LG Reveal


October 2008


  • GPS Nav, email, music, TV, camera and full QWERTY keyboard


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2 Stars out of 5

Nice phone but lots of issues

Reviewed on Tuesday July 3, 2012 by , Canada
I got my first LG reveal when they first came out. My sons friend had one and liked it. From the moment it was activated when I left the store, every time I opened it or it was just "on" I was charged packet data charges. It seemed to randomly and briefly connect to the internet several times a day. To avoid this I had to physically turn the phone off. I spent a year trying to recoup the costs that I incurred.

Finally I got them all reversed and sent the phone in to be fixed. 2 times it came back and did the same thing. The third time (and almost 2 months without a phone) it came back and did not do this anymore!! I loved the phone then. I used it for calls and texting and it was great.

Then, I lost it on the subway a month later. I really liked the phone and my sons friend had never had the problems I had so I thought I just got a lemon, and I bought another LG reveal.

NOT GOOD NEWS!! It did the same thing and self connected to the internet incurring large charges and the phone service provider would not help. It also became unreliable shutting down in the middle of an email. I would have to try to race to complete the email before it shut down.

For all these reasons I put it to rest. It is now a discountinued product. I wonder why???
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday December 13, 2011 by , Canada
LG reveal is the worst phone I have ever had half of the features on the phone doesn't even work.
5 Stars out of 5

Love it

Reviewed on Friday April 8, 2011 by , CA
I love this phone. I've had a couple issues with it, firstly the w/1 stopped working while using the web browser and secondly it had a habit of shutting itself off every time I flipped it closed. Neither of these were huge problems, the lack of w/1 was irritating sometimes, but to fix the phone turning off all I had to do was turn it back on. Both of these issues resolved themselves after about two weeks of appearing.

Aside from these two minor issues I have absolutely no complaints about the phone. I love the keypad, I love the display and the camera. The speaker phone is great and very easy to turn on and off.

I found the phone to be nearly indestructible. I dropped it in a glass of water and after leaving it in a bowl of rice overnight it worked just as it had before. Then my roommate's dog got it and chewed it to hell. Aside from the outside looking a little less pretty there were no changes to the quality of the phone. And of course it's been dropped countless times, left in the car overnight in the winter, sat on, with no apparent effect on the phone.

The battery held up well, too. I've had the phone for over two years now and I still get two days on a charge.

Definitely the most durable and easiest to use phone I've ever owned.
5 Stars out of 5

Fix it by using LG interface!

Reviewed on Sunday February 14, 2010 by , Edmonton
My daughter loved this phone so much, but then it started having the screen blackening and shutting off issues that are so common, the first day of use. I thought I would try to help. I updated the firmware and figured it should be good. However, half a day later the inside screen went black while she was browsing through the menus. I noticed online that Sprint Network users are not having these symtoms. So I snooped around and found the phone interface can be selected as "Bell" or "LG". I switched it to "LG" and she immediately said it doesn't lag like it used to and hasn't had any issues since. You can try this here...menu > settings > display > phone interface > LG. Hopefully this will help.