LG Gossip Pro

Also known as the LG C660R

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Canada: Fido


November 2011


  • 2.8" touchscreen
  • Android 2.3
  • Wi-Fi & GPS


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4 Stars out of 5

First Smartphone, and I'm impressed!

Reviewed on Sunday April 15, 2012 by , Calgary, Canada
This is the first smartphone I've owned. I had an LG Gossip which I loved (still do). But I wanted more so went up to 'smart'.
I'm learning how the phone works, and overall I'm quite impressed with it. I still love the Querty keyboard, so that's big bonus, and the "more" I was looking to get, I now have and love!
The only complaint I have is that the battery life in this phone pales in comparison to my Gossip. That phone would last a week. This phone looks to last about 3-4 days of my normal use, which is okay but not great. The Gossip was Great. But to get 3-4 days out of this phone, you need to turn off the 'data', and the 'wireless' and the 'gps'. I don't find that a huge problem - turn them on when I want them, turn them off when I don't, but it's an adjustment after being spoiled with the Gossip.
Overall, I like the Gossip Pro. A good first smartphone for me anyway.
0 Stars out of 5

worst cell phone

Reviewed on Tuesday March 6, 2012 by , Montreal,Canada
Worse cell phone ever, battery can stand for only 4 hours after a fully charge (not play game, video, music or visit web). touch screen get no reaction. earphone makes ears uncomfortable, have very low volume. sound comes out from speaker is terrible, unclear and low.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday January 9, 2012 by , Places.org
This phone is amazing for a person who texts alot It's kind of like a blackberry with a touch screen I love mine it's the best phone I've ever ad