LG IQ GW 825 Reviews

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The LG IQ GW 825 has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

It's a good phone

Reviewed on Tuesday March 27, 2012 by , xxx
When I first saw it on the Telus I was so excited and knew this was the next phone I was going to get. Unfortunately, it is not perfect. If you try to save a number that was written in a text message as a contact, it will replace the first contact on your list (or at least mine does). That's the only problem I've had with it though. I'm used to it so I think that it's a minor problem that is easily dealt with. I love this phone. I've dropped it numerous times and it's still going strong. As for the review that says it cost $0 on a one-year contract: where the heck do you shop? I had to PAY $80 on a THREE YEAR contract.
1 Star out of 5

LQ IQ - You'd have to be an idiot to like it

Reviewed on Monday April 25, 2011 by , Victoria, BC
I had the phone for less than a week; after the first day I knew there were serious problems ahead when it wouldn't turn off without crashing. Not once. Apparently this is a COMMON problem with this model phone, as other reviewers here and elsewhere have noted.

Sure, it had a lovely interface, a nice sliding QUERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile apps I liked... but when it crashed EVERY time I tried to turn it off or reboot, so badly that I had to pull the battery, there's problems. Just google the LG IQ issues to list them.

I really, really wanted to like this phone, as it had great potential. It's too bad the Windows interface killed it, literally. A little more polish and testing and it'd be a winner. I guess when it's $0 for a 1-year contract at Telus, there's something fishy going on...

Returning the phone to Telus was a hassle, as other reviewers have noted. My being a 8-year loyal customer apparently meant little to them, which was rather revealing. I ended up wit ha $100 credit to be used towards another smartphone, whatever that is.

It won't be anything by LG, which is a shame, as I own an LG LCD TV and just love it. Shame on you, LG, for releasing this buggy bit of garbage and shame on Telus for trying to foist it off on customers.
1 Star out of 5

She was good...till the warranty ran out

Reviewed on Monday March 7, 2011 by , Alberta
The phone was pretty good until the one year warranty was over. Sure, there were the common problems (1st contact always was overwritten, and it froze up once in a year) but nothing else really. I don't use the phone as much as others I know, but the buttons on the keyboard have already started fading, and paints coming over the backside (battery cover). Dropped it a few times but shes worked good ever since. Takes awesome photos :). Now the bad part, warranty just ended 2 weeks ago and I have a software problem. Phone lags dramatically, won't let me get into areas of the phone no matter what I do and tells me I have no service, but I still recieve txts and calls. I am trying to figure it out but the two Telus oriented people I've spoken with say I should look at forking out $200+ to fix or replace the phone... I am on a contract, am hoping to get some kind of come back here. I can understand after 2 years or so giving problems, but when it just ended the warranty is pathetic. I'm very impressed at this time, depending what happens, this incident might change my view on TELUS. Look very much into other phones before getting this one am afraid, unless you can get it for under $80, without a contract... 1.5 stars
3 Stars out of 5

ok phone

Reviewed on Friday February 25, 2011 by , camrose
i got this phone a little while ago and i have had the freezing problems with it. as for the saving new contacts as your first contact i have had it to but it only happens when you save a number from a text or call. if you go into your contacts and add new i doesnt replace the first contact. someone wrote the phone needs a styilust it does come with one. for the price i got mine and the features it comes with. all in all its an ok phone
1 Star out of 5

Terrible Phone

Reviewed on Sunday December 12, 2010 by , Brampton
I have my LG not ever one month and it freezes four times.
Every time I have to take our the battery in order to to re-boot the system.
I took it to Telus store and they told me that this problem is very common on this phone.
How Telus would sell this phone and didn't do anything about it. I'm very disappointed about Telus services and I wouldn't get another phone from Telus again.
2 Stars out of 5

Not very user friendly

Reviewed on Wednesday December 1, 2010 by , Ottawa
I had my hopes up about the LG IQ - no one had returned this phone yet and looked good on in the store. However, within 2 weeks the phone froze on me and no one was able to fix it. I sent it in to Telus for repair and it looked as though they had done some upgrades for me but there are a number of glitches in the Operating system. As well I find the phone should come with a stylus. It is hard to find anything, it takes up to 6 steps to send out a text message, and it only tells you sometimes when you have a VM. Whenever you add a new contact to the phone it will cut and paste the number into the information of your very first contact so you always have to go back in and edit that person. What a lemon!