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Chatr Mobile Wireless Canada Coverage Maps

Want to learn more about where you’ll be able to use your chatr mobile plan? Don’t worry, chatr has got you covered.

Chatr coverage can be found in nearly all of Canada’s urban centers, including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

Even if you live outside of the city you can still do plenty of chatting with chatr. Coverage extends across nearly the entire Great White North itself thanks to the carrier’s partnership with the Rogers Network.

Which Cities Does chatr Have Coverage?

What does all that chatr mobile coverage look like? Check out the coverage map to see for yourself.

Chatr coverage rings in loud and clear in nearly all of Canada’s biggest cities, reaching nearly 15 million Canadians across Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver alone. The carrier also blankets almost all of Alberta and the Maritimes, and much of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland. While there are gaps in coverage for British Colombia, Ontario and Quebec, chatr still services the most populated areas of those provinces.

In fact, chatr coverage extends to nearly 97% of Canadians since the chatr coverage map is built on the hardworking Rogers Wireless network. And Rogers is currently in the middle of a campaign to cast that net even further, investing in widening its wireless infrastructure so even more Canadians can have access to a faster and more reliable.

Still, there are some exceptions to the Rogers network rule. If you signed up with Chatr before 2019, you’ll find that Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and many other cities across Canada feature chatr in-zone coverage instead, which is considered a different service area than those covered by Rogers.

It makes for an equally valuable option, with users still able to benefit from chatr mobile’s term-free contracts and other perks.

But, in every case, while chatr service itself is reliable and growing all the time, customers can still only use 3G networks.

In-Zone Coverage

Chatr coverage comes in two varieties:

  • Regular coverage
  • chatr in-zone coverage (for those on grandfathered plans only)

Regular coverage is supported by the Rogers wireless network and includes a set amount of data, talk and text services that follow you around the country. In other words, you’ll get exactly what you pay for on a regular coverage plan, no matter where you are in the country. Every plan offered from chatr mobile provides nationwide coverage on the Rogers network.

If you signed up with chatr before 2019, you may have a plan that uses chatr in-zone coverage which works a little differently.

If you make a call while outside of the in-zone chatr coverage area, pay-per-use charges may apply. The same goes for calls that start within the zone area but eventually move out-of-zone.

In-zone plans also come with a certain amount of available 3G data. Once a customer surpasses this amount, his or her data speed will be reduced until their next billing date. If you’re on a chatr plan that uses in-zone coverage, you may consider moving to a newer plan that provides nationwide service.

In-zone chatr coverage is mostly found in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, but make sure to check the chatr coverage map to see if an in-zone plan is available near you. You can also dial *#555# from your chatr mobile phone to find out if you’re in a chatr data zone.

International Chatr Coverage

Taking a trip? Like a really big trip? Chatr can still have you covered— even if you’re leaving the country.

Your chatr phone will work almost anywhere that compatible wireless network coverage is available. And luckily for you, that’s just about anywhere.

From the US and Mexico to most of Europe and even all the way Down Under you can enjoy chatr coverage. (Who says the chatr coverage map needs to stop at the Canadian border?)

But remember: long distance rates and roaming charges will apply while you’re abroad. Those can be as small as $0.50/minute for phone calls, free incoming texts and $6/MB of data within the United States, or as much as $4/minute for calls and $30/MB of data for further destinations.

Data speeds may also vary, depending on the capacity of your phone and the networks available in the country.

As always, a little bit of research goes a long way. You can check what your chatr coverage will look like abroad on our Travel the World page—and while you’re there, don’t forget to check whether your phone’s frequency will vibe with the that of the country you’re visiting.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to go global with chatr.

Chatr Coverage Compared

Speaking of research, the same logic should be applied to coverage options right here in Canada.

We encourage you to compare chatr’s coverage map and mobile plans against other mobile carriers across the Great White North.

We’ve put chatr coverage back-to-back with some of the most-compatible plans offered by some of the company’s closest competitors. Percentages are based on the total geographical area of the province covered:

Chatr Coverage Compared
chatr (Rogers network)Public Mobile (Telus network)Lucky Mobile (Bell network)
British Columbia9.93%19.36%19.36%
Northwest Territories0%3.28%3.28%

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