Sony Ericsson T616

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October 2003


  • Built-in Digital Camera
  • Send Picture Messages
  • Colour Screen
  • Bluetooth and Infrared


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3 Stars out of 5

beau, bon, trop cher !!!

Reviewed on Monday May 10, 2004 by , Montréal
C'est un excellent téléphone en général, mais il n'est pas très "user freindly" les menus sont compliqué...

- Réception : bonne
- Son : Bon
- Look : cover noir très salissant (très très...)
- Cameras : Peut t'on vraiment appeler ca une camera :)
- Batterie : Bonne durée de pile

Je le conseil au gens qui veulent un téléphone petit avec "bluethooth" intégré et en même temps un port infra rouge... La qualité de l'écran est très bien. Le son , excellent et le look quand même bien....

cote de 3/5
3 Stars out of 5

Overall good phone, but...

Reviewed on Friday May 7, 2004 by , Laval
This phone is pretty good, but at that price range, you can get much more than this. The receptions and sound quality are nice, but I don't know if my unit was defective, but once in a while, there was a loud metallic noise. The ringstyles are also weird. I haven't found a way to put them in another mode than steady rising. So I couldn't hear the phone until the third ringing (pretty annoying). The screen quality was really nice (the dark colours are great!), but outdoors, on a bright day, you can't see a thing! This problem will be adressed in the next generation, the T637, by the way. Lastly, the camera quality is atrocious, all the pictures I've taken with it were all blurry, so don't buy it just for the camera. In conclusion, its a pretty neat phone, but it could have been a lot better...
5 Stars out of 5

Wicked Phone!

Reviewed on Tuesday March 2, 2004 by , Brampton, ON
Bought this phone on Feb 26, 2004... Just lovin' it... The polyphonic rings are wayyyyyy better than any other first generation polyphonic ringtone phones. Camera is okay but as correctly pointed out earlier, I guess there's nothing "out there" at this point in time...

Overall great phone, battery seems pretty nice although the first few days are spent exploring, its been keeping up...

People who are used to the Nokia's though will miss a nice Nokia feature though which was putting a "stop" so that the phone would wait for the user to press the send key to send a series of numbers. Have to live with only a "pause" feature... I've just been putting a couple or three pauses to get around it...
5 Stars out of 5

Love this phone

Reviewed on Sunday February 1, 2004 by , Toronto
This phone has the best audio reception of any I have owned or tried over the past 16 years. The display is great and the infrared and bluetooth tech is outstanding. Easy to use, easy to learn. Lots of excellent features, easy key pad lock, easy to load numbers. The camera is okay, but I think all camera phones are just okay at this point in time. Eventually they will get better.
Great phone I would highly reccomend it.