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Compare BYOD Plans in Ontario

Not interested in buying a new phone but want a new cell phone plan? Phone carriers offer low-cost, bring your own device (BYOD) plans for people who already have a phone in good condition. Depending on which carrier you choose, there are prepaid and postpaid options available. There are many phone carriers that offer BYOD plans in Ontario:

Compare BYOD Postpaid Plans in Ontario

Fido, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo offer BYOD plans starting at around $55/month, while Bell, TELUS, and Rogers start their BYOD plans between $70-75/month.

Freedom Mobile offers the cheapest postpaid BYOD plans starting at a low rate of $15/month, but mobile coverage on the cheapest plans is limited to heavily populated cities and towns.

Postpaid plans are a great option for people with a regular income who want fewer restrictions when using their cell phones.

Compare Prepaid Plans in Ontario

Ontario prepaid base plans typically start around $15/month. While some plans may have lower price tags, they will most likely offer you  fewer minutes and less data(or no data at all). Even premium carriers like Bell and Telus offer low-cost prepaid services, but they include very little talk time or data unless you pay at least $40/month.

Prepaid BYOD options are great for people who ant to control their spending and just need a cell phone for basic use. Many prepaid plans keep prices low by including a fixed number of minutes, so if you’re a big talker than look for a plan with unlimited talk time.

Why Should You Bring Your Own Phone

There are a lot of reasons to hold on to your current phone. One of the most obvious is that you won’t have to pay for a new phone. If you need cell phone service and already own a phone that works just fine, a BYOD plan might be the perfect option for you.

Things to Remember When Bringing Your Own Phone

A few things to remember when bringing your own phone to a new carrier:

  • Unlocking the device
    • Phones bought in Canada after 2017 are unlocked, which means you can take it to any compatible carrier
    • If the device is locked, your old phone carrier can unlock it for free
  • Compatibility
    • Most smartphones work on all Canadian carriers, so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue if your phone was bought here
    • If the phone was purchased in another country, online, or is an old model, your new phone carrier will be able to tell you if it’s compatible with their network

Compare Postpaid BYOD Plans in Ontario

Compare Prepaid BYOD Plans in Ontario

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