing capability on this phone. By law, all cellphone use while driving must be on a hands-free device. I drive for a living, so this phone is of no use to me.

I bought it mostly because it has a built-in MP3 player in it. The problem is that the headphone " jack" is a proprietary LG charging port and not a standard 2.5 mm jack. Granted, the phone does come with a set of compatible earbuds... but I absolutely despise earbuds.I bought a really good set of headphones that are of no use to me with this phone. So, to use the MP3 player I have no choice to use those stupid earbuds that don't stay in my ear for more than two seconds and are really flimsy.

I can't figure out for the life of me how to access my voicemail and the user manual doesn't mention this at all.

The screensaver and wallpaper options are very limited and don't leave a lot of options to customize your screens, both front and back.

There is no QWERTY keyboard for those who are into texting. I don't text, so this is no biggie for me.

On the upside: The battery life is decent and the camera takes really good pictures, plus it can take video. I like the options that allow me to use a list rather than icons on the various menu items.

The phone has a good 'weight" to it and the sound is crystal clear. It also has an external memory port that takes micro-SD memory cards, so your data can be transferred from your phone to another device.

All in all, I've had way better phones than this one. This would be suitable for a student or for somebody who doesn't drive. In fact, I'm planning to buy another phone that is identical to the one I had before this -- IF I can find one.