Motorola W510

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Canada: Fido, Primus Wireless


August 2007


  • 1.3 MP digital camera
  • Video recorder
  • MP3 player


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Great Phone!

Reviewed on Monday March 22, 2010 by , Canada
This is a really great phone. I bought it around 2008, and loved it. It's really easy to press the keys, and makes texting really fast. The camera is very good, and has an 8x zoom. You can create photo-caller-ID. Simple volume control with the buttons on the side. There are a lot of ringtones, but they're not all great, I downloaded a song for mine. And it's a really nice color, sort of grey-purple. Sadly my battery gave out after a couple years and it's cheaper to buy a new phone than replace the battery. But if I could find a new battery for it, I would get it! I miss this phone...