Sony Ericsson P900

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April 2004


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Reviewed on Tuesday September 7, 2004 by , Vancouver, BC. Canada
this phone is great! i just recently purchased it on ebay unlocked. great all round phone. lcd looks great has enought colours and the 3d images from the vrally game are awesome. the memory in that comes in the phone might be a little small for my uses but it can be expandable to a maximum of 128mb with a stick duo. recepetion is just above average. so far ive averaged 2-3 bars indoors. in basements 0-1 bar. outdoor 4-6 bars. but that could just be the network being stupid.... i dont know. the battery on this thing is amazing.... just regular use like talk, checking the organizer and playing games to pass the time on the occasion, the battery lasts for a good 4 days b4 totally dying out. even when the battery is at 5% it plays mp3s at maximum volume for a good hr b4 all the juice is gone. this phone is amazingly durable, and i know because ive already dropped it a few times making 2 noticeable dents on the corners of the phone and the lcd screen is still picture perfect. the camera on the phone is above average for a camera phone. but everything it takes turns out darkish orange when you transfer it to the computer.

this phone might be too pricey for the average user, but if you need a cell phone and a pda, why not get one that is built together?

now if only i could get my hands on a p910..